With all this cold weather I'm sure people have been doing a lot of knitting. Here are some things I have found to keep in mind.

Don't leave projects unfinished. It will bring bad luck to the person who was suppose to receive it. You also bring bad luck to people you are knitting for if you stab your needles through the ball of yarn you are using. If you knit your boyfriend a pair of socks they will walk away.KNitting a boyfriend a sweater will also cause them to leave you. Knitting a stand of your hair into a garment will bind the recipient to you. Knitting for children you wish to have in the future may cause you to not have children. It's bad luck to keep your needles empty. Don't hand needles to a friend. It is a sign that you are stabbing the friendship. When in a theater it is unlucky to knit on the side of the stage or on stage. If you drop a knitting needle you won't be getting married during the year. When knitting socks or mittens it should be done in the summer so they will be soft, strong, and warm. In Sweden there is a superstition that says you shouldn't knit anything black after dark. In Ireland there is another superstition that says it is unlucky to knit when it is dark unless all the sheep are asleep.