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Just a journal of random happenings, thoughts, guides, and moar for your lulzy entertainment.
Krista Krueger's Guide To Understanding Random Lunancy P. 2!
All right, so here we are for the next installment of understanding the random craziness that is me and Trinity, this one is more inside jokes than anything, explained once again in words so easy stupid Zaid Valens would understand them. (And if you're reading this, pretty boy, which you probably aren't CAUSE I BLOCKED YOU HAHA!, come and get me. wink AND NO! THAT IS NOT A PROPOSITION!! Ew, no, to quote Jon Pierre from Metalocalypse, "I'd rather my brains scooped out with a melon baller."


The door is secretly red: Phrase, inside joke. Used in reference from a deleted scene on the Freddy Vs Jason DVD. Used IRL (in real life) by me and Trinity as a CONFUSION ray. Really, there's no actually sense to this. It's just LOL.
"What up?"
"The door is secretly red."

WAYLON: phrase. Referenced from the first episode of the HBO show True Blood when the character Tara shouts at her boss, whose name is, of course, Waylon. Another act of random lunancy to shout at anyone you want to confuse out of random.
Example: "Hey Manson!"
"What's up, Trinity?"

Making Fun of Twilight Even though we actually like it: action. To make fun of the sparkly gay vampire book by Stephanie Meyer and the preceeding movies when we are all gaga for edward. This action is performed in two parts. It preceeds by yelling FERAL WEREWOLVES DON'T CRY and VAMPIRES...DO...NOT..SPARKLE! and laughing about how gay Jacob Black and his "pack" are and how vampires turn into ash and don't sparkle in the sunlight. Then it is quickly followed by how sexy we all think edward is.
"Manson, vampires DO NOT SPARKLE!"
"And those werewolves are too close, they're so gay! They probably go have woo hoo in the woods."
"Edward's so hot."
"I'd marry Edward."

F**king Corey Feldman/Zaid Valens/Jason Patrick: Phrase(s). Used to describe some sort of action going wrong either due to fate or stupidity and blaming it on entirely some random celebrity from the lost boys or some person we don't happen to like. A classic phrase. F'ing Corey Feldman refers to an action caused by the fates such as a machine breaking down at work or constant blizzards. F'ing Zaid Valens refers to something of your own stupidity such as tripping over your own feet or running into a wall. F'ing Jason Patrick? Uh....you know, I still don't know why we use this one.
Me: *trips over own feet* AWWW F'ING ZAID VALENS!!
*Scenerio 2*
Trinity: *machine breaks down on her at work* F'ING COREY FELDMAN!
*Scenerio 3*
Me and Trinity: *out of random* F'ING JASON PATRICK!

There, now that you've brushed up on this guide, you have now better understood the antics of Trinity and myself and are ready to act accordingly.

The Manson Chick
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