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Short Story
(This is a kind of story i wrote during one of my classes, if someone could make a title thatd be awesome)

The moon shined brightly, maybe too bright. In the dark of night, it doesn’t help when even the smallest light reveals you, and he knew this. If someone saw him, they might alert someone, and that was not the best thing. He was never trusted by a lot of people who lived around him, though it was never understood a lot of the time. He started to see his current destination. He turned around to the back of the house, hoping there would be an answer. He quickly moved to the back door and knock light enough to not cause a big commotion, but hard enough to hear…he waited. Maybe 2 minutes later, there was an answer, it was who he hoped it would be…his friend.
“Dude, what are you doing here this late?”
“I need to know how you get into the area underneath the warehouse”
“What for?”
“Just trust me” His friend looked at him, he did trust him, but didn’t know what it would bring by telling him. His friend sighed with just slight hesitation
“Alright, but it better be worth it” His friend told him how to get there, he thanked him and then quickly went back to quietly trying to get through the dark of the night. He repeated the process he had to do over and over again in his head, making sure there was no faults, nothing he forgot, it had to be done right, or else…well, who knows what other outcomes there could be. All he could do right now, is hope that this was the best decision.
He arrived at the warehouse, it seemed abandoned…for the moment. Using a key that his friend gave him, he entered into the warehouse. He took a quick look inside, making sure if it was abandoned. There was some old machinery, dust, and small glimpses of the moonlight coming in through holes in the warehouse ceiling, but no people…perfect. He quickly moved through, making it to the stairs that led down to a small room with a door on the other side. Slowly walking, he knew in his heart it was right, not wrong, at least, the intention of it. He opened the door to reveal a room with more stairs heading down from the door, to an enormous tree. A light shined from the ceiling down onto the tree, it looked beautiful and somewhat ancient, but was still alive and strong. He looked hard at the tree as he made his way down the flight of stairs, taking in all that he could. It felt like that the tree had a presence all its own, like it was its own being with its own mind. He stood in front of the tree, and then knelt down and prayed in his mind to the tree, hoping the tree would help. Suddenly the tree seemed to shake, dropping some leaves from its branches, he looked up, and he hoped that meant yes. He stood up and reached into his pocket a small portion of a cross that he held in the palms of his hand. It suddenly seemed to lift out of his hands and float over to the tree, and bury into the trunk of the tree, becoming part of it. He then took the other part of the cross and held it into his hand. A small light shined from the cross in the tree to the one in his hand, the first step was over, he had to wait a day, before he could finish the process, and he had to keep the cross with him.
The next day he woke up in his bed, he had to get through the day like it was any other; he had been trying to mentally prepare himself since last night. He got dressed, ate some food, and left, he didn’t know what to do on one matter though, what would he say to his friends, when this may be the last he sees of them. It is a tough thing to figure out, your best friends, who you care for a lot, and have been there for you, it may be the last you see of them, what do you say? He couldn’t stand to think about it, but he didn’t want them to think that they would wake up and he would definitely be there, it would seem like he abandoned them. He eventually made it to his school. He saw his friends, he tried to act the same as he always does, but the cross in his pocket kept him reminded him, he had to say something eventually. He made it through most of the day normally, still thinking about it from time to time, like a bad itch. It came to the last 20 minutes of school; his friend that helped him get into the warehouse came up and asked him about the night before. He knew he wasn’t going to get away with a fake answer, and he didn’t want to give a fake one. He reached into his pocket and pulled out the part of the cross he had to hold onto, his friend saw it, and after a while, he understood.
“You didn’t”
“…I did” His friend clenched his fist and slammed it into his face, knocking him down.
“What the hell are you thinking? Why didn’t you tell me? Did you just plane to leave me and everyone else behind without telling us?”
“…You know as well as I that something has to be done, and only I can do this.” He said as he sat there on the ground. His friend looked at him stunned, but looked away with a disgusted look, knowing he was right, there was little time, and it would work.
“And what about John, Ericka, Gerald…and her?” His fist slowly clenched after hearing that. Reference to the one person he was close to having feelings for, it had taken so long for him to even get there. He knew it wouldn’t matter now, things were already set in motion, and he had to follow through, no matter what.
“You can tell them…” his friend punched him again
“You idiot! What the hell are you thinking, are you just going to disappear without saying anything to them? Leave them behind while you knowingly abandon everything?”
“What would I tell them? That I’m never going to see them again and that I’m just tossing them aside? I’ve tried to think of something to tell them and came up with nothing.”
“It’s alright” a voice came to say. They looked over, to see 2 of their friends…and the one he liked. They were staring at them shocked, then looked away, feeling ashamed that they knew. They walked toward the 2 of them.
“We’ve known for a while now, you didn’t need to hide it from us”
“Sorry” they both said at the same time.
“And don’t apologize, you guys are like broken records.” They looked at each other, and then looked away. The girl he liked walked up to him, and looked at him in the eyes, he made contact for a moment, but looked away again. She reached her hand up to his cheek. He did not react.
“You always try to hide things like this from us. You don’t need to deal with these things alone.” he still did not respond. “You could at least tell us, and not in a note after the fact it’s already happened.”
“Stop apologizing, how many times do we have to tell you?” She stared at him, he looked at her, then away again. But in that moment, she lifted her head, and locked her lips onto his. If his eyes were not locked into his head, they would have popped out. She let go.
“Good luck, and remember, Ill be praying for you.” she smiled at him, and walked away. Their other friends did the same and walked away. His friend looked at him, as he was spacing out.
“You’re a seriously lucky jerk.” he just smiled as his friend got up and walked away
“Hey” he said turning around to face his friend “thanks.”
“Anytime, just don’t fail.”
“I’m grateful for your confidence.” he laughed little and walked out of the school.
Later that night, he snuck out of his house, and made his way back to the warehouse. He wished in his mind that he would survive, but there was like a .5% chance of that, so he knew he wouldn’t. He arrived at the warehouse and went back down to the giant tree, which was now glowing in a bright light. He walked up to it, and took a breath, giving himself one last moment to let it all sink in. He walked up to the trunk of the tree, and turned around to face away from the tree. He lifted his hands outward, as the small cross with him began to glow with the same brightness as the tree. Suddenly everything around him became bright, it was working. Suddenly he started to hear voices…they were his friends praying for him. He smiled as everything suddenly started fade as the brightness overwhelmed everything around him. Outside, from the warehouse a giant bright light shot up into the sky, destroying the warehouse. The light traveled higher and higher into the atmosphere, until it reached past the moon. Once there it began to spread all across the planet, covering the entire area in like a protective cloth like light. It gathered more and more, becoming denser around the planet until it covered a wide area in bright glowing light that nearly resembled the sun. On one side, the light expanded outward so that it wouldn’t be as bright and would be able to seem like the night. But deep down on the planet, back in what was the warehouse, the tree was glowing so bright, it was like the light of the heavens or something.
White…nothing but pure white. That’s all he could see now. He wasn’t sure of what was going on outside. He hoped, that he had succeeded. But there was something that he could hear. A voice, one simple voice, coming from beyond the white plain is all he could hear. Suddenly, out of nowhere, the middle of the white blanket in front of him started to become clear as it spread out around him. When it came into view, it was her. His eyes widened as she just smiled at him. He looked at himself; he was able to see through. His was merely a projection of his own soul from the energy coming from field he had created. He looked at her and reached his hand out, but even though his hand could touch her, he couldn’t feel it. His eyes fell to the ground at this.
“Don’t let it get to you, just being able to see you again is enough for me.”
“I just wish I could feel your touch, in these past weeks, I’ve desperately wanted to be able to have something like this, so much, I might have destroyed myself for it.” she hugged him in an effort to comfort him. Hugging back, he knew he didn’t have long before he needed to leave and go back, so he held on as long as he could. But of course it couldn’t seem long enough to them before he had to let go.
“Its time for me to go, it’s starting”
“Just try to hang in there, ok? You’re doing so much, protecting everything, and if you can do this, then there should be a way…that I can bring you back. I will find a way to you one day.” Suddenly, in one instant, he placed his mouth onto hers.
“…How I’ve wanted to hear that from you. I will wait here, and I will keep watch over you guys.” he slowly started to fade as his soul headed back into the light, but before he did, he left with a simple sentence. “I Love You” With that he disappeared, and a smile crept on her face as she stared up into the sky.
Deep down in the light, his mission was clear, his heart had decided long ago to do this, so there was no questioning it now. With all his might, while also trying to keep his soul from disappearing for good, he put all his heart into keeping the light strong for the task he was handed. Deep in outer space, was where it was all happening. Far away from the earth, as all people know, is the sun. But, this sun is not as people knew it. The sun was now red, and seemed like an unstable experiment gone wrong; it was about to go out. He was trying all he could to prepare himself for what was to come, but he knew there really wasn’t anyway to do that. Finally, it happened, the sun gave out, and an immense explosion took place, sending solar waves of immense proportion all throughout what was the solar system. It obliterated Mercury, and Venus, and headed for Earth. He had to stop it no matter what. With the sound of 4 nuclear bombs, the wave slammed into the energy field with immense strength. Deep in his soul he was trying so hard to keep the wave at bay. He had tried so hard to prepare for this for weeks, maybe months; he had to keep at it. Only 5 minutes had passed and the wave was still pushing against the field with the same force as when it had hit. He knew he couldn’t last forever, until he had an idea. It was a solar wave of energy; maybe it was like a regular ocean wave. He had to take that chance, for it may be his only one. With what strength he had, he tried to form the field into a sort of point against the solar wave. He prayed it would work, that maybe by some chance he would succeed. He kept pushing the wave back just a little, shifting the field into a point as he did. As he watched and maintained the field, the wave kept pushing against it, until it finally worked. Just like an ocean wave, the solar wave split, screening past the field, and past the planet. It tore through the rest of the planets and left nothing but the Earth and its moon behind, to drift around the universe. Most of the people on the Earth didn’t even know this had just occurred. He took a deep breath, he couldn’t believe he had succeeded in doing this…but it was not over. One thing he did not count on, meteors. Whatever was left of Mercury and Venus were now heading for Earth. He was still extremely exhausted from stopping the wave, but he had to try. Some were small, so when they hit the field they provided little effort, but with small ones, there had to be big ones too. He couldn’t handle it all, but he didn’t have to. With a sudden burst of energy, the tree provided what he needed. His expression was given, for he did not think the tree had this kind of power at its disposal. But the tree showed him, that while having the one half of the cross it had received from him the day before, it also used the time to build up some strength of its own to supply when needed. But even with that, he could only partially destroy some of the meteors, until they were small enough that when they passed through, they would cause little harm to the planet.
He was exhausted; so much that when it was over…he immediately fell unconscious. The tree took over till he would wake up, which wouldn’t be for a good few days or a week or so. For there was still one major task, the longest and most durable of them all. The Earth needed the sun, without it, it dies. The field was to replace as a makeshift sun. One half of the Earth had the field very close, the brightness was to be the new sunlight, and the other side had it far away so it could seem like the night. It had to rotate around continuously like the sun did. He had to do this for the rest of time or the rest of the planets life, depending which came first. He knew this was his duty, and he would gladly do it, if it meant keeping them all alive. He didn’t feel burdened by it; in fact, he had been willing to do this for some time now. It’s been a couple of years since he had this feeling. Now, he had the chance, and he was going to accomplish it one way or another. But for now, he had to rest, and as he did, he dreamt of his friends, and her. He wondered what they were doing now, and how they would turn out, and how things would be once the rest of the planet found out about it. Its not like they were blind to the fact that the rest of the planets and the actual sun were gone. They were going to find out eventually if they haven’t already.
“Ah well” he said, as he finally drifted to sleep in his chamber inside the light.
The next day, all seemed well. Most people continued on, not knowing what had happened the night before. But for those small few, they remember as if it was happening right now. Having not even moved since last, she was still there, now staring into the sky. She didn’t want to leave, so she had slept in the very spot where he had left. She wondered just how she would bring him back one day. She starred endlessly for hours while pondering this. His friend came into view and broke her focus.
“You’re going to need to leave here eventually,” he said
“I know, its just…I don’t know how I would be able to bring him back”
“You’ll find a way, it’ll just take time”
“Yeah I know,” she said as she stood up
“We’ll get him back…one day” as he turned and headed in a direction, she looked back at the area where the warehouse had been. But as she turned to head in the direction he had gone, she noticed something. A small hole in the ground that seemed to have a little bit of smoke coming from it. She hesitated, but slowly made her way to it. She peaked first, then came closer and noticed a small rock in the ground. After a while she realized that it was probably what was left of one of the meteors that hit the field. She decided to keep it, and so she picked it up and examined it. After closely examining it, it seemed cracked. She picked at if for a while, and it seemed like there was something inside. She searched around and found another rock, and used it to bust open the meteorite. Inside, was a beautiful gray gem that shined brightly. She worked to get the gem out of the rest of the meteorite. She picked it up, and stared at the gem. She smiled and carried it all the way home, as she said.
“Until another day…”

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    SaiIor Cosmos
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    Fri Jan 15, 2010 @ 03:26am

    its sounds like a nice story(took forever to read though <.&lt wink i wonder wat will happend,i hope u write the rest ^o^

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    Sat Jan 16, 2010 @ 12:51am

    its awsome

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