** As a note Her last name in Latin means "Bait", which is why I made the translation Sacrifice.

I hope you liked the Avi and please do not mark my score down for my spelling and grammar. I am sorry about the leggings being red if you have any suggestions on other ones you think would look good please feel free to comment. Most of my elf characters do love to be semi nakerd =] Which is why she is dressed that way.

Name: Luna Star Esca
Age: 24
Sex: Female
Race: Elfin
Personality: She is very Jumpy around people but is very focused and a very good actress she tends to keep emotion to herself unless in extreme pain or fear. She is a very important person and was a priestess in her home village.
Bio: Luna Star was born under a very special moon for her people. The month of the moon is held as a sacred month and any children born of that month are to be sacrificed on their 18th birthday, this lead to her ironic name meaning "Moon and Heavenly Sacrifice*" She was the only one born under here year as a scrafice to the gods. As rule she was spoiled as a child and trained under a lot of different arts so she wouldn't be a bad sacrifice. Luna was a very smart and happy young woman and took care of the whole village in return for them being nice to her. She was always a good little girl and accepted her faith until the night just before her 18th birthday. Luna then fled her homeland and spent many of years running and traveling the world using her knowledge to out wit her tribe, She met her husband of Caldera. After many lovely nights under the same stars she had once feared, and fights between his mother and her husband Luna was granted protection within the country and they where married. It was not long after she grew her hair out and helped her husband and the people of the land. She had her own space in the Castle and finally a Place of Safety.