"What the hell is this?" Wolf rhetorically asked as he kicked a wooden chair sitting in front of a wooden table in the middle of a cave with a lamp sitting on an adjacent rock. "I'm going to kill that man. He had me come all the way out here in this freaking storm, in the middle of nowhere mind you, just to not be here!" Apparently he was pissed.

As the water dripped from his seemingly unmovable hair, Wolf examined the area as if he was supposed to be looking for something in particular, but he didn't know what. "There has to be some reason, any reason, why the old fart would bring me out here."

"I say that he's just messing with you, as per usual." Came a voice from the shadows of the cave. This voice had a deep, but oddly non-mysterious tone to it which would cause a real startle to none.

Wolf just gave a sigh to the words before turning his back to the table and looking out into the rain. "No one asked you. Stupid bird." And with his last word, a raven, which was about two times larger than a regular one and possessing three red eyes, appeared and sat upon his right shoulder. "And just where in the hell have you been?"

"The old man called me as well, three days ago. He wasn't here then either. I, however, was given instructions to wait for you here once I got here, so I really wasn't expecting to see him. You know he never likes to be direct when he's using people. Always a hint. Always a mystery."

"Unfortunately, I don't have time for his--" Just as Wolf was about to finish his sentence, he noticed something in the storm. Stuck on a tree branch was a piece of paper. From where he was standing, there was no way that he was going to be able to make out what it said, but he knew that the occupant of this cave put it there. "It's time to go bird." And with that, Wolf walked out of the cave and over to the paper, but as he reached for it, the wind changed directions and blew the paper away. "What? Are the Gods in on this too?" And he took off.

From secluded, deserted caves to chasing a piece pf paper in a rain storm. It would appear that Wolf was on some unknown mission that was having nothing explained as time went on. When he finally caught it, Wolf found himself standing in the middle of a sea of trees. He looked around to see nothing but flying leaves, darkness and shrubbery. "Pfft." As he turned to go back in the direction from which he came, something immediately came to his attention. Where did I come from. Before he could contemplate an answer, something else happened. Someone's coming. And there she was. A soaking wet red head with brown caramel skin was standing. Looking. "Hmm?" But before he got to ask a question, he noticed that there were more people coming, but with angrier intentions. "Come come." He said, grabbing the girl by the hand and dragging her along for a run.

Where did that idiot go? The mysterious Raven thought as he flew through the trees, but before he was able to ponder this any further, his friend showed his face.

So I am headed in the right direction. Wolf thought as he spotted the bird. "Come on." He said before running past it and toward the cave.

Once they finally reached it, Wolf retrieved the chair he kicked for the girl to sit in. He then sat on the table and looked at her for a few seconds before saying, "This you?" Holding up the piece of paper that he was chasing that turned out to be a bounty notice.