One day or something a I was very happy biggrin just walking to school then i was at my classroom door then when I stood up Angel was there.Right as she walked beside me she poked the middle of my stomache and said, "Yeah, I did that," in a freaking squeaky cocky voice. That made me so MAD stressed ,SAD crying , and very embaressed redface .After she did that I even rolled my eyes at her when she wasn't looking rolleyes .But for some reason she has been a tiny bit more meaner when she is mean.But sometimes she has her moments and is nice.Though she has used alot of ppl for money, food cheese_whine , sometimes even a guy heart or just random items wahmbulance .That's why I think she is trying to be my friend. WOW! surprised I wrote alot! Well... that's all for today stare 4laugh xp eek ninja !!!