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122 ( has the appearance of a 19 year-old )
Strong-willed, a bit clueless, and caring for her friends
Sol is an elf ( half-human, half-vampire blood in her ) Due to the vampire blood in her it's caused her body to age slowly or quicker than others when it choses to. She was raised and lived in the forest near Luna's village since she couldn't leave cause the sunlight harmed her ( vampire blood ) So one day Luna came to the forest and found Sol there, ever since then they have been best friends/sister. One day Luna and Sol were attacked by bandits trying to burn down the forest that Sol lived in and Sol was injured from trying to protect Luna, since Luna felt guilty for Sol's injury she feel into a state of depression that tapped into her Lunarian blood and killed the bandits that hurt Sol. When the people from the village came to see what happened they found Luna and Sol both unconscious and took Luna away telling her to never go back to the forest cause no one was waiting for her there. When Luna asked why they told her " Sol didn't make it. " Which was a lie. ( And yeah they know they lied ) Years went by and Sol was encountered by someone who looked just like Luna ( her twin sister Anul ) Anul told Sol that if she could bring Luna to her Sol would be with Luna as they were when they were kids. Sol decided to do no matter what it took to be re-united with Luna and she was sent out to find Luna, join her on her travels, and tell Anul of all the plans that Luna and the other planned on doing. ( So technically she was a spy ) When the other found out of Sol's intentions she betrayed them and fled later to come back and challenge Judas to a duel to the death.
She's never had interactions with the outside world so she's kinda clueless when it comes to things like that. Example: One time someone asked Sol what her favorite animal was and she replied saying: " Is that some kind of candy? How sweet is it? "
* Luna ( like a sister and maybe a lover? )--- * Judas ( though doesn't show it cause she hates how he is Luna's lover when she loves? Luna ) * Sweets--- * Anul--- * Sekime ( her friend from when she was working under Anul )--- * Sizumi ( a pipefox that protect Luna/ she is Sol's favorite animal; that's when Sol learn what animals mean )
* Judas ( since he is Luna's lover, but still thinks of him as a friend )--- * Village Elder ( he was the one that told Luna Sol was dead )--- * Anyone that tries to take Luna away--- * Savyina ( current leader of Blue Moon who is trying to get Luna to take her place ) * Ships/Ocean ( she gets seasick )--- * Sunlight---

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