........i'm really tired....
i really want to play the wii...(but meh fam is watching Wild Hogs when i've seen it 4 like....5 times so dat iz why i iz hur.)
tomorrow me and my family will go see that new movie Avatar.
the only reason i'm seeing it is cuz it's by the maker of "The Titanic"
i really like the titanic. (lolz. the 1st time i watched it was in spanish wen i waz little)
i know a lot about it...a lot of my friends have ancestors that were on the titanic....
probably cuz they are a higher-class than of me... but dat ok. i take people the way they are and don't judge them....although that's wat other people do with me. "/
o well. who cares wat they think? not me...
it's almost 9!!! yay!!! the Ghost Adventures has a new episode today!
i gotta go...sorta...this site is getting a little boring.... "/

i know who evah is reading meh journal loves reading it...it's so interesting. lolz.