It's that time of Year when we sweep out the old and bring in the new! Lots of people do things bring good luck for the year. To help you prepare here is a list of some of the ones I have found. If you don't see your favorites then add them by leaving a comment.

If your first vistor of the new year is a tall dark handsome man consider it a sign of very good luck. it is even more lucky if he has a small gift such as a lump of coal, a silver coin, a bit of bread, a sprig of evergreen, or salt. Make sure he knocks first before you let him in. He should leave through a different door then he entered and no one else should leave the house till he arrives. People to avoid as first visitors include women, redheads, and blondes. Also avoid people who are crossed eyed, have flat feet, or sport a unibrow.

Kissing someone at the stroke of midnight will ensure that your affection and ties to that person will last throughout the year. Make sure your cupboards and wallets are stocked up. This will help ensure prosperity throughout the year. Wearing something new will bring more new garments that year. open your doors at midnight so that the old year can escape. Making loud noises at midnight will scare away evil spirits. In Puerto Rico children throw buckets of water out the window to rid their homes of evil spirits. In Belgium farmers wish their animals a happy new year to receive their blessings. One Celtic tradition says that thje youngest boy in the household should light a candle to burn through the night to chase away evil spirits. In Germany boiling lead is dropped into cold water. The resulting shapes are then interpreted to see what luck will bring in the new year. In Denmark having a heap of broken dishes by your door is considered a good sign. It is a symbol that you have many friends.

Lots of countries believe circular foods will bring good luck. Circles are a sign of the completion of a cycle. The Dutch do this through the eating of doughnuts. In many parts of the US black eyed peas are eaten for general luck and finial prosperity. In some places hog and cabbage are eaten as a sign of prosperity. In other places rice is also considered a lucky food to eat. In Spain one grape for each stroke of the clock at midnight is eaten to bring good luck in the new year.
In France a stack of pancakes is eaten for good luck and health. An old Sicilian tradition says you should eat lasagna to bring in good luck and avoid eating macaroni.