Okay, these are the Guards for my character Fenn in the RP, The Resistance.

- The leader of the team, hes good-natured and usually a nice guy.

- Fixer never really had one expression most of the time like the rest of Delta Squad. Most of the time, he minded his own business or sliced into a computer, but at other times, he would be kind of like Scorch.

-Though he inwardly struggled with the concept of living up to Walon Vau, he was outwardly a tough, aggressive individual, usually showing no emotion in his voice; often showing psychopathic tendencies. Although Scorch had the reputation as Delta Squad's comedian, Sev had a grim and sadistic sense of humor, which was more often than not the counterpart to Scorch's jokes. Sev was Delta Squad's sniper – and was at his best when sighting an enemy in the scope of his DC-17m sniper rifle. Like his fellow commandos, Sev wore the distinctive Katarn armor, but his suit also had grim, blood-red streaks painted across it. His squad mates, however, sometimes wondered if these disturbing markings were actually paint at all.

Regardless of how Sev developed his unique personality, it was generally agreed that he was a supremely efficient fighter.

-Scorch was generally considered to be the most lighthearted Delta and loved poking fun and annoying his other squad mates. He had an over-developed sense of irony, and was the resident wise guy of Delta Squad, much to the annoyance of some of his peers. But the wars took its toll on everyone involved; at the Battle of Haurgab, after a rocket attack on the bases' mess hall, Scorch took out his pent up frustration and rage on the bodies of the local rebels who fired the rocket. It only got worse for Scorch.

Scorch carried a large ordnance pack strapped to his back and sported yellow markings on his wrist gauntlets, making him easier to be identified by his squad-mates.

Supposedly Scorch got his nickname after a training accident with some ordnance that left him, and his instructor, without eyebrows for sometime.