I am getting them. The most pressing question in my mind is why? Why on earth would anyone want to? stare I've left most of the requests pending, just to see how many of them pile up. Complete strangers most of them, at least to my knowledge. Today I discovered I've had people try to add me this year. This baffles me. I haven't even been around...! eek xp If any of you random friendlist hoarders would like to offer me an explanation, please do. Is it more a case of "oh, he's so cool, I want to be his friend!" or "he hasn't been around a lot, so he probably doesn't use much of the stuff he has in his inventory, so maybe this is a chance to get stuff" (in the latter case, save your energy... I'm taking this stuff to the grave, honey. You want a piece of me, you have to pay for it. twisted )?

If it's a case of the former, please do tell, and give details.

And seasonal greetings. stare