Okay, so I'm engaged. That's said. I'm happy and in love. Big news is I've changed the way I draw and color. I'm doing open commissions on deviantart for $2 - $5 and I'll be opening a shop here on deviantart with my fiance when we can get around to it. For my new pieces visit my deviantart: Here. You can pm me here or note me there or tweet me. PoetRazor13 on twitter. I got a new aim name. My yahoo and msn/hotmail are still the same.

Life is good. College isn't bad. Semester break right now. I start back up on Jan 11th with two online classes and three on campus Tuesdays and Thursdays. One class is a Thursday only class and I'll be home earlier so I might be able to spend more time online. I'm keeping up with things better now than I did in high school I'm glad to say. My deviantart is kept up and I'm personalizing it more and more.