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Original Character: Aleu (Editing)
Name: Aleu
Born: New York
Birthday: January 7th
Location:Gotham City
Height: 5'2
Nationality:Half-White Half-Puerto Rican
Family: Father, soon to have Step-Mom and Step-sister, and on the way Half-Brother/Sister
Hair Color: Black with half and half pink and red bangs and tips ( I mean half as in parted not like on top of eachother)
Hair Length: Down to her back (straight)
Skin Color:Light tan
Eye Color:Garnet Red(Due to getting Spliced)
Piercing:She has four earring in her left ear *start from the earlobe and up, Black stud earring, then pink, then red, then above the red is a spike earring.* On her right ear she only has three piercing. * from the earlobe and up, black stud, pink, and then red.*
Other Face Accessories:None
Scar(s): She has cut marks on her left wrist ( due to cutting herself -no longer does this-)
Personalty:She is a quiet keep to herself kind of girl. Even when she with friends she is pretty quiet, but fun to be around. She loves reading books, during Ballet, and occasional fight- but none of her friends know that-
Friend(s):Heine Byrne and Mia Byrne
Her Crush: Coe- A member of the Jokerz gang

Story: * To be Determined----Editing*

The Love Story of Aleu and Coe(a member of the Jokerz Gang)

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Day 1
[Edited by momiji85]

It all started one day when Aleu was taking the subway home from Ballet class, that’s when she saw Coe, though she wouldn't know who he was or what his name was till a couple of days later. When she first saw Coe she really didn't have any interest in him, but she did kind of think he was cute. Guessing that it was probably the clown make up making her think that.

But she also knew that she couldn't possible have a crush on him for he was a troublesome punk. Coe was part of a gang called the Jokerz who found pleasure on tormenting people to get what they want, but usually these torments were just a way to get people to laugh. If the Jokerz tried to make you laugh, and you didn’t, then you’d have to pay for their service.

No one actually ever laughed at the Jokerz jokes or pranks, or any other sort of tactic that they thought was funny. However, Aleu had quite a big funny bone and she loved a good laugh - and Coe just happened to do something funny while they rode on the Subway together.

It was at the instant that Coe noticed Aleu and definitely found her attractive. She was cute, had a nice body, and actually laughed at his Joker tactics. Aleu of course blushed at the embarrassment of laughing at what Coe had done – while everyone around her were in shock – for her response to the Jokerz tactics.

One of Coe’s friends and fellow gang members, nudged Coe on his side, chuckling, “Dude she just laughed at your joke which means she likes you - and look at her – she’s a babe."

But before Coe could introduce himself, or even acknowledge Aleu’s laughing, the subway train came to a stop and the doors opened to let any passenger who want to get off, off – which was Aleu’s cue to leave before Coe tried to talk to her. Because she knew her face would turn the color of a cherry; since she actually did have a thing for Coe. She just didn't want to admit it to herself, or let anyone else realize she had a crush a Jokerz gang member.

*To Be Continued*
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Day 2
[Edited by momiji85]

It was morning and Aleu was heading to school. Once there,all her friends walked over to her to greet her because somehow they had heard about the Jokerz causing a scene at the subway station the other day.

They also heard that Aleu had laughed at the Jokerz' so called joke and told her that she better not have a thing for a Jokerz because they were bad news. But Aleu just kept quiet and sighed as she waved them off and headed to class.

All during school Aleu day dreamed about the strange man she had met just twenty hours before. She couldn't help it after all - he was cute! And he made her laugh . . . She always did like a guy who could make her laugh and Coe fit the bill. She didn't believe he was as bad as everyone thought him to be? Then again - he was part of the Jokerz.

After school, Aleu always hesitated to go home. Though, there really wasn't anything wrong with her home life, beside the fact that her Father thought she was odd and was very strict about basically everything. She always had to strive to be better than she could be, if she ever wanted to get anywhere - at least that's what her father kept telling her. The man was worse than a drill Sergent! It was probably the main reason she wasn't a big talker; she could never say anything to her father, or speak when he was around - he always spoke for her, or above her.

She considered herself lucky that he even let her go to ballet classes though he made it clear she would never be allowed to make a profession out of it - though she had her heart set on it.

Ballet reminded her of her mother and maybe that was why her father insisted against it. He had hoped she'd be a boy and her mother's body became weak after she was born and in a couple of years her mother had past away. She was only six when her mother died and well it just seemed that her father never forgave her for taking away his wife before she was able to give him a son.

The only times she never felt guilty or alone, were when she was away from her father, or with her friends, or when she went to ballet class and now when she thinks about the man on the subway.

As she walked down the street, Aleu kept thinking about the Jokerz boy who had made her laugh. Letting the daydreams take over for a moment, she hastily came back to reality when she realized she wasn't anywhere familiar anymore. When she looked around to see where her feet had lead her, she saw him.

He was with his gang of course, but still, she only saw him. Her face immediately turned a shade of crimson red, especially when the boy spotted her. But, to her dismay; he wasn't the only one who noticed her, the whole Jokerz gang spotted her. They quickly gathered around her, except Coe, and started to play with her.

"Well lookey here it’s the babe who laughs at the Jokerz joke but didn't pay," Scab said smirking at her, and beginning to make her nervous.

As on cue, Pilo chimed in, flipping a strand of Aleu's hair off of her shoulders, "Oh look I think we are scaring her." But her reflects got the better of her, for as soon as that Jokerz crew member touched her hair, she smacked it away, and instantly regretted it.

Pilo didn't like his hand being smacked away and raised his own in order to strike her across the cheek - and it was then that Coe stepped in between them. But what the boy didn't know was though she doubted she could take them all on at once, she could fight them off individually. Her father wanted her to be a boy - and he taught her to fight like one because of it.

When she saw Coe stand so close to her, she blushed and had to look away: big mistake. Scab grabbed her face to look at the red on her cheekbones, boasting loudly about her blushing when she looked at Coe,“Lookey here - she's blushing! I think she likes you, Coe."

Coe . . . what a silly name.

But the sweet thought didn't last long before she felt Scab's harsh hands push her towards Coe. Luckily, she landed with a thud onto his chest and Coe reached around, with one hand on her back and another hand touching her arm,in order to catch her from the fall.

Aleu looked up only to find herself staring right into Coe's eyes and a whole 'nother level of red spread over her entire face. Yet, Coe could only smile at her innocence and have a goofy little laugh, over it, "Ha she's more redder then the make up I'm wearing on the bottom half of my face."

It wasn't much of a joke but it still made her laugh.

Then again, she remembered the Jokerz were still surrounding her and she pushed herself away from Coe - covering her mouth with her hand to try and suppress the laughter.

But, Coe on the other hand, wished she wouldn't try to hide it, because he thought her laugh, and her smile, were the cutest thing he'd ever seen. But even Coe's smile faded when Scab went to get locate any money or jewelry she might have been hiding in her coat - in his mind, they'd be payment for the Jokerz' services.
Scab grabbed her wrist this time, reaching for the back pack first, to see if there was anything valuable for the taking.

And that was when Terry McGinnis came along to save her.

Aleu rolled her eyes at his attempt of rescuing her - probably thinks I'm the the damsel in distress no doubt - when in reality, if it came down to it, she'd fight them off almost easily. They only got the upper hand on her because she had been distracted by Coe. She could only pray that Terry wouldn't make into a bigger scene than it already was.

Demanding Scab to let her go, Terry smirked at Scab's smile and tough-guy act of an response - "Or what?" Terry chuckled as he started making his way closer to Scab, and for his part, Scab started to back away some, but it was only to wave to the other Jokerz to attack him - and only Coe disobeyed Scab's order.

Terry fought all the Jokerz as they came charging towards him and, beaten and bloody, they laughed hysterically as they all ran away from the scene.

Scab's tossed Aleu forward onto the harsh pavement, right in front of Coe. He wanted to help her get up; but with his crew running off, Scab calling after him to follow, and Terry approaching with a wild look in his eye, Coe hesitatingly ran after them.

Aleu looked up a little dazed and confused from the latest push, and was barely able to make out the figure of Terry, but when she turned her head the other way, she got a clear shot of Coe's back. Her heart sank for a moment but elated itself when she saw him looking back longingly at her, before the engine motors came to life and roared him away.

Terry helped her up and gave her, her back pack, "You okay?" He asked as he helped brush her off. She nodded her head with a quiet thanks but she wasn't really so sure if she was okay. With the realization of Coe gone, and the fear of the possibility of never seeing him again - Aleu was finally able to admit that she liked him.

And right after the admittance, came the heartfelt sorrow, because now she was hurt with the realization that she might never see him again.

*To Be Continued*

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Day 3
[Edited by momiji85]

Typical morning; alarm clock goes off, father yells for Aleu to get her lazy butt up, and then when she does get up who’s there hogging the bathroom but her witch of a stepsister.

Aleu felt that no matter what she did for her father it would never change his hatred for her. She figured that was why he found himself a new woman to marry. He managed to get himself a nice, pretty, white wife and a new daughter and a child on the way. He still hadn’t found out about the gender of the baby, but if it was a boy - well, Aleu feared that she would get kicked out of the house.

She took a deep breath as she headed downstairs to hell. Deciding against breakfast with a family that she didn't even belong to, Aleu headed for the front door. Yet, this was routine for her, she rarely ate with her father and his replacement family; but it was easier to shun them since she figured they would eventually shun her.

The date was January 7th, the worst day of her life . . . the day she was born. Most people would enjoy their day of birth, but for her, only regret surrounded her birth - her life. Her father emotionally abuses her, telling her it was mistake she was born and that it was her fault that his wife, her mother, died.

Aleu uses his words to help her cut along her smooth skin - except when it was time for ballet class.

Ballet was the only other thing that soothed her, made her concentrate on performing her best, and ignore everything else. The only other thing that helped even slightly was fighting. It made her feel better, taking her anger out on someone or something, instead of burying the emotion inside.

Every birthday she would skip school and head out to her mother's grave, telling her everything that has happened over the year and apologizing for killing her. She would explain to her mother how hard she been working to get her father's acknowledgment and about how no matter what she did, her father would never forgive her.

She would talk to mother for about an hour and then head out to the nearest bar or club she could find a fight in. She had to take her anger out on someone on her birthday or else all the anger she had inside of her would be buried in till she snapped.

Entering a random bar, almost everyone eyed her but she just ignored them and headed to the nearest empty stool she could find. Now she just had to wait for some dumb male to try to make his move on her and the fight would begin. It only took a couple of minutes till some macho man came up to her and recited a dumb one line to her. When she didn’t respond to the man - well, he let her know that he didn’t like being ignored. He grabbed her by her wrist and start yelling some dribble about her thinking she was to good for him, which was true, “Sir I suggest you let go of my wrist or…”

The man pulled her closer to him and said, “ Or what?”

But Aleu just smiled; the man should have let her go now or else he was going to be her first victim of the night. Seeing that he wasn't budging, she took her free hand and reached for the man's arm that held her wrist. Then she lifted her left leg to knee the guy hard in the stomach. That did it - he finally decided to let go of his grip on her.

To make sure that she brought the point home, Aleu punched him right in the jaw, actually breaking it. As if having started a chain reaction, the guy fell back and hit the next guy behind him. Both having fallen like domino's, the others glared at her. They didn’t seem to like having a girl beat up one of their macho guys, it ruined what little reputation they had.

The next jerk was a bit bigger, but slower and far dumber, “So you think your tough enough to fight me little girl.”

Refusing to respond in any other way besides with a sly smirk, Aleu stood her ground until the big guy made his move. The jerk threw a right jab at her but she managed to easily dodge it. Countering the maneuver with a left kick to his head, that she figured took out the remaining brain cells the idiot had in him.

But the next guy wasn’t as nice as the rest - he brought a knife. Typical macho attitude whenever someone shows superiority to them, they always got to bring out a weapon. Luckily she knew how to dodge being cut. She didn't feel like having to be able to explain away to everyone where she got all her cuts from - knowing that they would probably just assume she started cutting herself again, and she really didn't need counseling again.

The knife wielding jerk slashed at her a couple of times but soon enough, Aleu found a chance to get a hold of his arm and disarm the weapon from him. In the process she ended up breaking the guy's wrist in the process of flipping the guy over and on to a nearby table.

It only took three guys for her to knock out till the rest got the picture to not mess with her. Three was enough for her to take her anger out on, and she figured it was time for her to go. Fixing the stool she was sitting on, she headed out the door silently.

She still wasn't ready to go home, though it was nine at night - it was still her birthday and she needed to do something to past the time so that her horrid birthday would be over with.

Luckily the ballet store was still open, and she was able to purchase the only gift she would receive that day - a new set of ballet slippers. She walked, daydreaming about dancing on a huge stage in front of a huge crowd to The Nutcracker music she played in her head. It would be amusing to most, but freedom to her. In fact, because of the daydreaming, she actually began to dance a little right then and there.

Busy daydreaming, she failed to notice Coe and his fellow gang member Scab across the street eating a burger. Scab was to busy trying to flirt with a girl to see her, but Coe was completely is awe as he watched her dance beautifully on the street. She was absolutely outstanding, best in her class, she could be a star if her father would let her make a career out of being a ballerina.

But sadly he wouldn't, as soon as he found out that he would get a son from his pregnant wife, he would likely pull her from the class. Even if her teacher would actually stand up for her, it wouldn't make a difference - he'd just pay her to shut up.

Then an engine roared her back to reality.

Coe went to his motor bike and started the engine, figuring he'd try giving her a ride. Scab had already left, following a random girl home; whom he had been trying to get a number from all night, so Coe hoped there wouldn't be any trouble from him this time.

Hearing the loud engine from behind her, Aleu turned to look to see who was behind her, though she had a feeling she knew who it was. Once again turning a shade of red when it actually turned out to be Coe, Aleu stopped dead in her tracks, as he parked his bike in front of her, “ Hey I…I was just wondering. You need a ride?”

If it hadn't been for Coe's makeup, he could have easily matched Aleu's blushing color.

Her face had a friendly smile on it as she nodded her head yes. And Coe smiled in return as she climbed on to the bike, sitting behind him. Placing her hands on Coe sides and then wrapping her arms around his entire waist - Aleu was fully prepared for the full speed of the roaring engine vibrating beneath them as Coe sped down the street.

He yelled out to her, to ask where she lived, and she had to yell back her address. The motorcycle was so loud but yet it was so much fun riding on it. She couldn't believe what she was doing, she was riding on a bike with a Jokerz gang member, but yet she didn’t care what anyone thought - she liked Coe and didn't care that he was a Jokerz.

It didn’t take long to get to her home, and Coe rode up to the sidewalk where her house laid and parked his bike. Getting off rather quickly, she stood in front of Coe for a minute before she actually said something, “Thank you…for the ride.”

Aleu blushed even more. Coe just rubbed the back of his head and said, “ No problem . . . I mean you can go riding with me anytime. I mean . . . if you want to.” Coe was starting to get more nervous, but she just chuckled and smiled at him, “ I''d like that.”

Moments of silence had passed but then she had to say goodbye to Coe, she could see lights coming on in her house, which meant her father was awake. Coe soon drove off and watched him dwindle down the road until he was all together gone.

Heading inside, her father soon came down the stairs. Passing him silently, she smirked as he didn’t even ask where she had been; he didn’t even acknowledge she was there, typical. She sighed and headed to her room, sighed and flopped onto the bed to sleep. Normally, she hated the idea of falling asleep because, normally, she'd have nightmares about the abuse her father inflicted - but not today - today she'd dream of Coe and she was grateful for the distraction.

Though she wouldn't quite demean Coe down to a simple distraction . . . no, he was way more than just a distraction. Grinning, she closed her eyes and gave into the fatigue.

*To Be Continued*

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Artist mad XMentalIncXx

Day 4
[Edited by momiji85]

Valentine's Day was a day where love was shown everywhere you went - though none was shown around her. All her friends had seem to have found love, and were celebrating their love together . . . and without her. She didn’t have a boyfriend; not just because no guy had asked her out, but also because she hadn’t found anyone that made her heart sing. But . . . There was one guy that she could think of. Who just the mere thought about him, incited something within her. Who's very name, made her smile - Coe.

Even when she first met Coe, he had found some way to make her smile; even though deep down she knew, that the jester wasn't meant for her. She could only dream about spending Valentine's Day with him - and only him - but even if she saw him this very day, she would bet that his buddies would only tag along.

School was out and she was slowly walking down the stairs of the building, watching couples show affection to each other. She was about to head down the street, not wanting to go home yet, when a guy stopped her; and started, or yet tried, to make conversation with her. It seemed as if he was trying to get a date with her, but he could tell before he even spoke the words that she wasn’t interested. The statement came, filled with disappointment, but at least he summed it up before she had hammer it into him, "You like someone else, don’t you?" Why he even bothered asking her was mute at this point. All she could think of about was the slight discoloration of her cheeks from a pale white, to a crimson red. She didn't blush at the stranger's forwardness, but at the person she thought about when he stated his question - Coe. He would end up talking a little bit more with her, and then be on his way, while she would go back to walking down the street just hoping that maybe the Jokerz would be near by.

If anyone knew that she wanted to see the Jokerz they would think she was insane and if they knew that she was actually smitten by a Jokerz member, well they might not want to be around her anymore. But she didn’t care what anyone thought; if she was falling for a Jokerz that could make her smile, and make her heart sing, then she really didn't see what wrong it could do to anyone else.

Every place she went to there was always some couple showing off their love with some overblown PDA, and at this point, it was starting to annoy her. But she supposed it was only annoying her cause she wished to have someone by her side; holding her, and showing just how much he cared about her. Shaking her head free from the thought, she focused on where she was going; the last place being a candy shop, and of course there was a man crowding the cashier - it looked as if she might have been his sweetheart, and though annoyed, she had to admit it was sweet for him to show his love for her. But uh, enough was enough! Whether it came at happy times, or sad ones, all this love business was making her envious. Buying some lollipops and heading out the store, the young woman walked even further down the street.

By now she didn’t know where she was going anymore - nor did she really care, either. Because as long as she didn’t have to see one more couple making out, she didn’t care where she was going, or where she ended up. But eventually, her reasoning abandoned itself to the truth. Looking from one side of the street to the next, she regretted going so far, because now was in the bad part of the city. This side had the worst of the worst; gangs, thieves, muggers, and more. What made things even worse was that she just walked in to the T’s distract, yet another gang of the lovely Gotham City - Great. And within even a moment of thinking about it, she realized the said gang had spotted her, and started to walk up to her! Fantastic.

This gang was nothing like the Jokerz. All the T’s painted their body white, except for a red T on their face. They also decided to shave their head bald, even the girls who joined the gang! It was hard to miss T gang member, and the large guy coming up to her with a smug look on his face wasn't an exception, "What's a hot dame like you doing around this neck of the woods?" Not only was the guy a baldie with a bad body paint job, but he was also a fat, bald guy. Disgust plastered on her face, he nonetheless circled his arm around her waist and pulled her in closer to him. With an eye roll, she pushed against him, "I took a wrong turn I suppose." But try as she might, he just kept his grip on her; though she'd admit, she wasn't trying as hard as she could - who knew why, though. Smirking down at her, the T member licked his lips suggestively, "What’s wrong babe, feeling uncomfortable?"

Now the Jokerz weren't to far away. And watching the scene unfold, one of the members smiled coyly back at Coe, who himself was staring in disbelief at the sight before him. "Looks like your girl's in trouble Coe," Scab said with a laugh. Coe watched as the leader of the T’s tried to get a smooch from Aleu. Fists balling with anger, Coe was ready to pounce on the guy any second now. His breathing staggered from the raw emotions of seeing Aleu in trouble, but after all the jokes at his expense over her, from the past couple of weeks, kept him from coming to her rescue.Scab could tell that Coe was getting angry; though the whole gang kind of figured that Coe had a thing for Aleu. But looking back at their comrade, they realized that it was obviously more than just a fleeting crush. They knew their friend better than that, and sadly, as they glanced back at the T's, they had to admit, that they knew them better as well. And the T's weren't just going to leave Aleu alone after forcing a smooch on her. No, they'd play with her all night if the Jokerz didn't do something - now!

Meanwhile, the fat, bald T guy who had his arm around her, just absolutely refused to let Aleu go. And even though she was kinda hoping for the knight in shining armor , enough was enough. Pushing him hard, she yelled loudly, "Let me go fatso!" The T member looked down at her, brow furrowing together in solid hatred. He didn’t like being called fat, nor did he like having some girl order him around, "Who you think you’re talking to girl, I’m a fat T - and I don’t take orders from nobody!" He flung her to the ground, and stood over her, the rest of his gang joining in, until the whole group surrounded her. There might have been more T’s then were Jokerz the last time she had been surrounded by a gang; so she wasn’t to sure if she could take them on or not, but she should as hell would try! Standing up, and looking at the so called leader of the T’s - Aleu glared at him, showing him she wasn’t afraid of him, or his gang. And that she wasn't going to go down without a fight. But the T’s just laughed. They figured she was feisty, maybe even a fighter, but surely nothing they couldn't handle. Stepping closer, ready to pounce at a moment's notice, the T member chuckled.

Coe about to ride his bike over and run the T’s down; one by one, over and over again - but Scab stopped him. His hand resting on his friend's shoulder, Scab looked at the scene, whispering, "Let’s see what happens."

As one of the T members lunged at her, Aleu quickly went in to a defense pose. The T member flung a punch at her but she stopped it easily enough. Blocking it with her right hand, she threw a punch of her own with her left. The guy flew over and even slid a little on the ground! Please with herself, Aleu smirked up at the rest of them. For their part, they stared back at her in shock. For this was a small, unsuspecting little young woman, who seemed to be the last person to able to defend herself - but here she was, with their leader at her feet! Yes, the rest of the T’s, and even the Jokerz were shocked to see that she could put up a fight.

Smiling, Aleu crossed her arms over her chest, and leaned on one side of her hip, "Years of being trained to be a boy does pay off." Chuckling, Aleu was caught off guard. For just beneath her, still at her feet, the Fat T came to - and ordered the rest of his little minions to attack her. Now she could probably take on one or two people at a time, but a whole gang was a challenge. But really, what choice did she have? Returning back into her defensive pose, Aleu held up her hands to block the first guy - only she missed the guy coming from up behind her. Thinking quickly, the young fighter grabbed the guy coming from the back by his arm, and flipped him over herself to hit him into the guy coming at her from the front. Somehow the maneuver worked, which was lucky for her, but it still didn't stop the others from following suit and coming after her. Attack after attack, it was relentless, but she still fought bravely. She managed to get hit a few times but nothing she couldn’t handle.

The Jokerz in the meantime, were in shock. They didn’t expect a tutu wearing chick could fight as well as she did, but she was getting tired and the T’s were getting angrier.

As she knocked down their numbers to a dwindling dozen, the T’s looked down at their comrades, ready to defend their friend's honor -though the upstanding of their fellow gang members was debatable. Aleu was growing tired, but her eyes widened nonetheless, at the arsenal the last few remaining members produced. Bringing out weapons such as knives, bats, pipes, and even chains; the gang looked back at her, ready for more. Terrific - she thought - how the hell do I fight against all them now!? The T with the knife went on the charge, but she grabbed the female gang member's wrist and spun her around so that she dropped the knife with a clang - and pulled her arm back. She then kick the next T that was attacking her in the face, Aleu threw the T girl she was holding, into another T. But yet again, just as she was beginning to think she was doing well - and might actually win the fight - Aleu became overconfident, and distracted. A sudden rush of pain forced her to the ground; and looking up before everything went dark, the young fighter saw a T standing above her - with a pipe in his hand.

Coe had had enough. Not really waiting for his own gang's approval, he marched down to the scene of things while Scab cheerfully followed suit, "Alright we’ll save your girl! Besides will be kicking some T butts in the process." Lifting his hand into the air, Scab made a modern day war cry to his fellow gang members and they all hastily ran down into the street after them. Most of them though, rode in on their bikes, and laughed and cheered as they surrounded the remaining T's. And though the T's wanted nothing more but to kick Aleu's arse some more, they had to focus on the matter at hand - which was fighting the impending Jokerz harsh blows.

A short time later . . .

The T's had put up a good fight, but in the end, the Jokerz had won. The T's had run from the scene of their district, and the Jokerz had a laugh at their expense and cowardice. Scab's victory speech concluded with a bang, and summed up well how he, and his friend's, felt about the rival gang bangers, "Yeah, that’s right! Nobody can mess with the Jokerz,!"

Aleu for her part, was starting to wake up from the blow to the head and slowly tried to sit up. Her head was pounding and her sight was blurred. Coe slowly walked up to where she was, eager to help her up, but she didn’t even know he was there - worse, she thought she was still surrounded by the T’s! Desperate to take another shot at them, she stood up, but the pounding her head took,and left her dazed and confused - and dizzy. Trying to stay on her feet, they had another idea, and gave out form underneath her. Knees buckling, she tumbled to the ground, sure that she was gong to hit the ground hard. However, Coe stood right behind her and caught her, gently wrapping his arms around her to bring her down with him carefully. It was only then that she finally noticed the Jokerz were the ones who were around her.

Her eyes had been closed when she had fallen back (an instinct to the impending slam against the asphalt she had suspected of happening momentarily), but when she opened them and saw Coe’s face she blushed. His warm smile looked down at her, and a sweet voice whispered encouragement, "I gotcha." But though she hated to ruin the moment, Aleu couldn't help but groan in pain, as Coe helped her onto her feet. And Scab couldn’t help but laugh, "Look at you too, you make such a cute couple!"

Being stood upright, Aleu managed to fight against the pain in her head, as it began to subside gradually. Chuckling she playfully teased Scab back, "I hear a slight tone of jealousy." But as soon as the comment was said out loud, Aleu gasped with embarrassment. She hadn't meant for that to be anything but a passing mental remark. Yet, her embarrassment faded when all the Jokerz laughed out loud - though Scab seemed a little annoyed, while Coe just blushed.

As the minutes passed, and the laughter subsided, Aleu realized the T's were missing in action, "I am just going to assume that you guys just . . . saved me?" Though she hoped she understood why Coe saved her, she was more than baffled as to why the rest of them would come to her rescue. But Scab walked up to her and explained, with a grin, "You're Coe’s girl and we just couldn’t have the only chick to like Coe get beat up! Besides it served our purpose - we hate the T’s, so any excuse to beat them down is just a bonus." Both Aleu and Coe stood beside one another, blushing feverishly at the obviousness of their mutual crush.

The Jokerz got back on their bikes and she thought they were just going to leave, but instead they sat there looking at back her. After a moment of silence, one of the Jokerz close to her spoke up, "Uh, you coming?" Aleu practically felt her mouth hang open; she couldn’t believe it, the Jokerz actually wanted her to hang out with them even though she wasn’t a part of their gang. Though she had to admit that she was kind of afraid to know what the Jokerz did for fun besides bully innocent people for money. But then again, she couldn’t walk away from a chance to be with Coe, and so she went with them. Hopping onto Coe’s bike, and shyly placing meek hands around his stomach, Scab laughed again, shaking his head, "Welcome to the Jokerz girl!"

With engines roaring, they were off, and down the street. It didn't take long for them to be back into the better side of the city. Passing down street to street - and people - she didn’t care who saw her because she was actually having a blast! She was with Coe like she wished for so adamentally (and all it took was a blow to the head!) She giggled and relaxed a little bit, taking in his intoxicating scent. This was the perfect day, and on Valentine's Day, too. Who knew what they were going to do, but she knew whatever it was, it'd be fun because Coe would be right there having fun with her.

Who would have thought a clown could make her heart sing.


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Artist:Crimson Ninja Ai

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Artist:Sugared Twig

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Artist:The Aidsfaerie

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Artist: Addison Rose

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Artist:The Astral Plane

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Artist: elementcrystal

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Artist: Sweet Little Abbeh

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Artist: Misuzu Kagamine

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Artist: Dinlos

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Artist:addison rose

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Artist:Hitomi Akane

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Artist: PicFixer

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Artist: -miwako-saphire-

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Artist biggrin oki Domo

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Artist:Suun Sha

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Artist:Shattering Skies

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Artist: Revenge Request

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Artist razz rince-Malice

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Artist mad XxFai-kuns_Chii-chanxXx

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Artist:Fade Mistress

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Artist:Saint Petunia

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    She's fun, and I totally dig her tattoo. Her and I are also the same nationality essentially. XD <3

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    Journals have been switch

    comment LilDayDreamer · Community Member · Wed Jan 11, 2012 @ 05:20am
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