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(Missing black cat ears and tail. Image from Photobucket)

Flash, Flash, Car Crash we're no fixtures
Quick, now, Quick take our picture!

Age: 121 ( looks 18 )
Race: Firecat Demon
Bio: Her memories had been locked away to seal her demon side away. All her memories had been replace with false ones to lead her to believe that she had killed her whole family as a child and only her twin brother had survived. She had still known that her, her brother, and two of her cousins were the embodiments of the elements and that if any one of them were killed the world would lose that element and would be thrown into chaos.

We can't remember the seasons. We chant in the manmade snow.
We can't recall the feelings that we cannot show

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(Image from Photobucket)

Like an angel with two broken wings,
Reach the sky again

Age: 18
Race: Nephilim
Bio: She was in foster care all her life until she turned 18 and her angelic powers were awakened. When she was attacked by the Powers she was saved by a fallen angel who took her to find a place that was save from the Powers who were sent to destory all Fallen and their children.

Like a devil, meant for better things,
I will find my place on high.

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(Image from Photobucket.)

You love me but you don't know who I am
I'm torn between this life I lead and where I stand

Age: 121 ( looks 18 )
Race: Waterdog
Bio: He acts more of a guardian to Miyuki more than her twin brother. Despite her constant objection he is always there watching her.
(He is only used if Miyuki is in the roleplay)

And you love me but you don't know who I am
So let me go/Let me go

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(I actually drew this picture)

Fallen angels at my feet
Whispered voices at my ear
Death before my eyes
Lying next to me I fear

Age: 17
Race: Human Mage
Bio: She's a mage that uses the spirit dragons to help her control her magic. Each dragon controls a different element. The earth dragon is in the bottom left corner. The light and shadow dragon are always together. The water dragon is in front of her arm. The fire dragon's by her head. And the air dragon is resting on her head. Each dragon has something different(not including the color) but you just can't see the air dragon's wings.

She beckons me/Shall I give in
Upon my end shall I begin
Forsaken all I've fallen for
I rise to meet the end

User Image(Obviously from tektek)

This night as only just begun
If there's discretion that you've not abandoned now's the time

Age: 14
Race: Weirn
Bio: Alcina was raised by her aunt to teach her how to use her withc powers. One of her spells had backfired and blinded her when she was 6. She trained her astral to act as her eyes and they have a strong connection making her astral powers at a high level for her age.

We'll burn to best the morning's son
Go grab your bag I'll bring the gun

Miyako, Miyoko, and Gabriel coming soon.
because someone was being a douche about things