[Vulpixis has teamed up with Safiri, Ray, and Eenie in the battle against Darkness, and now the new threat inside the Growth of Oaths. Eenie has teleported them back up to the lake of the tree... however, in the few minutes that they were away, the lake has frozen over... the instigator? ...]
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(Vulpixis - Safiri - Ray - Eenie)
-Growth of Oaths(Lake).-
[The four are overlooking the frozen lake...]
Eenie: [Flying just above the ground, she drops her wand in horror and gasps.] Oh no!! Not the sacred water of our tree... No no no!
Safiri: This happened while we were away!?
Vulpixis: ...Smells like the work of that little creep, Daniel.
Daniel: Bingo! We have a winner! Heheheh! [He appears on the frozen lake from a dark corridor.]
Vulpixis: ...[Shakes his head.] You have fun using those things, don't you? Whatever, 'doesn't matter. 'Point is, you froze the lake.
Daniel: That's right, dimwit. I froze the lake. This thing's already dead. With that monster in here, there's no avoiding it. You guys are screwed! Ahahaha!
Safiri: [Growls.] And you expect us to sit by and watch you freeze our home!? You sick thing!
Daniel: ...Now now, calm down Safiri... [Smirks and closes his eyes.] Whether you want to sit by and watch us rule your world or fight is totally up to you. Buuut, if I were you, I'd sit this one out.
Ray: We'll, you're not us. So deal with it! We're fighting! [His tail becomes blade-like.]
Safiri: And we're taking it all back! Our home, our Ancient Growth, our Light! [She prepares herself.]
Vulpixis: It's been short. Too bad, I was getting into this...
Daniel: ...Tsk, tsk, tsk... I feel sorry for you guys already... Now!!
[Instantaneously after the word is shouted, two dark corridors appear at Daniel's sides. In addition, two Nightmares for each corridor appear. From the two corridors, Al and Lythrie appear.]
Safiri: Huh!? [Raises her head in surprise at this.] You're kidding me...
Daniel: Not at all, dimwits! You asked for this, so here it is! Heeeere's Darkness!
[Everyone prepares for battle...]

-E n d i n g.-
Short. Short. Short.