Q: Why do you have your Nickname with your Middle name?
A: I like my Nickname and Middle name the way it is.

Q: Do you ever use coding from a layout site for your Gaia page?
A: Well know because then I would have to edit it.

Q: Do you wear any makeup to take pics of yourself?
A: Well know but I do wear makeup in real life, you just can't see it very good.

Q: Are you 18 right now or it's just me?
A: No I am 16 years old, you maybe haven't seen me in person

Q: Do you love Hello Kitty, Gloomy Bear, or Domo?
A: Yes I love them all, Iove Hello Kitty because she is cute.

Q: Can I have your phone number?
A: No because I am getting a cell next year (2010) so I'll lend you my number in (2010).

Q: Do you have your own Journal you can write in if your bored?
A: Yes, but I like to mwrite poems but I shall express my life. :3

Q: Could I meet you in real life with your friends.
A: Sure but I have to know you very well for that to happen.