[Chris, having reverted into his Safan form, has run into a few former friends and a couple new faces. Amen has warned him and the others that a "monster" is attacking Oathville. Although Vulpixis, present at the time, wishes to capture this monster, who is supposedly BlackMatter, he gathers information that the Eclipses are in danger. He feels it is his duty to rescue them from a foe he is yet to face: Darkness.]
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-Ancient Growth Forest.-
[Vulpixis has made adequate time. He has arrived at the site of the frozen Ancient Growth.]
Vulpixis: [Raises his head at the sight of the frigid tree.] What's this thing? ...Is this that Ancient Growth? [He steps forward... then realizes that he is on the edge of a small frozen moat. He quickly hops back.] Water! And cold water! Wonderful! Dammit. [Looks back...] Well, at least this place isn't has annoying as the Amazon. All those tigers and crocodiles and blahbity blahbity blah... [Returns his gaze to the tree.] Now, how am I gonna deal with this thing...?
???: [From the white of the storm.[ I think I can help you with that...
Vulpixis: [Without even flinching.] That'd be great, but I kinda have to see you if you're gonna be a help.
Daniel: Funny guy... [He makes himself visible, using his own sorcery to cause the blizzard to disperse a bit. He is behind Vulpixis, who turns around.] I haven't ever seen your face around. Who are you?
Vulpixis: Vulpixis. I'm a Believer of Reality, son of Sacreda, the third Believer.
Daniel: A Believer? I thought Chris was the only one...
Vulpixis: You know Chris? I just ran into him a bit ago... 'Feels like everyone's been hiding in Fantasy.
Daniel: If you're a Believer like him, it would make sense... [Approaches Vulpixis.] I can make a connection between you and him: you both look like you belong to Darkness. And at a time, Chris did.
Vulpixis: Maybe you just figured out one of the relations each of us have... Impressive, but... You said you could help me... Daniel?
Daniel: Before I do that, I gotta ask, how the hell do you know my name?
Vulpixis: [Chuckles.] Fun little ability. If someone knows my name, I know theirs. Cool, huh?
Daniel: Not too shabby. But you don't know I'm a Shade of Naught, do you?
Vulpixis: So you're Darkness. Then why would you want to help me?
Daniel: 'Thought you were Darkness also. But you're a Believer. Doesn't change much. I'll let this one slide... I take it you're trying to catch up with the Eclipses?
Vulpixis: Right you are. Where are they?
Daniel: Probably inside the thing. I can lend you a paw if ya need.
Vulpixis: Wonderful.
[Daniel asks Vulpixis to come closer, which he does. The Shade conjures a small dark corridor for the two of them to enter. Their destination: inside the Ancient Growth.]
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(Vulpixis - Daniel)


-Growth of Oaths.-
[The interior of the Ancient Growth is stunning. Inside of the tree is practically another forest. Trees are growing from the ground and the walls. Root-like structures are strewn about the interior. All would be well if it were not for the cold outside. Icy crystals tower over some of the trees. Normally, there would be an astral, green glow about the trees roots, but they are concealed by the white atmosphere of the cold.]
Vulpixis: Check this place out... Never would've expected it.
Daniel: Sucks that I had to freeze it over, but hey. We need to energize this place for use of Darkness.
Vulpixis: 'Course you do... Where're we headed?
Daniel: Sorry, can't tell you anymore! All I was gonna do was lead you in here! [Leaps ahead of Vulpixis, still facing him.] Too bad Oaneses and a crappy job today! I'll take his spot!
[With Vulpixis cornered against a wall, six Safan Nightmares, three on each side of Daniel, gather and surround the Believer.]
Vulpixis: Oh, fantastic. Why didn't I see this coming?
Daniel: Haha! How could you, dimwit!? We're Darkness!
Vulpixis: Tch... [Prepares himself... He then notices a few shadows swerving through the whitish atmosphere.] Huh...?
Daniel: [Closes in with his Nightmares.] 'Nough stalling. Let's go!
[Just before the Nightmares jump at Vulpixis, a flurry of shadows devour each and every one of them, leaving only Daniel... He quickly scans back and forth.] What the--!? [Looks at Vulpixis.] Was that you!?
Vulpixis: [Looking just above Daniel. He splays his ears.] Um... Daniel...?
Daniel: What-what!? [Turns around. Before he can look up, a blackish drop of putrid liquid drops to his head... It is then that he looks up.] ...What... is that?
Vulpixis: Ugly.

~BlackParasite~ [The creature is a demon of Hellspawned. It looks as if it were a creation of BlackMatter, being a giant, parasitic horror. It possesses six tentacles with extremely sharp tips for impalement and another disgusting ability. It is able to inject a venomous fluid into others plants, bringing them to life as deadly as the parasite itself. It has no effect on anything else but plant-life. It's mouth is a cavernous maw of razor sharp teeth, serrated like blades. The demon is a goliath compared to the Safan and the Pokémon.]

[The hideous creature roars at the two, spitting the horrid slobber as it does.]
Daniel: [Backs up to Vulpixis. He looks back.] Sorry, you're on your own again! [Daniel vanishes in a dark corridor, leaving the Pokémon on his own.]
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Vulpixis: Lovely. Alright, bug, get back!! [He blows a steady stream of fire at the demon, causing it to wince and back up. Eventually, however, the demon begins resiting the fire and slowly advances back on Vulpixis.] (Dammit! This isn't working! This thing must be okay with fire...) [He ceases the attack.] Forget you! I don't have the time!
[Just narrowly avoiding a strike from one of its tentacles, Vulpixis dashes for safety. He heads deep into the tree without knowing it. The parasite does not follow. Instead, it roars, and strikes the ground of the Ancient Growth with so much force that it pierces the ground. It begins injecting the venom into the giant tree...]
[Vulpixis, now on his own and left alone, can only search for the Eclipses. He doesn't even know who they are or what they look like, yet he still feels a strange new feeling: as if he had met them before, as if he knew them from somewhere once. Additionally, another sensation is beginning to overcome him. That is the Ecliptic Pull.]
Vulpixis: [Walking slowly.] ...Good grief... I feel... heavy... Is something outside happening to the tree? Or is that just... just me? Ugh, rhymes... [Walks even slower...]
[Eventually, the mystic weight of the Ecliptic Pull overwhelms Vulpixis.]
Vulpixis: [He is now climbing the root-like ramps inside the tree... or was. Vulpixis lays with his legs spread, completely halted. He groans.] Ugggghhh, wonderful... [A quick flash of light envelops his body. Within less then a second, he becomes a Safan.]

~Vulpixis(Safan)~ [Vulpixis is a Safan fox, obviously. His fur color remains the same. His size grows a bit, equal to Safiri's or Daniel's. In fact, he looks extremely similar to Chris' Safan state.]

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Vulpixis: [He stands, not too shaken by his transformation. He does, however, look back at his changes.] So, I'm one of those Safan dudes now? Wonderful... Not a very extreme change, if anything. [He inhales, and exhales, releasing very little fire.] Hm... Better get used to this... [He continues as if nothing had happened.]
[Meanwhile, higher in the Ancient Growth...]
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(Safiri - Ray - Eenie)
-Growth of Oaths(Lake).-
[There is but a tiny edge of land which the three are upon. However, they are standing near the water's edge due to foes of Darkness forcing them back. Those foes are Monsoona, Lythrie, and a few Nightmares.]
Safiri: [Backing up on foot.] D-darn it... I wish I knew how to fight as a bird.
Ray: [Doing the same.] You can't change us back now, Eenie?
Eenie: [In the middle of the group, floating inches from the ground.] Hey, will you two hold on!? ...[She closes her eyes.]
Lythrie: Finally, this is the true definition of a "fairy" ...I have been on Soren for far too long. [Approaches.]
Monsoona: Now now, you shall make for an excellent addition to Darkness, little Safan. [She conjures three bubbles by raising an arm. They rise from the lake behind the three... then suddenly fall back in... as Monsoona does to her hands and knees.] Urk--...Ermmm...
Lythrie: [Turns back to her ally.] Monsoona!? How long have you been on Safa!?
Monsoona: Ah--Hmhmm, q-quite a while actually... yes, yes...
Lythrie: Ugh, that stupid Ecliptic Pull! We'll be sure to rid the thing once we rule this world. Come on, let's get you off this accursed planet. [She walks back to Monsoona, grabs her arm, and conjures a dark corridor for the two of them... they RTC.]
Safiri: [Eases up.] Hmm... The Ecliptic Pull saves us.
Eenie: What!? [Opens her eyes in realization. Before anything can be prevented, the three of the vanish in a poof of cloudy, sparkling dust.]
[Back in the lower section of the Growth of Oaths.]
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-Growth of Oaths.-
Vulpixis: [He has sped his pace up, now running across narrow bridges of vines the tower high above pools of ice water. With very well trained reflexes, he leaps and rolls over and under each obstacle he comes to. He comes across a few frost walls, which he disposes of with his pyro-anatomy abilities. Finally, he decides he has come far enough and takes a quick break to catch his breath.] Ah, wow... fun place.
[After a few seconds, something he cannot possibly expect occurs a few feet from his face.]
[Safiri, Ray, and Eenie appear in the same cloud of sparkles they had vanished in. Safiri and Ray have been restored to their normal forms. Eenie had been casting two spells in the form of one.]
Vulpixis: [Startled, but doesn't really reveal it. He watches the three.] ...?
Safiri: [She looks at herself, and then at Ray.] Hey, we're back to normal!
Ray: Would you look at that!
Eenie: Teehee~! [Stands on Safiri's head, proud of herself.] You're welcome~!
Ray: But... weren't we supposed to be at the lake?
Eenie: ...[Grumbles.] Well, we would've stayed if someone would've said something sooner about Darkness retreating!
Safiri: It's okay! Let's just go back--... [Stares at Vulpixis.] Back... up...? [She approaches the unfamiliar Safan as Eenie flies off of her head, walks around him a few times, and then sniffs at his neck.]
Vulpixis: [Still.] Hi there. (Is she... like... a plant?)
Safiri: [She backs up a bit and sits down in front of Vulpixis.] ...You're not Chris... [Tilts her head.] You look like him as a Safan though.
Ray: [Walks up to Safiri with Eenie now flying by his side.] Who are you...?
Vulpixis: I'm Vulpixis... And you three are...?
Safiri: My name's Safiri, this is Ray, and that's Eenie.
Vulpixis: [Nods.] Sure. I take it you're like... lost?
Eenie: Nope! We're trying to save the Ancient Growth~! Hehe~! [She flies around Vulpixis, then sits on his head.] You're new, I haven't seen you, Mr. Vulpixis.
Vulpixis: I'm not surprised... [Flattens his ears...] Who's your enemy?
Safiri: That would be Darkness! No offense, but... you almost look like Darkness.
Vulpixis: None taken... that's what a "dimwit" named Daniel called me. He lured me inside this tree saying that he could help find the Eclipses, but it was a trap.
Ray: ...You're looking for the Eclipses?
Safiri: Well look no further! Here we are!
Vulpixis: [Without enthusiasm.] Hooray. ...Seriously, hooray. Wow. I thought you three looked a little interesting.
Safiri: So! What'cha need us for, Vulpixis?
Vulpixis: I gotta protect you guys... (...And... And I want to... What's this feeling, like... mushy feeling? I don't even know them! What's going on here!?) And... erm... W-well, it's what Chris wanted.
Ray: Hey, you know Chris! So that makes us friends already!
Vulpixis: Sweet... So, um, can we go far away from here?
Eenie: Why's that, Mr.?
Vulpixis: ...See, let's just say--[The parasite roars from a distance.] ...Lovely.
Safiri: What was that!?
Ray: Is it Darkness!?
Vulpixis: Don't think so. It's the thing Daniel fled from. I'd be more concerned about that than Darkness... I tried fighting it, but there's no way. It has to be in league with BlackMatter... I'll tell you guys everything, let's just hurry up and get outta here.
Eenie: Eek~!! Will do~! [She waves her wand around. The four disappear in the same poof...]

-E n d i n g.-
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