[Fourth has plunged into the white abyss of the Ancient Growth Forest after an alarmingly sudden blackout. Strange messages during temporary blackouts are left undecipherable at the moment.]
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-Ancient Growth Forest.-
[A figure falls into the icy waters surrounding the Ancient Growth...]
[The shock of the cold water wakes this figure up. He scrambles to the surface...]
[He emerges from the water, and swims to land.]

~Chris(Safan)~ [Introduced as a fox Safan in Ethereal Cross 1. His fur is dark gray, aside from his chest, which is white. His appearance, to a Safan, is as if he had remained alive and aged four years like everybody else. His hair is brown and relatively short. It falls over one of his eyes in the front. His eyes are dark teal.]

[Chris climbs out of the freezing water.]
Chris: Whaa!! Cold cold cold cold!!! [He shakes the water off of himself vigorously. After that, he stands in place, shivering.] What was that about!? [Looks up.] Wasn't I just flying!? How did I get down here!? [Looks down at the ground, and then at his paws.] And how the hell did I become a Safan!? Agh! How stupid of me! Stupid to think that when something finally becomes almost organized, it'll just stay that way! Of freaking course I have to go off track again!! THIS IS SO FRIGG'N ANNOYING, DAMMIT!! [Spreads all four legs out, falling fast first in the snow on purpose.] ... [He groans.]
Chris: [He lifts his head slightly, his nose covered in snow.] How is this even possible...? I'm Fourth... My other body, or bodies, shouldn't exist anymore... Why doesn't anything ever make sense...? [He stands and looks up again.] Maintenance, my foot. ...Well, I might as well return to Oathville, seeing as I'm completely useless now. Grand. [He begins walking from the site of the Ancient Growth.] That, or I'll just freeze to death. I guess I should be thankful for the fur...
[After a few minutes of walking through the forest, Chris spots a strange looking figure. Yet... it is familiar to his eyes. The figure is turned around.]
Chris: [Steps forward, a fore-paw raised from the ground.] Hey... Is that... me?
???: ...[Facing the other way still...]
Chris: [Drops his paw, calling out to the figure.] Hey! What's the deal!? You stole my body!? Why'd you do that!? That's cheating.
???: [Turns his head halfway.] ...Who are you, Safan?
Chris: I don't need to tell you!
???: [Turns all the way around.] ...No... you seem like someone I would know.
Chris: Just tell me why you have my body!
???: [Approaches.] Your body...? I am not a Safan.
Chris: Yeah, I can see that... Ugh... who the heck are you!?
???: ...I am... from Reality.
Chris: ...Wh-What?
???: ...[He scans the area.] ...And so is Hellspawned... You are of no use to me. [He turns around, starting off in the opposite direction.]
Chris: Wait!
???: [Stops...]
Chris: ...You didn't steal my body... Are you a... Perfect?

~Vincefourth~ [Hellspawned Perfect. Secondary Form of Vince. Use profile for physical reference.]

Vincefourth: ...That would be right. But, you knowing that... only raises more questions... [He begins again...]
Chris: (...This guy is weird... and suspicious. 'Better be careful here.)
Vincefourth: BlackMatter... This will be news to him. [He begins floating in the air, flight orbs lit up. Within seconds, he vanishes into the white blizzard...]
Chris: ...Okay... I'm outta here. [He runs off in another direction, hoping to avoid any more trouble...
[A few minutes later, Chris comes to a small cave. There is a fire already burning in the center of the ground. Around it are Vulpixis, Eden, and Nightfall.]
Vulpixis: [Stands, shocked.] Someone's here!
Eden: [Stands as well.] Hm?
Nightfall: [Remains seated.] It's just a Safan...
Chris: ...[Ears flat.] (More new people...) ...What... is... going... on...?
Eden: ...Well... [Sits back down, warming his hands.]
Vulpixis: [Glances at Chris and then back to the fire.] It's a long story, so you might want to make yourself cozy. C'mere, you look like a Safan popsicle.
Chris: [He nods, walking over to the three. They make room for him, and he sits close to the fire...] Thanks... So, who're you guys? I'm running into countless new faces now.
Nightfall: We're just victims of those devils... Vincefourth and BlackMatter.
Vulpixis: I'm Vulpixis, this is Nightfall, and that's Eden.
Chris: (Those names... all five of them... Hm... ) Gotcha. ...So, what's happening here?
Eden: Well, I hate to say it, but your world's being attacked by Vincefourth and BlackMatter...
Chris: (My world...?) Who are those two?
Vulpixis: BlackMatter is this horrible... thing... that appeared in Reality on the moment of 2012. It's been going around killing people, asking for the whereabouts of the Saviors.
Chris: Wait, Reality!?
Nightfall: Yep. Vincefourth is the one responsible for breaking the gateway of Reality and Fantasy. There's not much to say about him, because we all know so little.... Um, he's crazy.
Chris: ...[Jaw dropped...] ...
Eden: We can't find the guy though... He's slippery as ********.
Vulpixis: Hey, you okay? You've been sitting there looking surprised for a while.
Nightfall: I can't say I blame him. His world his kinda screwed unless we do something about it.
Chris: [Shakes his head.] ... I ran into someone named Vincefourth earlier. He's... creepy.
Nightfall: You actually saw him!? Where was he!?
Chris: Standing in plain view one moment, asked me a couple questions, and then just left...
Vulpixis: ...What'd he ask you?
Chris: Who I was. I refused to tell him because I don't think me telling people my name is very safe anymore.
Eden: ...Would you trust us?
Chris: (Yeah, they don't seem bad.) I guess I can...
Nightfall: ...Well then...? Your name?
Chris: [He splays his ears and turns away.] ...Um... Chris.
[All three of them stand at once.]
Vulpixis: Ah-ha!!
Eden: You were still alive!!
Nightfal: Great!! Now we have you to worry about!
Chris: Wh-whoa!! [Steps back a bit, ears still flattened.] What's that for!?
Eden: Don't recognize us!?
Chris: ...Your voices kinda seemed familiar... S-Saviors...?
Eden: ...Nico...
Nightfall: And Alex...
Vulpixis: And Vulpixis, fourth Believer.
Chris: ...[Whines.] Waah... I don't like this...
[At this moment, Amen rushes into the cave, suspecting someone inside.]
Amen: [Staff drawn.] I thought this place would be occupied! [Looks at Nightfall and Eden.] Nightfall! Eden! By the gods, you are well!
Nightfall & Eden: Amen!?
Amen: Indeed, it is I. There is trouble at Oathville! I came in search of Chris and the others, but... what an awkwardly pleasant surprise.
Nightfall: Wait, you know Chris is back!? Well he's right here! [Points at Chris.]
Amen: [Turns his head to the frightened Safan.] ...Ah. I see...
Chris: Amen! I blacked out and became a Safan again! And now Safiri, Ray, and Eenie are probably fighting the Shades in the Ancient Growth! I think Safiri and Ray are still birds! Eenie might've changed them back! Crap! I gotta help someone!!
[The four stare at Chris...]
Amen: It would seem there is much explaining to do.
Eden: As always.
Nightfall: ...Wait... Chris isn't bad anymore?
Chris: Darkness is going crazy. All that's behind me.
Amen: Everyone, please! This sickly monster has invaded Oathville!
Vulpixis: Sounds like BlackMatter... [Turns to the Saviors.] How 'bout we drive 'em out?
Eden: Okay. We're right behind you, Amen.
Chris: Wait! ...That leaves the Eclipses in dire danger.
Vulpixis: ...Eclipses... Okay, I'll help them! You four head back to that Oathville place!
Amen: Understood. Come along, then!! [He gestures for Eden, Nightfall, and Chris to follow him. They do so, leaving the cave to Vulpixis.]
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Vulpixis: ... Okay. Ancient Growth. Safiri and Ray. 'Think I can remember that... Maybe the Ancient Growth's that giant frozen tree thing. I bet I could thaw it out... Yeah, I'll give that a shot. [Vulpixis nods to himself and leaves the cave...]

--E n d i n g--
It's always gotta happen. My characters are getting kinda tired of it, but it's ALWAYS gotta happen. xD Something always goes awry, because someone gets in the way. Don't worry though. Chris won't be taken to some random world. He'll still be on track with the story.