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(Fourth - Safiri - Ray)
Fourth: Danny... Heh... could've at least told us what his Darkness' plans were...
Safiri: [She turns her attention to the Ancient Growth...] I have a feeling Darkness is up there... [Looks up into the white sky.]
Ray: But... how do we get up? I'm no good at climbing frozen trees...
Safiri: Wait, Chris, you can fly now.
Fourth: But I don't want to just leave you two here... Darkness may take advantage of that.
[The three think of a way to tackle the situation... with all of them present in the same spot.]
Ray: Maybe Chris could carry one of us up--no, that'd leave one behind...
Safiri: What about taking us up in one of those force-field things?
Fourth: I see where you're getting at... Let me try this out... [He forms a bubble around himself and walks forward a bit, running into the wall of his own shield. His face is smudged against it...] Ope, yep. [The shield vanishes. Fourth nearly falls face first into the snow.] Shoot... Well, there's a lot of finesse behind that...
Ray: What'cha mean?
Fourth: ...Let's see... So, I'd have to activate the flight thingies... and the shield doesn't move with me, so I'd have to unsummon and summon it so fast that it would appear to be moving while I'm flying up... and that puts you two at serious risk.
Safiri: That... sounds tough. Yeah, how about we not do that then?
Ray: Well sheesh, now we're in a pickle.
Fourth: [Scratches the back of his head.] (Maybe we should try to find Slianna instead...)
Ray: 'You think Daniel left us a clue?
Safiri: Doesn't look like... *Sighs...* This stinks.
???: [Echoing throughout the forest.] Aww, don't say that! You've come far, endured harsh conditions, and most importantly, drove all those horrible pitch black things away! Hehe~!
Fourth: Wonderful. Random voices. (Is something on my shoulder?) *Checks his shoulder.*
Ray: Who's there!? Are you invisible!?
???: Invisible? What a bunch of smarties! Hehehe~! [Appears on Fourth's shoulder, sitting down.]

~Eenie~ [An energetic Safan hamster fairy. Her fur is light scarlet up top, and rosy pink below her head. She stands upright, and does not appear very round-like when she does so. Eenie wears a tiny red pixie dress, has the same type of wing, and carries around a small wand. Her hair is light blonde.]

Fourth: [Looks at Eenie.] Hello...?
Safiri: Whoa!! [Runs at Fourth, staring at Eenie.] An Ancient Growth Fairy! I thought you were just in the legends!
Ray: ...This is kinda incredible. I didn't... really believe any of you existed.
Eenie: Never have doubt, silly squirrel! Teehee~! [She leaps off Fourth and flies around.]
Fourth: I've never even heard of Ancient Growth Fairies... But, it's pretty easy to assume they've basically never been found.
Eenie: Hehe~! So true! We play a mean game of hide 'n seek, you know? [She lands on Fourth's shoulder, sitting down again.] Sooo, my name's Eenie! Nice to meet you, Safiri and Ray!
Safiri: You know our names!?
Eenie: Teehee, of course! You two are Eclipses, how could I not know you when we live so close to your home? [Giggles with a paw covering her mouth. She turns to Fourth.] But... Sorry, to say, I don't know you, Mr.
Fourth: Well... I'm Fourth. My real name, though, is Chris.
Eenie: Splendid to meet you, Mr. Chris! Now! I overheard your little problems and I wanna help out!
Ray: You can help us climb the tree?
Eenie: Sure can! Hehehe~! It just takes a little magic! [She spreads her tiny arms out into the air with these words. Sparkles fly from her as she says this.] That pesky, unwelcome Darkness is giving me a headache! This madness has to stop, and I'm certain you're the ones cut out for the job! Yes? No? Yes? No? Yes! Of course! Hehe~!
Safiri: This is perfect, then. Thanks, Eenie. We so owe you for this.
Eenie: Hehe, it's the forest you're saving! That's enough for us! ...Okay, here's the catch. I can't teleport you up there in a jiffy. If I could, I totally would. It's a rule we forest fairies can't break, or else we lose the title of being a fairy! Eek!! Though, that makes me feel plain selfish... So here's a little trick for you two! [She stands at Fourth's shoulder and waves her wand around, sparkles following behind it.] Eenie's my name! Meenie Minie Mo's my game! [After these words, she points the wand at Safiri and Ray. The beam of sparkles hits both of them.]
Safiri: Wh-wha...? [Looks down at herself.] What's happening?
Ray: [Does the same.] I feel funny... Kinda light, actually.
[The two, almost in a blink of an eye, transform into different birds...]

~Safiri(Dove)~ [Safiri has been turned into a dove by Eenie. She no longer possesses plan-like traits, or at least, not in this state. Her hairstyle hasn't changed, but the color is light brown again. Her feathers are light orange at the wings, and white at the tail.]

~Ray(Sparrow)~ [Ray has been turned into a sparrow by Eenie. He, also, no longer is part plant. Like Safiri, his hair shape remains the same, while the color of it is dark brown again. His feathers are light brown at the wings, and a bit darker brown at the tail.]

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(Fourth - Safiri - Ray - Eenie)
[The two are now tiny, equal to Eenie's size. They are standing in the snow, looking at each other.]
Safiri: ...Wh-wh-whoa...
Ray: ...We got birded... I think. THIS IS COOL! [Spreads his wings out.]
Fourth: Wow, everyone's tiny. The paradox about this is, now I can carry both of you while I fly... Heheh.
Safiri: Hahaha, nice, Chris!
Eenie: I guess that means you're okay then, Mr. Chris?
Chris: [Static...] Yes ma'am, but thank you for the offer.
Eenie: Of course! Oh! Safiri and Ray! I also gave you the knowledge of flight! It'll come naturally to you know! Normally, I wouldn't, but... Time is short!
Safiri: Cool! Thanks a bunch, Eenie!
Chris: [Static...] Fairy magic... It's so different from the magic I'm used to. It's interesting to see in in effect...
Fourth: [No more static...] Um... Is someone here?
Ray: I don't see anyone.
Safiri: We should hurry. Wouldn't want to stick around here for very long.
Eenie: Oh so true, my newly-feathered friends!
Fourth: ...Hm... Yeah. (What was that...? That's the second time I've felt that way...) [Eenie flies off Fourth, who jumps into the air an release his flight orbs from his body, which float suspended beneath his feet. They light up, and Fourth is now floating.]
Eenie: [Staring at Fourth.] Oh, you weren't kidding!
[Without further hesitation, the four take flight, easily ascending up the enormous tree. The Ancient Growth is so wide, wind currents are actually forced to rise at it. This makes flight for Safiri and Ray easier.]
-Ancient Growth of the Oaths.-
Safiri: Whee!! Haha! This is sooo cool!! [Twirls around a couple times.]
Ray: Wow, Chris! Is this really what it's like to fly!?
Fourth: It's an awesome feeling, huh?
Safiri: Oh my God, yes!!
Eenie: Hehe~! I love seeing your reactions! If only I could see people more often! Though, I can't just go turning everyone into birds! That's not good!
Fourth: It's not really bad either. [Chuckles.] So, Safiri. How high does this tree go?
Safiri: Super super very very mega high!
Ray: Legends say it rises up to 50,000 miles!
Fourth: Eh--[Stops ascending, floating at about a mile in the air already... He seems annoyed.] ...
[The other three return to him, curious as to why he stopped.]
Eenie: Well, we're not gonna get anywhere if you move at that pace, Mr. Chris.
Fourth: ...Neither are we at this pace... Safiri... Ray... [He gives them the "come here" motion with one finger. The two look at each other, then fly to him.] ... Eenie, hang on as tight as you possibly can...
Eenie: ...Where? Here? [Grabs on to one of Fourth's antennas.] ...Um, okay?
Fourth: Good enough. [He swipes Safiri and Ray tightly into each arm.]
Safiri: Oh!! [Blushes.] Ch-Chris!!
Ray: Whoa! Um... What'cha doin' there, man?
Fourth: This is the pace we need to be going at... (Fairy magic, say hello to my magic.) [The orbs beneath his feet become extremely intense. They begin shimmering with light... Fourth winks at Safiri.] Hang on! [Within a second, Fourth shoots straight up into the air at, literally, the speed of a bullet.]
Safiri, Ray, & Eenie: Whoooaaaaa!!!!
[As they ascend, they notice that the tree is no longer frozen at this point, leaving Fourth conflicted...]
Fourth: (But wait...) [He slows down a bit...] (The shark... He can't go any further than... Uh oh... I... think I got a little ahead of myself... What now...?)
[Fourth finally decides to stop.]
Safiri: [Dizzy.] ...Wh-whee...
Ray: [Dizzy.] ...Uh... Tweet... tweet.
Eenie: [Dizzy.] Holy moly! ... That was fast... speedy fast.
Fourth: You three, look at the Ancient Growth... Notice anything different? [Lets the three loose. Safiri flies to the massive tree with Ray close behind... The two observe it.]
Safiri: So, it's not frozen anymore. Does that mean we've gone too far?
Fourth: That's what I'm thinking. Maybe Darkness didn't go up the tree...
Ray: Where else would they go though?
Eenie: Ah! Well, there's a lake inside the tree lower beneath us!
Fourth: There's a lake inside the Ancient Growth!? How wide is this!?
Safiri: Heheh, wide enough to contain a lake!
Ray: Okay then... I think I know where we could go from here. We have to drop a couple miles to the point where the ice stops rising up the tree... This is a guess, 'cause I don't know how warm it gets inside the Ancient Growth, but the lake must be frozen, right?
Eenie: Ai yai yai... Not the precious Water of the World! They must be harnessing energy from inside the tree somehow! Well, I can take you down to the point where it begins thawing out, but... We'll see from there!
Safiri: Okay! [She flies back to Fourth. Eenie is standing on Fourth's shoulder again.] C'mon Ray!
Ray: [Staring at the Ancient Growth...] ...(...I have an awful feeling about this...) [He turns around, flying back to the three.]
Eenie: Don't blink! Eenie meenie minie go! [She waves her wand. The four literally poof in a cloud of magic dust and sparkles from their current location...
[They return to the frozen point of the tree. It is snowing lightly again... Thanks to the updraft, Safiri and Ray may stay airborne in one spot.]
Safiri: Here we are! Thank you, Eenie!
Eenie: Of coursie course! Now, I'm certain if we enter from here, it'll be hollow! About... a mile hollow too.
[As she finishes speaking, five dark corridors take shape around them. From each, and different type of bird Safan Nightmare appears. All but one... This one, which just so happens to be closest to the tree, releases an owl Safan.]

~Oaneses~ [Minion of Naught, owl Safan who seems to be an adult, but his exact age is unknown. His feathers are dark red and black all over his body. His face is gray with crimson eyes. His hair is long and black. It falls straight down his back.]

Oaneses: ...[Scottish accent.] Hello Light. Oaneses is the name.
Safiri: Oh great, more?
Ray: Darkness couldn't have grown this much.
Fourth: Okay. Out of the way, and no one gets hurt.
Oaneses: Oh, I'd not come to fight ye, laddie. I came to warn ye. ...Ye best be headin' back to yer Oathville, lads and lasses.
Safiri: What? Why? We've come all the way here!
Eenie: You're sooooo trying to trick us! Why else would you come with these... these...
Ray: Nightmares.
Oaneses: Ye're smarter than ye look, lassie. But, that not be the case. I come well prepared, Light. Our Overlord Naught tells us t' be on the watch for a terrible devil. Aye, a devil it be.
Fourth: Devil? The only devils that are here are Darkness...
Oaneses: Ye're not hearing me laddie... a devil. A hellspawn. Monsoona located such a devil on this world. On Safa!
Fourth: This is bologna... Seriously. [Shakes his head.]
Oaneses: Ah, fine then. Be that way! Do not say I didn't warn ye, Light! Come! [He vanishes, along with the other Nightmares, in a dark corridor, leaving the four heroes bewildered...]
Eenie: Now, what in the world was that!?
Ray: A really strange trick, 'you ask me.
Safiri: [Flies to Fourth.] Chris... what do you think?
Fourth: I'm not sure what to gatehr form it. I mean, devil? That sounds like... Naught! Who else would a "devil" be?
Safiri: But... he didn't even attack us. That Oaneses guy went out of his way to tell us, knowing we wouldn't believe it...
Fourth: Maybe they're tryign to confuse us, giving themselves more time to wrok in the shadows. Plus, how did he know to come here?
Ray: Monsoona must've told Daniel, who must've told Oaneses... Maybe they just always know where us Eclipses are... But devil? That soudns a bit over the line.
Chris: [Static...] You're right, it really does...
Safiri: Maybe... Maybe they meant something like... an enemy so cruel, even Darkness is fighting it.
Chris: [Static...] And it's on this world?
Safiri: It could be. That's scary though!
Chris: [Static...] Don't you three panic... I won't let anything hurt you guys...
...(1... 2... 3...)
Chris: [Heavy static...] Anything... at all...
...( ... 4 ...)...
Chris: Anything... [Full static. He blacks out...]
...(No! My creation! My Perfect! You must fight! Wh-Why!? Why is this happening!? Did he...? No! Impossible! The Creator could not have... ChrisFourth! Only one Perfect can exist per realm! I will allow you to maintain your poowers, but you must revert! You must! For the sake of your life! ...)...

--E n d i n g--
Uh oh!
What's happening now!?
(P.S. I like it when my characters change into different things. It appeals to me. x3 )