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[Safiri has finished telling Ray and Fourth the story of her recent tribulations.]
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(Fourth - Safiri - Ray)
-The Oathlands.-
[Safiri has grown her torn leg and tail tip back using her growth ability, one which coincides with her plan-like anatomy. In addition to that, she has used the hyper speed superpower to grow said body parts back even quicker. Now, she is fine, and is capable of standing up on her own, which she is doing.]
Ray: So, that's what happened then, huh?
Safiri: [Nods,lowering her head afterward.] Yeah, that's right... Darkness lured us into a trap... [Angered.] I should've been smart enough to know how they play!
Ray: Saf, how could you have known they were back? It's been years since we've seen the last of them...
Fourth: Danny... [Solemn.] ... Damn... (Why is Darkness after the Eclipses now? What the heck are they up to?) Safiri, don't worry about a thing. We'll see to it that Darkness is out of the picture in no time.
Safiri: [Looks up at Fourth and smiles, assured.] Chris... You don't know happy I am... To have you here again. I've been praying for you since I was thirteen.
Fourth: [Smiles back at her.] Hm... Seeing your faces, hearing your voices... It's what I will pray for every day of my life from now on. [Fourth strokes Safiri softly.] ...We have to find Slianna.
Ray: Poor Slianna, sheesh... I hope at least she's doing fine. Okay. [Looks to the Ancient Growth Forest with confidence.] How're you feeling, Saf?
Safiri: Grand and golden! [She stands beside Ray, looking in the same direction.]
Fourth: [Stands at Safiri's side, looking ahead.] Hang in there, Slianna... (And Daniel... Just you wait, little punk. You should've known not to mess with the Eclipses if you knew me in the past...)
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(Amen - Aren)
[Amen and Aren are visiting Dr. Maiwell. His laboratory is somewhat outside of the village, and much different a building than the rest. It has the appearance of an observatory.]

~Dr. Maiwell~ [An old, intelligent Koala Safan. His fur is gray below his waits, and grayish blue above. The fur at the top of his head is white, but he does not have any hair. He wears an average lab coat and eye eye glasses.]

[Dr. Maiwell is sitting at his table in the large guest room enjoying a cup of tea brewed from papaya leaves. Amen and Aren are at this table as well. Amen sips a cup of tea, while Aren kindly refused the doctor's offer.]
Dr. Maiwell: My, it is extraordinarily marvelous to see you again, Phaze Guardians! I simply cannot emphasize it enough!
Amen: Hmhm, though Darkness stands upon this world, it is a pleasure to see you all again.
Dr. Maiwell: Ah, Darkness... [Holds his cup to the table with both paws.] What a dilemma, I say. Those barbaric imbeciles are the instigators of all adversity upon this peaceful world.
Aren: D-Dr., do you think they caused the rainy weather h-here?
Dr. Maiwell: I am most certain. The probability of a storm lasting as long as it has been now is astronomical. Bah, one ridiculous plague after another, such as the sudden flooding of our home...
Amen: If Darkness is behind all of this, they are most likely after more than one thing upon this world...
Dr. Maiwell: To my best assumption, I would say they wish to harness the mystical energy of our beloved Ancient Growths... As for that secondary goal, I know not.
Amen: The Ancient Growths, why of course...
Aren: D-do you know where th-these Growths are, Amen?
Amen: Indeed. A westerly forest resides not too far beyond this village. Deep within, the Ancient Growth lives...
Dr. Maiwell: At very first, I assumed, though skeptical, this weather was natural... At the appearance of that wretched Shade, it became evident. Alas! Poor Safiri and Slianna did not know, yet they rushed to the protection of their home...
Amen: We heard from Ray... Hmhm, I believe he and Chris will rescue the two.
Dr. Maiwell: P-pardon me!? I say, what now!?
Aren: Chris c-came back all of a sudden.
Amen: With a purer resolve.
Dr. Maiwell: Oh, a joyous occasion to counter an ordeal! Our once misguided hero returns!
Amen: He has promised to remain with Light.
Dr. Maiwell: I have the utmost confidence in the young hero...
Amen: [Nods.] I do too. He should be very familiar this type of battle.
[Meanwhile, Safiri, Ray, and Fourth have reached the entrance to the Ancient Growth Forest.]
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(Fourth - Safiri - Ray)
-Ancient Growth Forest.-
[The forest hasn't changed much since Safiri last arrived. The only difference is that it has already started snowing at this point in the area.]
Fourth: [Holds a hand out, open. He catches a snowflake.] It... it's snowing, Saf. Didn't you say it started snowing deeper in the forest?
Safiri: Huh... I don't know what Daniel's doing, but... I don't like it at all.
Fourth: Danny's stuck to his old tricks huh? He needs to be a bit more creative than that.
Ray: Slianna got captured at the site of the Ancient Growth, right?
Safiri: That's right. Be careful, there's sure to be those... things around.
Fourth: The Nightmares?
Safiri: Is that what they're called? Cheery name... Well, let's watch out for those.
[They begin, starting off on the same note that Safiri and Slianna had taken before...]
Ray: Everything seems quiet... and cold... really... cold...
Fourth: Maybe we'll get lucky... So Safiri, what'd you say Darkness had planned with the Ancient Growth?
Safiri: I'm not totally sure, but they had the whole tree encased in ice... That's out of control! It takes the Dr.'s telescope just to see the top of it!
Fourth: Wellll... maybe they just had the base of it frozen? I don't like the thought any more than you do, but... I think they're trying to kill it.
Safiri: Ugh... Horrible... If the Ancient Growth were to die... then... time would stop in this region...
Fourth: Huh? Are you serious!?
Safiri: [Nods once.] ...Yes... The Ancient Growth's grow with our planet. If those stop, then... it's a cascade effect, really. Though, it's not just the lands that will freeze in time. We will...
Ray: Ergh, that's true... And I bet that's exactly what Darkness wants to happen...
Fourth: That's awful... But wait, that's a really powerful aftermath... Who does it effect?
Safiri: Safans born upon this world... So... [Raises her head, vexed.] Daniel... would be affected also.
Fourth: Danny's a Shade, there's no way Darkness would allow that... Maybe Darkness has a plan with the energy the tree lets go of when it dies.
Safiri: Whatever it is, it can't be any better than what it would normally do.
Fourth: Hmm... Agh... [Shakes his head.] They don't make sense anymore.
[As those words are spoken, Nightmares begin the assault. Two appear in front of the group, both Safans. At the same time, visibility begins dropping due to the snowfall. The two Nightmares immediately run at the group.]
Fourth: I rest my case! [Jumps in front of Ray and Safiri and throws both arms forward, blasting the foes away with an invisible beam of light. He looks back at the two.] Safiri! These things aren't too much of a pain! Just use those powers of yours! That's enough for them!]
Safiri: Okay! Can do!
[A few more Nightmares come running from the whiteness. These two are Aquans and advance from behind. Safiri takes charge of the situation from behind, stepping in front of Ray. She watches the speed of the Nightmares; not too fast. Then, she shoots forward at breakneck speed, using her body to spear through the Nightmares. The shape of her path is a triangle, starting and ending at the same point: in front of Ray. The two foes vanish.]
Safiri: Hey, that was easy!
Fourth: [Blasts two more Nightmares from a distance.] Easy, but sort of annoying! Let's keep on moving ahead, these things are coming from everywhere now!
[The two agree. The trio continue at a faster pace, encountering Nightmares along the way. The advantage Darkness has is basically contradictory: the whiteness of the blizzard. They cannot be seen, which entitles them to a perfect ambush. The trio outfights them at every turn, making some minor trip-ups along the way. The scenery of the forest becomes dimmer and dimmer until they meet the possibility of losing one another...]
Fourth: Safiri!? Ray!?
Safiri: Chris!? We're right here!
Fourth: Ah, thank God. Thought I lost you two. [He crouches down to their level. Fourth cannot see the tip of Ray's tail, and nothing of Safiri's tail at all.]
Ray: B-b-brrrrr!! This is c-crazy!
Fourth: Yeah, it is getting out of hand...
Safiri: [Shivering...] ...Ch-Chris, ... I'm c-c-cold... I...
Fourth: [Frowns...] You two... I forgot, you were still soaked from the rain...
Ray: [Shivering...] Will we... make it out in one piece?
Chris: [Static...] Of course we will... C'mere you two. [Holds his arms out for the two, offering a group hug to keep them warm.]
[The two take the hug, gathering closely together...]
Safiri: Chris... you are... my living refuge...
Chris: [Static...] ...That's right... I will watch over you like a guardian... a Phaze Guardian...
Fourth: [No more static...] ...Hm? ...What was that?
Safiri: Huh? [Looks at Chris.] What was what?
Ray: [Looks at Chris, confused.] More Nightmares?
Fourth: ...Hmm... I guess I was just imagining things...
[Nightmares, from the invisibility of five feet, surround the three.]
Fourth: Or apparently not! [Lets go of the two and throws his arms into the air, bring them down slowly. A shield is conjured at the motion of his arms descending. This shield falls around the three, but it does not last necessarily long. Fourth expands the shield using Aurax. It acts as a shockwave, destroying the enemies nearby.]
Safiri: Ch-Chris, it's... We have to keep moving, no matter how cold it is! I won't let that stop me!
Ray: Yeah... Yeah! Neither will I! Slianna's more important!
Fourth: Safiri... Ray... [He grins and nods.] Alright! [Having been facing them, he turns around, facing the heart of the forest. Fourth leads the way into the deepest part. The three stay close by each other...]
[They encounter no more Nightmares and the snow begins dying down to a point where they can actually visualize their surroundings, though the area extremely deep with snow... Finally, they come to the site of the frozen Ancient Growth, but something has changed... A frozen moat now surrounds the tree...]
Safiri: ...[Steps forward...] I don't remember this... [Looks up at the frozen Ancient Growth.] It's still frozen over, but... [Turns around, calling out to the two.] No, this is way different! Darkness must've--[Suddenly, the ice beneath her paws shatters. She falls into the freezing waters with a scream.]
[Ray and Fourth gasps and shoot forward to the edge of the ice.]
Fourth: Safiri!! [He jumps up, and slams down on the ice with more than enough force to break it. Fourth plunges into the icy waters. Sight below isn't too bad, but not too good. It is good enough for him to spot Safiri struggling to return to the surface... and another problem. A strange looking "shark" figure is swimming her way and fast.]

~Black Scale~ [Cross between a Safan and an Aquan. Eclipse Chimera {Abomination} and Shade of Naught. Use profile for physical reference.]

Black Scale: Again...
Fourth: !! [He lets the orbs beneath his feet phase out of his body. The light up. Fourth bursts forward without the use of his arms, which he uses to swipe Safiri from the strange shark's way. Fourth swerves upward, bursting from the surface of the water at high speed. He holds Safiri tightly, looking back down into the waters... When he decides it is safe, he returns to the snowy ground, releasing Safiri, who shakes off the water.]
Safiri: Ugh! As if I need any of that! Thanks Chris... that was... phew...
Ray: One close call after the next. [Nuzzles at Safiri's nose.] You should stop that.
Safiri: Heh... [Noses back at him.] I'll try not to get ahead of myself again.
Fourth: Who was that...? Was that a Safan?
Safiri: Who? [Looks at the water.] Was there someone else down there!?
Fourth: It looked like a shark...
Safiri: A shark? What's a shark doing here...? Could it even survive?
Ray: Maybe a Nightmare?
[Fourth looks ahead at the frozen tree... He spots the very same shark swimming up the tree through the ice...]
Fourth: (Ah-ha! I was right... But what's that shark doing...? Is it going to swim to the top of the tree? Fat chance.) Huh... Hey, what was that? [Turns around at the sound of soft steps in the snow. The other two do as well.]
Daniel: ...Heheh... Miss me, kiss me?
Safiri: [Blinks.] Uh, no and no!
Ray: Daniel! Where's Slianna! Give her back to us!
Daniel: Sorry, squirrel boy. That's not my department. My department is throwing large frozen snowballs at you. [He uses telekinesis, and the snow around him rises, shaping into spheres on their own. Daniel coats them with hardened ice. They fly at the trio.]
Fourth: [Hovering, he practically shifts in front of Safiri and Ray. Holding one arm out in front, he summons an Aurax wall-shield. Daniel halts the attack, curious...] It's good to see you too, Danny.
Daniel: 'The heck? Who're you supposed to be? ARE YOU A MUTANT!?
Fourth: ...[The shield vanishes, as do the orbs beneath his feet. He begins walking toward Daniel.]
Ray: [Whispers.] Safiri, what's he doing?
Safiri: [Whispers.] Remember, he knows Darkness... He and Daniel were once allies.
Fourth: How's it going, Danny?
Daniel: That's Daniel, dimwit. What're you trying to do, confuse me!? 'Cause... it's kinda working. I'll say it again, who're you supposed to be!?
Fourth: Oh, just a Phaze Guardian.
Daniel: Good enough for me. [He stomps on the ground with one fore-paw. A sharp pillar of ice throws Fourth into the air.]
Fourth: [In midair, he aims for Daniel, and fires a powerful Aurax Beam. It crashes down upon Daniel.]
Daniel: Ack!! [Blown face-first in the snow. He lays on his belly.] Owwww... [He quickly jumps to his feet.] UNcool!
Fourth: [Lands as quiet as a mouse behind Daniel. He crosses his arms, looking down at the Safan.] 'Sup?
Daniel: [His ears perk up. He spins around and looks up at Fourth.] You're messing with ME!? I'll show you!! No one messes with Dani--
Fourth: [Bends down and pets Daniel gently.] You haven't changed one bit, Danny...
Daniel: ...Stop calling me that... [Splays his ears...] And... stop petting me.
Fourth: You know you like it. [He kneels down to Daniel's level, continuing to pet him.]
Daniel: ... Shut up...
Fourth: You made me pretty angry, Danny. Kidnapping Slianna like that... You know, she's my friend too. Same with Safiri and Ray.
Daniel: ...[Begins noticing something familiar in Fourth.]
Fourth: Seems like I'm always with the Eclipses, huh? What can I say, I can't help that Connection. They're the nicest folks I've met, and you just have to bring them down... Tsk, tsk...
Daniel: ...[Remains silent...]
Fourth: I used to think you were nice, Danny. But that was years ago. Four years, to be exact.
Daniel: ...
Fourth: So, anyway, how's about you stop giving my good friends trouble, hm?
Daniel: ...Why'd you... have to come back now?
Fourth: ...[Sighs.]
Daniel: [He gives Fourth's face one lick before stepping back into a dark corridor conjured seconds before that. As he steps into it, he gives Fourth a sorrowful look.]
Fourth: [Stands all the way.] ...He figured it out.
Safiri: [Approaches Chris with Ray at her side.] ...You and Daniel cared for each other... didn't you...?
Fourth: We did... We were brothers... (Daniel didn't fight me... but Lea did. Yet, I didn't feel malice in that battle with her... Maybe there's something I'm overlooking. Maybe... they still care...?)

--To Be Continued...--
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