...Let's try this again.
(It screwed up last time...)
[Safiri and Slianna are in pursuit after a few shady figures. Those figures have escaped into the Ancient Growth Forest. The Safans follow them into the forest, unassuming of the dangers ahead. The forest's appearance is different in their eyes, much gloomier and obviously soaked. But there is a new weather challenge: the cold.]
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(Safiri - Slianna)

~Slianna~ [Slianna is a teenage boa constrictor Safan of about 5 feet in length, rather short. Her pattern consists of dark green zigzags, lighter green zigzags that follow that pattern, and a sky blueish color in between both patterns. Her hair is light brown. Upon her head is a light blue headband which matches the blue streaks in her pattern. Her eyes are that same color.]

-Ancient Growth Forest.-
Safiri: [They come to the entrance of the forest, a small clearing with fallen trees lying about in a disorderly manner.] Hm?
Slianna: Ah, drat! Did we lose 'em!?
Safiri: Looks like. What on Safa do they want here?
Slianna: If I had to guess, I'd say they're after the Ancient Growth... but... how would they harness its energy?
Safiri: Maybe they stole something from the Dr. that allows them to do so... Or...
Slianna: Or...? [Looks at Safiri with a worried expression...]
Safiri: ...N-no, never mind. It's ridiculous.
Slianna: No, it's okay to tell me who you think is causing this, 'cause... Well, if anyone would know, it'd have to be you, Saf.
Safiri: Really, it's nonsensical at most. There's a better chance that it's just a few thieves.
Slianna: [Tilts her head and frowns, uncertain about Safiri's words.] Well... okay... if you say so.
Safiri: Anyway, let's hurry! We can't let whoever it is mess around here!
[Without anymore thought, the two rush deeper into the forest, only to be greeted by a change in the weather. It begins snowing past a certain threshold in the forest. The biting cold begins to get the two.]
Slianna: [Shivers.] Br-rr... S-Saf? Is it me, or...?
Safiri: Nah, it's cold. Plenty cold enough for me to be freezing also... This really makes no sense at all anymore. I barely understand why it's been raining so much lately, but... this is out of the question entirely.
Slianna: I'm really beginning to think these are no ordinary thieves.
Safiri: ...But are they the ones behind this...?
[The two slow their pace a bit, moving over the now snow-covered forest. Snow rises in mounds up to 6 feet high. Icicles hang suspended from branches. The forest has been transformed, for the worse.]
Safiri: When did all of this happen...? Has it been here since the storm started?
Slianna: Wait a minute... I remember something like this...
Safiri: [Looks to Slianna.] You have? When did it happen?
Slianna: Drat, it happened long ago... in Reality.
Safiri: R-Reality!? You mean... Ethereal Cross?
Slianna: That's right. They said that the cold was unnatural. It's outta place here, too! This was caused by someone.
Safiri: ...I knew it... They're back...
Slianna: Who? Saf, who's back!?
[At this moment, the two hear a crack. One of the branches above can no longer support the weight of the icicles. It plummets to the ground, potentially startling the two. They are not in harm's way, but they are now back to back...]
[Silence... But it is broken after a few seconds. Puddles of pitch blackness becomes vivid in the white snow. The same color figures rise from these puddles. All four of them are shaped like Safans: two are deer, one is a penguin, and another is an alligator.]
Safiri: Darkness...
Slianna: [Gulps.] ...Why again...?
[The four Nightmares relentlessly strike at the two. They manage to avoid being dogpiled. For Safiri, avoiding attacks is the easiest thing to do with her "superpowers", which consist of hyper speed bursts and air manipulation. Slianna is a natural at avoiding danger due to her shape.]
Slianna: [Panicked.] Saf, what do we do!? How do we fight them!?
Safiri: Forget them! We have to hurry to the Ancient Growth! [Begins running off with Slianna following closely behind, not questioning her words.] Seeing as how these guys make an entrance, they're bound to pop up in more important places!
Slianna: Like Oathville!?
Safiri: [Gasps. She slows down for a few seconds.] Oathville!
Slianna: Should we go back?
Safiri: [Comes to a stop.]...I... I don't know, maybe Ray... Maybe Light's helping... I...
[The Nightmares catch up to the two. in response to this, Slianna and Safiri rush ahead without even thinking, doing their very best to lose the Nightmares.]
[About five minutes later, very deep into the forest, they lose the Nightmares... The Ancient Growth Forest is unrecognizable here. All tress have fallen. Mounds of snow 9 feet high are scattered throughout the area. The snowfall is blizzard-like... They are in vicinity of the sacred Ancient Growth.]
Safiri: This cold is unbelievable...
Slianna: [Shivering.] It-t-t-t... r-r-r-really is-s-s-s...
Safiri: But the Ancient Growth is near...
[The two slowly advance towards the enormous tree... They gaze upon what may be the worst case scenario. The entire trunk, or what's even visible, has been encased in thick ice.]
Safiri: [In shock.] Darkness... is it really you...? Did you really do this?
Slianna: This is... catastrophic.
[Suddenly, a giant icicle shoots out from the ice-caged tree. The two jump to each side, barely avoiding the abrupt spike.]
Safiri: What was that!? [Looks back at the tree.] Why is it attacking us!?
???: [From nowhere.] Oh-ho, it's not attacking you...
[The two, frantic, search for the origin of the voice.]
???: [Appears on the giant icicle protruding from the tree through a dark corridor.] I am...
[Safiri and Slianna turn to the source of the voice, frightened.]
Safiri & Slianna: Danny!!
Daniel: Tch, please... [Jumps from the icicle to the snow.] Call me Daniel. I mean, Danny? Does that sound very evil to you? Not so much, dimwits.
Slianna: So it's you! You're the one who's behind all of this!
Daniel: We-heh-hell, I wouldn't say that, Schlianna. I'd like to think there's a much bigger and badder source, like, oh I don't know, Naught, maybe!? Hahaha!
Safiri: N-no! I thought Darkness was done! How can you be back!? Why are you here!?
Daniel: [Raises his head a bit in thought.] Gee, girls. Tough question. I didn't think it through. [Looks at them and shakes his head.] I'll give you a little hint. What has chapters, a cover, lots of words, and is rarely every within three feet of me?
Slianna: ...A... book?
Safiri: (What does a book have to do with anything...? Does he mean... Oh no... It couldn't be, could it?)
Daniel: B, to the INGO! Ms. Snake-anna gots da smarts! Too bad you won't be usin' that for very much longer, unless... You decide to join us? Eh? Ehhh?
Slianna: Are you ki--
Daniel: TOO BAD, NO CHOICE! Hahahahaha!
[A black puddle appears at Slianna's tail. Demonic black hands rise from the puddle and pull her down slowly. She screams.]
Slianna: Ahhhh!!! Safiri!! [Struggles to break free of the grip.]
Safiri: Slianna! [About to dash with a burst of speed.]
Daniel: Not so fast! [A wall of frost shoots up between Safiri and Slianna. Safiri dashes straight into it, cracking it, but not shattering it. She hollers in pain, falling and rolling back a bit.] Hah! Not so fast... I crack myself up. Safiri, you're not too good at breaking the ice, y'know! Hah! Hahah! Whoo! By this rate, I'd be making money!
Safiri: Agh... [Shakes it off and stands.] Slianna!!!
Slianna: Safi--...[Pulled under before she could finish.]
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Safiri: Slianna... D-Danny! [Turns to Daniel, enraged.] Why are you doing this!?!?
Daniel: Safiri, just let Darkness do what we gotta do, 'kay 'kays? You don't want to get involved in our serious bizz...
Safiri: I... I won't believe your lies! I'm not gullible enough to believe that Darkness was somehow restored! [Steps forth, ready to fight.]
Daniel: Are you really that stupid?! I wouldn't be here if Darkness didn't organize this whole thing... Heh... and neither would that other Shade who's attacking your little home right about now.
Safiri: [Steps back and gasps.] Wh-what did you say!?!
Daniel: Oh yeah, suuure. [Rolls his eyes.] You didn't hear me, yeah... Darkness grew in numbers. Don't believe that!? Well allow me to demonstrate!!
[Several Nightmares appear at Daniel's sides, and a few in front of him. Most are Safans, some are Aquans, creatures that Safiri does not recognize.]
Safiri: [Afraid, she continues to step back as Darkness advances on her.] D-Darkness... Naught...
Daniel: Still in disbelief!? How about we change your mind!? [He and the Nightmares charge Safiri, who turns around and flees for her life.]
Safiri: Whaaa!!! Leave me alone!!! [Runs at a very high speed which the Nightmares cannot match. Nonetheless, they and Daniel still give chase, driving Safiri out of the Ancient Growth site, back into the rainier area...]
[Safiri flees from the forest, panicked and desperate for help. The Nightmares continue to chase her...]
[A drenched leaf falls to the ground... It is stepped upon by Daniel, and literally freezes solid.]
Daniel: Heh...Dimwit...You can run... Sure, you can hide. Darkness is just going to drown you there. Face it Eclipse, we're back... And we mean business... Your world's gonna belong to us... And so is that little book. [He turns and walks toward the direction of the Ancient Growth, laughing evilly...]

--E n d i n g--