Slot #1:karma_k
Corduroy pillows are making headlines
REFERENCES: Tenryuu - (outfit can be simplified if you like). Ten is about 18 and is a hot-tempered young woman, skilled in swords and combat. Respects honor and diplomacy. The "beauty" of the pair. You can't really tell from the picture, but she has green eyes.

Shuuka - (Shuu is actually older than this, but this is the only reference picture I have.) He is about 15 now with longer hair that's a little more wild-looking, a few inches taller than Ten. And angrier. Shuu is a sorcerer who favors magic over weapons. Is moreso savage and survival-oriented than proper. The "beast" of the pair.

Their Relationship - an odd sort of friendship that would lead you to believe they hate one another with all of the bickering they do. They, however, are fiercely protective of each other, fighting aside. Do with it what you will :3

Notes about their race - They have pale skin, thin bodies, no ears, and though they have noses, they're just very small. The marks on their cheeks in the art is not makeup, but just pronounced blush.

WHAT ARE YOU BUYING: A couple picture
BLUBLUB (COMMENTS): Beautiful artwork! I hope my commish is doable for you biggrin ;;
OFFER: Biancamella (1st gen) + Nightmare Box.
TIPPY? sure ^^


Slot #2: lilangelgirl928

Ordering xD
WHAT ARE YOU BUYING:fullbody, something like your last example(the another person one? If possible that is ^_^;; )
OFFER:lunar cloak
TIPPY? Yes! 20k