Alright... Is it just me, or do some people here intentionally get "hurt" just to get attention? I've never been one for online dating. I mean, this is gaia. I did it just to play around and joke, but sheesh, most of the ladies i've met here have a little problem with reality. They overreact over everything here in cyberspace. Jokingly, I thought I was to play along, but people here are a little more... serious. And way too sensitive. So when I'm done talking to them, weeks or months later, they come to me to talk, STILL upset over reasons I've long since forgotten. Am I doing something wrong here? Do I misunderstand what this website is for? Am I really asking questions in a virtual journal I doubt people with lives would bother reading? Heh, maybe I'm just another one of those losers trying to get attention, eh? Well, just saying. I do make a point, I hope. Don't people have real issues to deal with? Or do people really need to cause commotion in the comfort of their own bedroom in front of a screen, typing away to people they will most likely never meet in their lives and feeling sad just to reassure that they have lives? And... I'm asking questions again that probably make no difference whether asked or not since they are mostly to myself. Alright, I think I've complained enough tonight.