Some people use them throughout the year but this is the season we see them in droves even in fake forms. Today's topic is candles.

Ancient people though that starring into candle flames took one to an alternate state where one could see spirits and gods and sometimes the future. During the witch hunts of the middle ages holy candles where used to protect against witchcraft. Witches were thought too use candles as a symbol of fealty to the devil. It was thought that sometimes the devil would give his followers lit candles. It was also thought that witches would use holy candles to curse people.

In the 18th century it was thought that candles made from human fat would disclose buried treasure. The candle would spark brightly and hiss loudly when the treasure was close. At the exact spot it would go out. Treasure hunters also used holy candles to conjure the spirits guarding the treasure. The spirits were made promises in order to help them find eternal rest.

In folklore a candle lit by the bedside of a dying person will protect against demons. One Jewish custom is to keep the candle lit for a week in the room were the person has died. In American folklore a candle lit in an empty room will cause the death of a loved one. If a candle glows blue a ghost might be nearby.