Lets look at a color we use a lot of during Christmas. Today we will look at the color green.

The word green is connected to the Old English verb growan. It means "to grow". In some Asian languages the word for blue was the same as green. Even though modern words have been added to make the distinction you can still see the connection in the languages. We use it a lot to describe plants. We also connect it to the ocean, money, sick people, jealous people, or inexperienced people.

In some cultures green represents growth and hope. In others it is connected to death, ill heath, envy, and even the devil. Because of it's connection to nature it is also represents to some regeneration, fertility, and rebirth. In Islam it is connected to paradise since paradise is suppose to be full of lush greenery.

In ancient Egypt green was associated with resurrection and immortality. Osiris was descriptive as having green skin. In the 19th century green was a tradition color worn by hunters. In early English folklore green was associated with fairies and spirits. It was also connected to decay and toxicity. In Celtic tradition green was avoided in clothing due to its association with misfortune and death.