???- Hey Rai biggrin can you tell me how to get to your school please?
Me- Uh....yeah sure...just one second...*slams the door shut and rushes up stairs* where is it?! Where is it?!
???- *getting bored, knocks on the door again* Rai?
Me- Hold on! I'll be right there! where...YES, found it! *starts texting*
*In Class*
Fred- Man this is *phone vibrates* OH SH--stupid thing! now what is it...oh its from Rai confused
Jake- What does it say?
Fred- It says...."Dude, she's back, SHE'S BACK!!!" and then he just stops.
Jake- Well text him back slowness mad
Fred- Right, and get my phone taken away again?
Jake- Oh yeah, it would be like....the 10th time this semester?
Fred- You know what? You can shut up.
Jake- I'm telling you, its gotta be important for him to sound like that.
Fred- Mhm, whatever, we'll find out after school.
Jake- Something bad's gonna happen, I just know it
*Back at my house*
Me-'s it been?
Amelia- Good i guess, not much has been going on.
Me- Why'd you come to my house anyway??
Amelia- Because i thought since were such good friends, you'd be willing to help me do something :3
Me- Uh....why not ask Jake or Fred??
Amelia- Oh, because, neither of them were home.
Me- so you just came to me for no other reason then to ask for something?
Amelia- Yup!
Me- *whispering to self* thank God...I thought she was gonna do something insane...
Amelia- I want you to give Fred this letter for me.
Me- What's it say?
Amelia- You read it and i'm going to hurt you alot stressed
Me- Ok ok i got it....but why to Fred?
Amelia- He'll understand what its about.
Me- Uh, ok..sure, i'll give it to him whenever they get back from school.
Amelia- Awesome! Then i'll talk to you later Rai, bye biggrin
Me- Yeah...later.
*Amelia leaves*
Me- Fred you moron, text me back already. mad
To be continued...