W00t! A Holiday! [/end celebration]

Somehow it doesn't feel like much of a holiday, possibly because the only actual day I have off is the day of. >.< Still, to bring real reason to celebrate (Not that giving thanks isn't enough reason, It's just that I've already explained my bewilderment with holidays such as this, and find it as a sort of second grade celebration...)

Let's talk Deadpool. Yes. I'm bringing him up again. On top of which, I'm also, yet again, taking back my words about this up coming DP movie. From what has been going around, Reynolds approves of the movie and is supposedly over seeing the production and direction of it... or some s**t like that. Point being, they're going to make up for the PoS they made before with an honest to God actual fan AND, dare I say, practically DP incarnate to over see the truth of it. -unreasonable fan girl- So long as Reynalds backs up the movie with out that weird iffy feeling like the one he gave off for Origins, I shall approve of the movie. x3 -Celebrates again-

Now... time for some catching up.

Jaa. ;3

Ps. Lawlz@Lanzers announcement concerning the tabacco thing:

"In the future we'll be more cautious and open regarding any actions that might impact any of you in a negative way."

Wonder how much of that they're actually gonna prove true. In anycase, all laughter aside, I like it when they do this type of stuff, s**t I remember requesting them to address us more in general. User-base interaction is rare. -sighs-

PPs. Is it me, or am I off so much that my journals are just getting too sloppy now? Dx