My rant if any of you cared to read it on this thread!

1) People who do that whole fake greed thing! You give so "well" and then you brag that I gave all this gold to someone or got this awesome item for them. First off, who cares? Not me, that's for sure. I could care less about how much you have given. Doesn't make you a person who deserves anything from me. I give based on how much I want to make some happy. Or by how they are as a person. If I find them nice as a person not by their pixel-giving abilities, I will try to make them smile somehow.

2) It's not even close to Christmas, yet DTTPAYers have taken it upon themselves to make Christmas posts. Really? Do you know what a calendar is, and do you know how to use it? It's a bit redonk man! Enough is enough.
Christmas posts in the week of Christmas is fine to me. But a month or more in advance, you must fail pretty hard, no?

3) f*cking minimum donors(yea, the word is donors! Not donators-that word doesn't exist).

4) Also, I will not give you something amazing just because you did to me. You did out of the kindness of your heart. I shall not reward you being kind because you want me too or you think you are so high and mighty that you deserve it.

I'll probably add more some other time! Stay tuned for it! xD
If you have read this entry people of DTTPAY, put something like this or anything with some of these words in it:
Ranting, Raving, Fury of Words, and Glowsticks!