Name: Cecil The Blind.

Age: Forgotten.

Gender: Male.

Species: Full Angel.

Kingdom/Alignment: Divinity; The kingdom of Heaven.

Special Strength: He has the ability to weave and craft light energy into different forms that he concentrates to, such as a sharp double edged sword or a instant shield. Different sources of light also gives different energy to weave, yet the sun is that which he has concentrated the most on with his powers.

Special Weakness: Having lived all his life in heaven, he has grown weaker to the darkness than most angels and have yet to even train up a resistance to it.

History: Being named the blind, Cecil had no feeling what so ever in this as he had always faced the light head on. When it was needed to be lit a starlight heaven, Cecil would create a bow and shoot a star for the humans who would watch. When needed in heaven for work, he was however rather lazy. People remarked that he had been the son of Camael as he would rather spread joy however, some were distasteful to the fact that he was said to be the son of the angel who had seen god. Thus being called the blind was much like in the humans schoolyard, yet he never did mind because he would only care for the important friends he made.

Weapon: What the heavens offers him to fight with, yet he tries to vary so he may train his physical body at times.

Personality: While he seem selfish at some points, he is quick to offer a hand when it is really needed, what he really dislike are higher military powers such as heavens own military.