So! I know I've been taking months to write these things, but...well I don't really have any excuses this time. I just didn't wanna do it. =| xD I occasionally get the urge to write, but overall, I have more hobbies since school started... So, what's about to happen in this part? Remember that big, random opening with like 12 new characters and the Believers and whatnot? And that ending? I'm sure if you read the whole thing AND looked at the pictures in my profile, you've already figured out what's gonna happen. But let's make it interesting, shall we? Vince, BlackMatter, Believers, and the Saviors will reappear in Fantasy.
By the way, Gaia's an a**.
So I'm just going to describe the characters that aren't in my profile.
User ImageWith broken worlds, Fantasy stands on the edge of war between Light and Darkness... once more.
--I N T R O D U C T I O N--
...(My Perfect, I applaud your effort. You are doing so well, but... You have yet to understand your true strength. You are able to activate the Aurax within you, however, there is so much more to behold... Deep within your body, a force lies a force so incredibly powerful that no single foe, none but another Perfect, could possibly stand against it... Aurax is your guide, and the orbs attached guides Aurax into power... Channel your Aurax through but one orb, and you will understand that there is a reason to the name, Perfect... Go, ChrisFourth, continue your battle...)
-Safa, Ancient Growth Forest.-
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[The forest is home to the perpetual Ancient Growth... The Ancient Growths are trees upon Safa that grow with the planet. They have always been around, since day one of the planet's growth. Each of them are colossal, clearly visible from space. They reach past the atmosphere at a bewildering 50,000 miles high, half the planet's size. Normally, the forest would be lush and lively, but Darkness has intruded and stolen energy from the Ancient Growth... The scenery is gray and darkening still... It is raining heavily.]
[A young Safan fox, with awkward, plant-like distinctions, flees from the forest. She is panicked and desperate for help.]

~Safiri~ [Teenage fox Safan girl who is an anatomical wonder. Her features are obviously fox-like, but marvelously plant-like as well. She had been part of an experiment that ensued horribly wrong. It left her half-botany. However, Safiri has gained abilities such as photosynthesis and regrowth that make her phenomenal. Her fur is very pale yellow-green. The tip of her tail, her paws, and her ears are all leafs; extremely strengthened, however, and with their original senses of touch and sound. Her wavy hair is as green as the leafs upon her body. One strand falls in front of her left eye. Three small flowers bloom on the leaves of her tail. {Safiri has kept her "super-powers" from the previous Sync.}]
Safiri: [Panting.] (The forest is going to die... I gotta... Gotta get back... back to Oathville!) [She runs through the dying thickets, out of sight into the gloomy forest...]
[As she runs, various Safan Nightmares take shape behind her and give chase...]
[A drenched leaf falls to the ground... It is stepped upon by a navy blue paw... The leaf literally freezes solid...]
???: Heh... Dimwit...

~Daniel~ [A Shade of the Overlord of Misery. Use profile for physical reference.]

Daniel: You can run... Sure, you can hide. Darkness is just going to drown you there. Face it Eclipse, we're back... And we mean business... Your world's gonna belong to us... And so is that little book. [He turns and walks toward the direction of the Ancient Growth, laughing evilly...]
-The Oathlands.-
[The region is known as the Oathlands, which is one enormous, grassy plain. The most common part of the region is that which separates Oathville from the Ancient Growth Forest. The rainy scenery is the same here... Safiri continues running at full speed toward her home...]
Safiri: I have to make this... That other Shade that he... I just have to hurry!!
[She does hurry, but perhaps too much. A giant puddle of blackness appears in front of her, carves out a large chunk of the ground, and reforms into crystal clear water. {Darkness' water manipulators call this Sudden Flood. It converts a section of earth into a pool of water.} Safiri cannot stop in time, and plunges into the waters. Being part-plant, the amount of H2O she suddenly takes in is slightly painful. Nonetheless, she manages to dog-paddle her way to the surface. There, she ignores the unorthodoxy of the event, and swims to the edge. Before that can happen, a surge of sharp pain pulses through her hind-leg. She screams in agony... The pain is excruciating, however, it lets up for a mere second. The next surge of pain is in her tail. Again, she screams, but knows that she cannot be heard. Then, the pull under the water holds up, and Safiri scrambles to the edge of land. Despite her injuries, she climbs up and crawls away from the pool...]
Safiri: Wh-what... was...? [With tears rolling down her face, she turns back to observe the extent of her injuries, which are gruesome. The leaves of her tail have been bitten clean off, as well as the tip of her hind-paw... Clear, botanical "blood" leaks from the injuries. Safiri faints at the sight of this... and the pain.]
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[Normally, the village would be lively, but today, it is different. Oathville is a natural village. Trees and underground dens serve as homes for the residents. In the center of town, there is a circular fountain... Today, though, the scene is hostile. All of the residents have been forced out of there homes because of a drastic Sudden Flood, which overwhelmed the underground dens. So these Safans are forced to stay afloat and watch the event taking upon the fountain, which, aside from the tress, serves as the only viable excuse for land. Aquan Nightmares watch the citizens, and two more powerful Nightmares are holding a Phaze Guardian captive upon the fountain. Standing in front of him is another Shade... Additionally, the Phaze Guardian's captivity is ensured with a cage of ice up to his head.]

~Aren~ [Luxalan, Phaze Guardian. Use profile for physical reference.]

~Monsoona~ [Shade of the Overlord of Misery, AND Eclipse of Aquatica. Use profile for physical reference.]

Monsoona: Now now, Guardian... You're all alone, with no one but a bunch of spineless Safans... What are they going to do, now now? Nothing...
Aren: D-don't mock Ecliptic beings, Shade! They always p-pull through!
Monsoona: Yes, yes... when they have assistance. Tell me, when have they ever fought for themselves?
Aren: Everyday of their l-lives... Because everyday is a battle...
Monsoona: Well, well, is everyday life what you consider a battle? Now, now... What do you call the reappearance of Perfection?
Aren: When d-d'it ever ap-ppear?
Monsoona: Hm, not a wise choice to mock Darkness, now, now... [She summons a bubble of water a tad larger than Aren's head. It floats above her hand...] Now, now... tell me! Where is that Script?
Aren: I already t-told you! I don't even know what a s-script has to do with anything! And even if it were imp-portant, you wouldn''t get that k-kinda info outta me!
Monsoona: Hmph... If you will refuse to talk, then let's eliminate speech as a capability, yes? [The bubble surrounds Aren's head, but it is not an air bubble, it is practically an orb of water...]
Aren: [Can no longer breathe. He tries to remove the bubble from his head, but fails to do so. The Safans watch in horror... One in the trees, especially...]

~Ray~ [Close squirrel Safan friend of Safiri's who has also been forced to live a "plant-life". Use profile for physical reference.]

Ray: [Hidden in the leaves.] Ah man... (This isn't good... Safiri, where are you? Are you okay...? This is about to get that much worse.) Darkness, why? Why after so many years would you rush us like this...? Not fair... at all.
[Aren is losing breath, still struggling.]
Monsoona: That's right, Safans... watch your precious hero succumb to the waters of Darkness... Watch Light fall to Perfection.
[Murmurs of fear in the crowd... It seems hopeless for the Phaze Guardian...]
[Just then, a small fireball and a narrow blue beam rains down upon the two Nightmares near Monsoona. They dissipate into nothingness. Additional beams and fireballs rain down upon the other Nightmares scattered throughout the village. They, too, vanish to the attack.]
Monsoona: [Attention turned away from Aren. Aren is able to thaw out of his ice cage due to the heat of the fireball attack nearby. It shatters. Now free, Aren swings his head forward as if he were breaking a wooden board. This frees his head from the bubble. Following this up he spins with a ground-hook kick, sweeping Monsoona off of her feet, and then follows that up with a palm hand to her back. She hollers out, and falls into the water. At the same time, the bubble that had threatened Aren bursts behind him, resulting in a spectacular looking comeback. On Aren's left, Amen lands with his staff drawn. Despite the fall, he crouches, and stands right back up unharmed. Fourth lands on Aren's right. He lands softly, having been in flight. He gently plants his feet to the ground, Aurax orbs beneath them retreating back into his body.]
Ray: [Enlightened.] (No way!!)
[The surrounding Safans are just as surprised and relieved.]
Aren: Amen! I owe you m-my life!
Amen: Hmhm, Come now, Aren. I would not have to save you twice, if that be the case, would I?
Aren: Heheh! [Looks back down at the water.] Careful, a Shade's down there!
Amen: Prepare yourself, Chris!
Aren: WHAT!? [Looks at Fourth.]
[The villagers hear this, and remains speechless.]
Ray: What... did he say...?
Fourth: Shouldn't be a sweat.
[At this moment, Monsoona leaps into the air from the water and hovers in midair.]
Monsoona: [Having been underwater, she is unaware of who Fourth is.] Phaze Guardians! Highly original... Now, now, do not think that you have me outnumbered... There are plenty more delightful surprises just waiting for you in these waters, like my dear friend Black Scale... I would very much love to see him rip your limbs off and enjoy them for a snack... [She laughs at the reaction of the crowd.] Silent and afraid, I love it! Now, now! I'll see you soon everyone! [A dark corridor engulfs her as she laughs, and fades into the Darkness...]
User ImageUser ImageUser ImageUser Image
(Fourth - Amen - Aren - Ray)
Amen: [Eases his stance, now holding his staff in one hand.] ...Aren...
Aren: Y-Yeah...?
Amen: Who was that Shade?
Aren: Her name's Monsoona. She's from Aquatica, but... I didn't even know Naught c-controlled a Shade from that planet...
Fourth: (Aquatica... I wonder how Vixx is doing... Maybe he found that island he was searching for... Sirocco, too. Those two make a great duo... Sad, I didn't get to see them for a while... Maybe I'll see them soon... but Monsoona... That's new tome.)
Aren: Amen! You have to hear me out, D-Darkness is far more powerful than they've been ever before!! They wrecked this place in the blink of an eye...
Amen: Fear not! We now have something Darkness could only wish they had again...
Aren: [Turns to Fourth.] That'd be you... Wouldn't it?
Fourth: It would, and... Well, it looks like to me you're friends with Rush...
Aren: Th-that's right.
Fourth: Ah, Rush... I don't think all the apologizing in the worlds could fix that mistake... But... [Turns to the villagers.] Amen's right. I'm Chris. I'm back, and I'm going regret ever siding with Darkness, sure... but as long as I can fight... I'm fighting Darkness.
Ray: (It really is Chris... He's returned, and... and with awesome timing!)
Safan: The Believer!? But... He'd never done anything to harm us!
[Citizens agree.]
Fourth: You're right. I didn't harm any of you, and never will even consider it. It was more of a quarrel with my realm that led others to believe I was mad, but... I wanted only answers. Unfortunately, that led me to Darkness... Darkness, when it didn't harm the Ecliptic worlds, was the Darkness I trusted. But now, seeing as it would stoop to this, nothing's going to be the same between me and Naught!! [He raises a fist into the air.]
[The crowd cheers. At this moment, Ray flings himself from the tree, and tackles Fourth to the stone ring of the fountain joyfully.]
Ray: [Standing on all fours on top of Fourth.] Chris!!!
Fourth: Ray...? Ray, is that you!? Dude!
Amen: Ray! Good heavens, what has happened to you?
Ray: [Turns to Amen.] Oh, hi Amen! ...It's a long story actually. Let's just say the Dr.'s been up in arms with inventing again!
Amen: Ah, Dr. Maiwell... Inspiring fellow, is he not?
Ray: No kidding, but I can't believe it, Chris, you're back!!
Fourth: Oh, wow, Ray! It's great to see you're okay... [Pats him on the head.] ...Hey... Where the others?
Ray: Th-that's what I'm worried about! Slianna and Safiri went to the Ancient Growth Forest to inspect the trouble, but... It's been a pretty long time.
Amen: Safiri and Slianna, ah... Ray, perhaps it would be best if you and Chris traveled together and brought them back.
Ray: Huh? Really!? Chris! [Looks at Fourth again.] This is tight! It's just like old times, huh?
Fourth: Sure is... But... I hope those two are okay. It sounds like whatever they were looking for found them instead...
Ray: Yeah. Hey, Amen and Aren. What're you two gonna do?
Aren: I th-think it'd be best if I remained here and guarded the village. Darkness wants something here, and I feel that I sh-should stay and guard it.
Amen: So be it then. I shall watch over the innocents of the Oathville by your side.
Aren: Okay, that's n-nice! Then it works out!
Amen: Indeed... Chris, I know you care for those two just as much as Ray does. I trust that there is no better team for this than you two.
Ray: We'll get it done! If Darkness gets in our way, we'll just zap 'em up.
Fourth: It shouldn't be hard to get them out of our way, but I hope we make it in time...
Ray: Right you are, and with that, let's get going.
Fourth: Yeah... But... To make things easier... [He raps his arms around Ray tightly.] Hold on tight, man.
Ray: Okie-dokie! [Does as instructed.]
[Fourth's flight orbs reappear at his feet. They illuminate... Fourth begins floating, repositioning himself upright.]
Amen: Farewell, and good luck!
Fourth: Thanks, you too.
[The two nod to each other.]
[Within seconds, Fourth is already gone. He had taken off at tremendous speed almost instinctively to the Ancient Growth Forest, as if he already knew where it was.]
Aren: ...(Chris...appears just as Darkness does...)

--E n d i n g--
Holy cow, poor Safiri. D=