Guys, it's 4 in the morning, I will detail you about my life later. I just need a little rant. Why is it that loving Twilight Saga=socially accepted, yet the minute someone is out saying something about Harry Potter, that's just like "wow nerd."
Seriously, when did Vampires suddenly become ******** awesome? I mean I love Harry Potter, I've read the books and watched all the movies so far, but I don't go about saying it all the time or putting it as a status and s**t. Sorry for the profanity it just pisses me off when girls i know never read decide to read this twilight saga s**t--ps when did it become a saga?! It's like it's some epic drama, which i suppose it is but dude. There's such a thing as a limit.
Yeah I really tried to read twilight, i really did. I couldn't. Because really vamps v. werewolves. that's all i got. and s**t thanks to facebook bumper stickers because I still know the jist until the fourth. from what i remember, right now new moon she chooses edward, which makes no sense since she cheats on him during the eclipse and has his baby at breaking dawn. yeah i literally said out loud "what the ********"
again sorry for the rant, i just am sick of it. I hate twilight. >.<