I just wrote this poem today in school. I had nothing better to do in study hall, and I was feeling a little down. So I thought I would write something about my pet chicken, Daisy, who I had to put asleep about three months ago because she got sick.

Staring out my bedroom window,
My eyes swell up with tears.
I swear I can see you
Running, like you used to.
But looking out at the yard
Before me, my heart aches.
You'll never play there again.

Everything reminds me of you.
I know you're gone and
Will not come back.
I wish it hadn't happened,
That you were still here.
But in a way, you are with
Me yet. And I hate it.
Your presence is still here.
It tortures me with the
Hurt. The sorrow.
What evil thing is this,
That won't let me forget?
Or at least to lessen
The pain in my heart?
It damns me with endless

Oh, I miss you so much!
I do not believe that this
Had to happen.
It isn't justice at all!
If you had to be taken
Away from me, then I
Wish that at least you
Hadn't suffered.
You left this world
In pain. And the guilt
Is taking over me.
They say it wasn't my
Fault, but I cannot help
But blame myself.

Those memories won't escape
My mind. I remember watching
You. Lying there, it was obvious
To tell that you were in pain.
Oh, what a horrible death!
What kind of justice lets
Creatures suffer so before
They pass onto their maker?
No one deserves that fate.
I would not wish it upon

Why were you taken away
From me so soon?
I did not expect a parting
This early in our friendship.
Was it foolish to suppose
You would always be here?
My love for you blinded me,
Kept me from thinking about
The day we would no longer
Be together. I never thought about
The inevitable separation.

Oh, please help ease my guilt!
"It wasn't your fault! It
Wasn't." They all say, but I
Am not comforted. I was
Given the task of taking
Care of you. I was meant
To protect you. You trusted
Me. And yet...
And yet, now you are gone.
I let you leave. And more
Over, I allowed you to
Suffer beforehand.
I hadn't meant for any
Of this to happen.
I tried to be a good
Caretaker, but I failed
you. And for that, I am
Guilty. No one can undo
What I've done, or
Haven't done.

The only thing I can do
Now is to live with my
Guilt for letting you
Down, as well as the
Sorrow that you're gone.
I only hope that one
Day, I may see you again
And that you'll forgive me.