Heyy, if I am interested in RPing with you, and you require some sort of spiffy introducttion, You will be getting some variation of the following.
If you are interested in RPing with ME, then these are my requirements and/or demands....

My self-Intro
You can call me Senna. My actual pen name is Senna Amaranth.
Uhh.. About me?

I am an advanced literate female [if you don't already know], and a budding writer [I hope...], but the only grammar I am concerned with is my own, so long as you know your tenses and know how to avoid common mistakes like "me and her..." I won't hate you.... Or shoot you in the foot... [kidding]
I also am not that great about talking about myself, becuase I usually end up sounding like some snob, which I am not. I guess if you are really curious about me, visit my profile?? I don't mind giving you excerpts of what I have already put out, by request of course. I am a very concious and semi-confident writer.... But I don't mind critiques or concerns, so feel free to ask questions. I am pretty easygoing, and I am open to most ideas. I just don't like fandom settings, but if you convince me, we can RP with Original Characters.

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My Writing:
I tend to put out at least five to seven paragraphs at a time, and much more if you have alot for me to work with, or if I am feeling quite creative. I will try my hardest to give you alot to work with. The shortest post I have ever composed was two and a half paragraphs, except in one RP where people spouted one-ten liners, and I managed to get out at least two paragraphs from those...
I am fine with playing either male or female in an RP, as long as I have time to pull together a personality ect... [I also will make my posts all spiffy, if you don't mind. I will tone it down by request, though.]
MY DEMANDS:: Please don't give me one-liners, or a paragraph that had nothing but meaningless s**t in it. I would like it if you gave me at least [this is the bare minimum] three fully formed paraghraphs that contain alot of content and minimal fluff. I have nothing against fluff, though. You can give me as much fluff as you want, as long as there is some solid content in there as well so that I can reply. That's not hard, right?
KEEP IN MIND:: A paragraph that is about five sentences or less is a half-paragraph in my eyes
What will really make me happy is 4-6 paragraphs of reply, that contain both solid content and fluff, if you wish it. Sadly I do have a maximun value of 10 long paragraphs. Nobody to date has even gotten close to this value, and if someone ever does, I WILL GIVE THEM 3,000 GOLD, if their post is super awesome with not that much fluff, and they REMIND ME. [that way, I know you actually read this and actually care about what I have to say.

Feeling overwhelmed? Yes, I understand, we all have our days of writer's block, and times where we can't think of diddly to reply... And I will let you off once or twice. But really, if this continues for many posts in a line, I will tell you to take a break from the RP and reply when you have more to say [and posibly ask you to edit as well]

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As for Plot::
Well, I will do almost every type of genre, from fantasy to historic; Sci-fi to realism. But, The plot MUST be quite well-formed. Sorry, but I refuse to flounder about in an RP, unsure of what to do. It causes me to lose interest quite easily.
I am pretty easy going [I think I've said that alot, but that's only because its TRUE!! I swear!] and don't mind if you have aplot idea in mind already, but I also like working together to figure out some plot ideas.

SOMETHING THAT I DISLIKE:: RPs based off a book or show or video game. Sorry, but you'll either have to be very convincing, and allow origional characters, or base it off of something I like alot, and am very familliar with. Really, I will willingly research a topic for our RP if I am motivated, so don't be afraid to ask. [I don't bite]

What I REFUSE to do or tolerate::
►Cybering. It is SO not cool.
►Outright Slave/Master
►Fandom Characters
►Autolove. [It just doesn't happen]
►Godmodding [You cannot be the hero all the time, kid. Even heros fall]
►RPing vis IMs [Sorry but its lame...]
► I Shall Add More Later!!

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Okay, You are at the end! Congrats! I really and truly respect you for reading all of that! You get a handfull if brownie points for me. And if you read all of that nonsense on my profile as well, just pretend I gave you a hug because even I wouldn't do that... At least not in one sitting...

If you still have not turnedtail and run for the hills, screaming "Escape! Save Yourself!!" I assume you still want to RP with me. Great! Then just sent me the PM that seals your fate [Please include an introduction, I like to know about you as well because I didn't type all of this out for tnothing....] and we'll talk plot and characters.

If you wish to RP via email, PM me and we'll talk about it...

Thanks for your time! I hope to Role play with you soon~

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