She could her best friends words running in her mind
"You'll find your soulmate one day, trust me you'll know when it is the right one"
She lays there on the edge of her bed thinking to herself
I know my soulmate, he has to be the one
Butterflies come to her everyday she talks to him
Smiling for real this time
No longer is she fake smiling
She opens his messages and forgets all her problems
Already this year 2009, she has lost so much
A close friend, her best friend, yet she knew she gained the best thing
True Love....
She knew he understood her not like everyone else
He took care of her and listened to every single problem she had
Yet at the same time she feels alone
Thinking to herself how could someone want a person like me
She knew she wasn't pretty, or anything
She hopes everyday that he feels the same way
Hearing those three words doesn't mean anything from anyone else but him.
Looking down at her little blade she puts it aside
The scars on her arm remind her of the past...
But she is pulling together and holding on for him....
"One day you'll meet up with your soulmate..... have faith...."
She had to stay strong.....
She needed him.....
Her everything.....

this one is for the same person the other one was for. IDK i don't really think it's good but i hope it is