Broken she lays on the cold floor
Staring off into space, losing all hope
Too many lies, false hope
She thinks to herself
"I'm totally alone....
Nobody wants me....."
She logs on her computer trying to stay strong
Signing in she sees his username
The only person to save her
A quite smile crosses her face
Yet the icy cold tears are running down her smooth face
Crying yet she feels happy but so empty
The only guy to ever make her feel real
Talking to him always put a smile on her face
No longer did she feel like a paper doll
He picked up the pieces to her heart
Carefully put them together
Yet her proabably didn't know
She dreamed about seeing him
The moment her life would become right
She knew if she was with him she'd feel full
Real, alive, full of energy
Thousands of tears she crys
Everyday it hurts her more
Keeps telling herself things will get better
But everyday is the same
Guys come to her, ask her out
She shakes her head no
Quietly walks off
She doesn't want a guy here
She knows the one for her
Yet he lays miles away from her
She says to herself
" I hope one day I'll be with him
I love him....
If only....."

well i wrote this poem like a few weeks ago. i wrote it for someone one gaia. hope they read it and like it....