...Hey... I need to draw the Phazes... o.o;
[The misty garden in the sky... Me'ihm Gardens is home to the Phazes and the Father of Light himself. Their domain is heavenly. It is a garden of golden Greek architecture, embellished with evergreen vines that descend into a garden of a varying floral scenery. The clouds amazingly support the entire blessed garden, and the sky above eternally remains blue as the sun shines down upon the marble pathway, returning a slight gleam of light...]
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(Fourth - Kutzu - Amen)
-Creation's Veil.-
[Creation's Veil is the home of Kresent, one of the Phazes. It is an enormous fountain, towering over 100 feet high, gently spraying water from its pinnacle. The water travels down the decorative fountain, emptying into an foggy ocean far beneath the clouds. That ocean is known as the Radiant Abyss. Creation's Veil seems to rise from the surface of the water...]
Kutzu: Wooooowww! [Looks around until he is dizzy.] Is this...?
Amen: Me'ihm Gardens, my little friend. Welcome to the home of the Phaze Lord.
Kutzu: Oh! [Claps his paws together.] Splendid! This is no place for Darkness then?
Amen: That is correct. Not once have I known Darkness to penetrate far enough through the Light...
Fourth: The Gardens give such a welcoming feeling. It's hard to describe, maybe impossible... I honestly never thought I'd come back here again.
Amen: Mind your demeanor in the presence of Lord Hideaki.
Fourth: Oh, of course.
???: [Echoing from all around.] Oh, hello there Amen! Back in a flash, I see! And with friends?
Amen: Kresent... [Chuckles to himself.] She is rather exciting, is she not?
Kutzu: Kresent...?
???: I've got to see this! [Bursts from the tip of the fountain, barely visible in the sun's gleaming light. She dives down to the ground, revealing herself entirely to the the three.]

~Kresent~ [Phaze of the Crescent Moon. She is known as a Deity, a species exclusive to the Phazes. Three Phazes are Deities, and three others are Idols. Deities contain the features of all the Eclipse creatures, but favor Aquans, Scorpiuses, Pimikus, and Sorenians the most. Idols are the opposite, that is, in the favoring of species detail. Kresent is glistening cyan, with crescent shaped whiskers, tails, and clips in her two long ponytails. Her hair, having mentioned it, is light indigo, with pink crescent shaped clips in each. She is wearing a festive, symbolic dress, colored with bluish and purplish tints. Her appearance is awe-inspiring and flawless. {Kresent is about half an inch shorter than Fourth.]

[Kresent, having dived out, still manages to turn her body upright and land softly to the ground, without a drop of water to be seen on her...]
Kresent: [Joyful.] Welcome to Me'ihm Gardens!
Kutzu: [Stunned.] Wh-wh...whoa... [Bows his head.] Thank you...
Kresent: Aw, cute little Eclipse, you don't have to bow~! Speaking of which, Amen, what brings you, an Eclipse, and... [Looks at Fourth. All of her excitement and joy suddenly fades...] ...
Amen: Kresent, is something amiss? Are you feeling well?
Fourth: [Scratches the back of his head. He remains silent, but curious.]
Kresent: Perfect...
Amen: Excuse me?
Kresent: [Shakes her head.] Never mind, it's just... What is your name? [Tilts her head at Fourth.]
Fourth: My name? My name is Fourth, but... I'm known better as Chris.
Kresent: [Gasps, covering her mouth. She steps back a bit.] ...
Amen: Chris wishes to repent his mischievous acts. He seeks an audience with the Phaze Lord himself, and... believe me, Kresent, I see this as an opportunity to slow the encroaching Darkness...
Kresent: ...They've grown, I imagine... [Sighs, and stares at Fourth.] Fourth... Chris... You were the last person I expected to see return here.
Fourth: [Lowers his head.] I can't blame you. I'm not sure I was ever supposed to return...
Kutzu: He-he really has changed! He fought against Lea with us!
Amen: That he did. I have little knowledge of the battle in its entirety, but I do recall him facing Darkness with a glare.
Fourth: I promise, Kresent... I will do whatever it takes to avenge the Light inside of me, even if the task is to defeat the Overlord of Misery, I will do anything...
Kresent: Hmm... Father Hideaki has been troubled as of late. Your choice may be our best bet, Chris. Besides... I trust you. You damaged Light, but not directly, and I don't think you meant to... I think you were just upset with Reality.
Fourth: I can't sum it up any better than that. If I'm going to be given a second chance, I have to make the best of it. No other choices.
Kresent: Your are definitely upbeat about this... I love it! Come with me, Chris! I can't wait to show Father Hideaki that you've returned!
Fourth: Let's get going, then!
Kutzu: Gotcha!
Amen: ...(Perhaps things may turn in Light's favor. It would most reassuringly be a victory by chance... or, maybe... something other than chance...)
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(Fourth - Kutzu - Amen - Kresent)
[The four ascend higher into the gardens. The higher they climb, the greater the feeling of welcome. Scenery becomes even brighter than before, as well as mistier...]
-Angelic Zenith(Altar).-
[The zenith of Me'ihm Gardens is Hideaki's great altar. The structure is enormous, yet easily climbable. It rises even higher than Creation's Veil...]
Kutzu: [Looks up.] Whoa... is this Lord Hideaki's... home?
Kresent: These Gardens are his home, silly, just as it is yours!
Kutzu: The Garden is my home...?
Amen: The Garden is always willing to house Light, especially an Eclipse... You may ask Lord Hideaki if you wish.
Kutzu: ...C-cool.
Kresent: [Smiles. She looks up at the altar.] This is going to brighten Hideaki, I'm sure of it!
[They begin climbing the altar. After about five minutes of rising, they reach its peak, where the Father of Light sits upon his grand throne, with two trusty guardians at each side: Skyelord and Ember.]

~Skyelord~ [He is a Hume from the Final Fantasy world of Vana'diel of about 28 years of age. {Originally, Skyelord was a White Mage. He is now a Dragoon.} He is wearing platinum spiked armor; greaves, gauntlets, helm, and breeches, all spiked and crafted with the unparalleled expertise. He holds two polearms used by Valkyries themselves, one at each side. The one nearest Hideaki is serrated with a silver blade, and a black pole strapped at the center. The other is more of a harpoon. The blade is onyx, with multiple blades at its peak. The harpoon's pole is gray, strapped as the other.]

~Ember~ [He is Skyelord's trusted Wyvern {Small dragon.} Ember was privileged by Hideaki. He has learned how to speak, and his abilities have been enhanced far above average Wyverns. Ember's sky blue, with patches of white on his back, and streaks of the same color on his wings.]

~Hideaki~ [The Father of Light. He is colossus compared to everybody else, even sitting down. He si about 8 feet tall when standing. Hideaki is dressed in white and gray robes which cover his entire body, even his head. His long, white beard cascades down, nearly reaching the ground. Most of his face is concealed by the hooded, gray robe, but his nose can be seen.]
[Kresent and Amen kneel before Hideaki. Kutzu and Fourth do the same shortly after.]
Amen: My lord, I return from Soren.
Hideaki: [Godlike voice.] Indeed. Thou hath returned... with thy Eclipse.
Amen: Indeed. [Raises his head, still kneeling.] My lord, Darkness has been reborn. They truly have expanded to all Eclipse worlds, for reasons unknown.
Hideaki: It is as I hath predicted... Ah, to vanish for years, then to return with an impenetrable vengeance... It must be why thou hath bringeth unto me a Perfect...
Amen: Perfect, my lord?
[Hideaki slowly raises one of his concealed arms, reveals a hand, and points to Fourth. Everyone turns to look at him.]
Fourth: Lord Hideaki, me? Perfect? I... I'm not perfect, no way. Not after what I've done to Light...
Kresent: You see, Father, he is... he's... he's actually Chris...
Skyelord: [Steps back, shocked.] What!?
Hideaki: Chris... Ah, I foresaw such an event, yet I lacked the precise knowledge of the time thou wouldst return. Thou hath done Light trouble, Chris.
Fourth: I... [Lowers his head.] I'm sorry... What I have done is unforgivable to most, especially Reality, but... I've been given a second chance... [Raises his head.] And won't take this for granted. I will do whatever it takes... to regain Light's trust.
Hideaki: Light forgives, child... In addition, you hath became a Perfect. There is surely a reason.
Fourth: A... Perfect?
Kresent: I was a little skeptical at first when I saw you, Chris. And even more so when I found out who you actually were. See, a Perfect is an abomination between every Ecliptic being within Fantasy. The power behind one of them is unimaginable...
Fourth: Is that true...?
Hideaki: Indeed... Child, thou see'eth Kresent before you...?
Fourth: [Looks at Kresent.]
Hideaki: Kresent is a Deity, a complex of four Ecliptic beings...
Kresent: Some of us are also called Idols, which is just a combination of a different set of those beings, but... to sum it up, you're twice what a Phaze is...
[Everyone but Hideaki and Kresent act in surprise.]
Kutzu: Wow, honest!?
Ember: Are you serious!?
Skyelord: By the gods!!
Fourth: ...(I'm... I'm twice a Phaze... That's unbelievable, how could I be twice a Phaze? I don't deserve this... this power...) Twice... a Phaze...
Hideaki: Correct.
[Everyone turns to Hideaki.]
Hideaki: And, Chris... There is surely, positively a reason behind this... Thou hath been revived... and thou chose Light to return to...
Hideaki: Light accepts.
Fourth: [Brightens.] Wh-really!? Thank you! Thank you so much!
Kutzu: Yay!! [Hugs Chris again.] You're back!
Fourth: I know! [Hugs Kutzu back.] This is awesome!
Kutzu: I'm so happy for you! [Kisses him on the cheek.]
Fourth: He-hey Kutzu, that's kinda embarrassing! Shucks.
[The two laugh.]
Skyelord: Chris...
Fourth: [Turns to Skyelord.] ...
Skyelord: I'm certain you remember our past conflicts...
Fourth: [Sighs.] ...Yeah, and... 'Wish I didn't.
Skyelord: ...It is all in the past... I know that you have changed, to finally return to Me'ihm and face our lord with your decision...
Fourth: [Smirks.] Heh, well... you've changed too, Skye.
Skyelord: [Chuckles.] As will things between Light and Darkness....
[Later, after having settled the confusion...]
Kresent: Kuztu, you're more than welcome to stay here if you like.
Kutzu: Thanks, Kresent. [Performs a courtesy for her.] I totally won't get in your way!
Kresent: No worries! [Smiles.]
Amen: Chris...
Fourth: Hm?
Amen: Hideaki has granted the title, Phaze Guardian, to you... Do you realize what this means?
Fourth: I'm affiliated with Light, and I can't turn my back on them again. I assure you, I won't ever make that mistake again.
Amen: That is true. Remember, you are among the highest distinguishable class of Light protectors. Your duty is to ensure the safety of the Ecliptic worlds... Hmhm, then again, it is nothing new to you.
Fourth: There's that... But, seriously, I'm honored to be with you guys. I know we've had out problems in the past but... it's as Skyelord said...
Amen: [Smiles.] Indeed. We must put the past behind us and begin anew.
Fourth: [Nods.] Right.
Hideaki: Phaze Guardians...
[Both Amen and Fourth respond.]
Hideaki: I shall grant thee with a new assignment. Thou are to rescue the Eclipses, as well as the other Phaze Guardians... Begin with the world of Safa... and... [Looks at Fourth, uncertain.] ...discover Darkness's purpose for returning...
Amen & Fourth: Yes lord Hideaki.
Skyelord: Good luck, you two.
[The nod to Skyelord.]
Kresent: Oh, Amen and Chris! Are you two leaving already?
Amen: There are duties we must attend to, Kresent. [Places a hand on her shoulder.] Take good care of the Eclipse.
Kresent: Of course. I'll watch over that cute little Kutzu.
Fourth: [Kneels down to Kutzu.] Kutzu...
Kutzu: Chris... you're leaving?
Fourth: I have to. Other Eclipses are in danger.
Kutzu: ...Will you be back soon?
Fourth: [Holds one of his paws in both of his hands.] I promise.
Kutzu: ...Thanks... Thanks for coming back, Chris... [Hugs him again.]
Fourth: (Kutzu...)
Kutzu: I know that the other Eclipses have close ties with you... Go, then. Show each and every one of them their long lost friend. Fourth... Chris... Show everyone that you've returned.
--E n d i n g--

So, this is actually taking me a few months... o_o;;