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Round 1




Round 2



In Castle Blossom's Main Foyer.
Additionally, another part will take place here.
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[The four are ready to face the world's greatest threat: Darkness...]
Guaine: Outnumbered... This should be a cakewalk.
Hommay: If this is a cakewalk for you, I would hate to see your tribulations.
Guaine: I'll make you regret everything you've done Hommay!! Eraaghhh!!! [Charges Hommay, in flight.]
Hommay: [Leaps up so that Guaine is forced to do the same in his flight. Hommay jolts downward, crashing into Guaine with an electric burst surrounding. Guaine is blown back down, electricity sparking all around him. Hommay lands beside him, already ready to use another move.]
Fourth: [Fires a quick Aurax Beam, causing Hommay to flinch.]
Hommay: Ack! Hmph... [Releases his move on Fourth. It is Shock Wave. It discharges on Fourth, yet he is able to conjure Aurax Shield in time. The move sparks from his force field. It dissipates.]
Lea: [Uses this moment to attack Fourth with a powerful gust of wind from a swing of her staff. Fourth his kicked back a bit, but he is not swept off of his feet.] ... Emm... [Frowns, leaving herself vulnerable.]
Peregrine: This is for the neutralization, that it is! [She jumps at Lea with her beam scimitar in hand, coming down with a strike.]
Lea: [Her ears raise.] Hm!? Ah!!--[Parries the attack with her own weapon. {Beam A.I. reads flesh, fur, bone, etc. It phases through the body and converts the genes, yet when it makes contact with a non-live solid, it, too, becomes a solid.} [Lea, with her mouth, blows a powerful gale of wind that pushes Peregrine back.] Enough of you! [She casts a quick spell while Peregrine is still in midair. Aero. Visible blades of wind slash Peregrine all over, penetrating even the armor. The spell ends in a windy explosion, which throws Peregrine back up into the air. She plummets to the ground, physically incapacitated with one move.]
Kutzu: [Now in combat with Hommay, who is using electric moves here and there, all of which Kutzu is able to evade. Kutzu himself is fighting back with his Alchemy Whip. Hommay avoids most of Kutzu's attacks, getting lashed a few times. They have no effect on his appearance though.] Ugh! [Jumps back.] How's it that you're still...?
Hommay: Ha! Your weapons are but toys against Darkness! [Charges up an electric attack.]
Guaine: What about this weapon?! [Now standing behind Hommay. He blows a ball of fire at said foe.]
Hommay: Useful. [He becomes a lightning bolt and jolts into the air before being struck by the fireball. It flies right at Kutzu, who covers his face in fear. But suddenly, like a flash of light, he is no longer there. An blur of blue takes the defenseless Eclipse from the path of danger. Fourth had activated flight with two of his Aurax orbs. He is holding Kutzu secure.]
Fourth: [Looks down at Kutzu.] Gotcha.
Kutzu: [Uncovers his face and realizes he is being held. He looks up.] Oh, thank goodness for you...
[Hommay crashes down on Fourth as a lightning bolt, forcing him to throw Kutzu, who reacts quickly by taking flight. Fourth is stricken to the ground with Hommay standing over him, ready to attack.]
Hommay: Enough meddling. You don't belong in this world, you twisted thing...
Fourth: So now I'm twisted...? Right... [He focus a new, invisible move upon Hommay. Aurax Strain. It allows Fourth to make spiritual contact with another's aura and eat away at it, thus decreasing magic attacks before anything else, eventually weakening the spirit entirely.]
Hommay: Hmm? [His electric attack fades...] What in--!? [He attempts to recreate the move, but before he can, Fourth uses a quick Aurax Beam to blast him back, all the way into Lea, who has badly injured Guaine and was just about to neutralize him.]
Lea: Get off of me, Hommay!
Hommay: [He leaps up, glaring at Fourth.] This thing isn't to be trifled with...
Lea: [Stands, holding her staff again.] Of course he isn't...
Hommay: ...You are hiding something...
Lea: To them, yes... What could I possibly be hiding at this point?
Hommay: Who is that Fourth person!?
Lea: It does not matter...
Hommay: What!?!
Lea: [Smirks...]
Kutzu: What are you smiling abou--Ah--!! [Struck from behind by a Hydro Shot move. Kuztu falls face first to the ground.]
Fourth: !? Kutz--what!? [Turns around, finding Adam, Al, and Eve at the castle doors. Al had been the attacker, as Adam and Eve are about to be.] What the hell!?
Adam: Hello there...
Eve: Nice to meet you, freak.
Al: Now, it's been nice seeing you...
Hommay: Perfect...
Lea: Exactly.
[They advance on Fourth...]
Fourth: Right, Darkness! Come at me again! Give me everything you've got!!
Adam: Will do.
Hommay: Now!
[They each leap at Fourth. Fourth curls in slightly, empowering his Aurax, which becomes visible to the others. He jerks back up, releasing Aurax Burst. A shock wave of hyper blue Aurax expends out at the speed of sound, slamming the five dark minions against the inner walls of the castle. It does not affect Kutzu, Guaine, or Peregrine.]
Fourth: [Stands firm, as if nothing had even happened. The attack has not done too much damage, but it stunned the five considerably.]
Lea: (His moves... they're amazing. That energy in his attacks is so much like... like Chris. For him to take on us five at once is petrifying to say the least.]
Fourth: [He notices Kutzu standing up. He seems to be fine.] Kutzu, are you okay?
Kutzu: It's just a little water! I'm okay. Thanks for the save back there!
Fourth: No prob. Kutzu... things just got a little bit tougher, think you can still manage?
Kutzu: Of course. They toyed around with an Eclipse, and that is a big mistake! [He stands, ready to fight. The five close in on them again slowly.]
Hommay: Watch out for that move... Don't get too close, use your abilities!
Fourth: Thanks for that tidbit! [He spreads both arms out, emitting an extremely powerful and widespread version of Aurax Strain, which flows into everyone...
Al: What's... going on!?
Eve: My body, I feel...
Adam: Heavy...
Lea: I can't fly, I can't... conjure magic!? Erm... [Gasps.] The Soul Spheres! They will give us the energy we need!
Hommay: But Lea, without the help of the Radial Sphere--
Lea: Hush, I know! It's our last resort!!
[Hommay and Lea take out the Soul Spheres. They raise them into the air, but before they can begin drawing energy...]
Amen: I say, it has been a while, has it not? [From the doorway, behind the three Pokemon. Already wielding his staff, he leaps over them, landing in the center of the brawl, in front of Fourth and Kutzu. With a swing of his staff, a whip of fire materializes and sweeps Lea and Hommay off their feet. They drop the Soul Spheres. The firewhip quickly forms into two hands, grabbing the Soul Spheres and retrieving them before they could reach the ground. The hands return to Amen's staff, as do the orbs, which both drop; one in Amen's hands, and another in both of Kutzu's paws.]
Fourth: (Amen...?)
Kutzu: [Looks up at Amen.] A-Amen!!
Amen: Hmhm, greetings Kutzu. You have changed, I see.
Lea: [Stands with difficulty, retrieving her staff.] How can it be that Light is still able... able to surpass us...?
Amen: I believe times have changed, and with it, thoughts. You must keep all possibilities in mind that Light... has grown grand.
Fourth: He's right... [Smirks at Lea.] It has...
Lea: ...[Shakes her head.] My, Naught will not be too happy about this... Then again... Fine. If that is the conclusion, come everyone! ...We have done enough here, it is time to RTC. {Short for Return to the Castle.}
[Adam, Al, and Eve are enveloped in one large dark corridor, while Hommay and Lea conjure their own. Hommay steps in before Lea...]
Lea: [Turns around, facing the dark corridor... Before she enters, she loooks back at Fourth one more time.] ... [She mouths the word "Brother" , but no one can quite make this out... Lea sighs and turns away, entering the dark corridor. Darkness is gone in a minute flat...]

{~Acceptance~ begins here.}
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(Fourth - Kutzu - Amen)
Amen: ...Merciful gods, after four years...
Kutzu: Amen, it's so great to see you again! And--and--and you were totally awesome!!
Amen: Much obliged to hear your praise, Kutzu. Ah, I am glad you are well, what with all of this surprising conflict.
Fourth: Kutzu held up wonderfully against them. I'm really proud of him...
Kutzu: Tee-hee! Shucks~! It was nothing~!
Amen: Hmmm? [Studies Fourth carefully.] Why, I have never seen such a being... Who might you be?
Fourth: (Well, I saw this one coming, but I didn't think of anything... Should I tell him I'm Fourth, or I'm... Chris... If Darkness no longer welcomes me, and I've wreaked havoc on Light before, then who am I to them both? A disgrace...) ...Okay... [Raises both arms in the air, vulnerable to anything.] If you want to strike me down now, you can. I won't fight back...
Amen: Hm? What exactly are you implying?
Fourth: [Sighs.] Amen, I...
Kutzu: [Tilts his head, confused...]
Fourth: I can't think of all the trouble I caused Light in the past, but I remember some of it... I remember, Danithan, Derrick, Rush, and you Amen... I always ran into you guys wherever I went, and it wasn't long after that... that time back at the Chronic World where I disappeared, and was never heard from again...
Amen: ...Those memories are not exactly joyous ones... and yet you speak of them as if you were the greatest threat of all...
Fourth: I was, maybe I still am, I don't know for sure... But I know this. [Kneels on one knee next to Kutzu.] I still care for the Eclipses...
Kutzu: [Looks at Fourth.]
Fourth: Time has gone by, Amen, and I feel like I haven't aged a bit. I've changed, but... Time sped past me somehow, and I feel like I am out of place. I have nothing positive to my name except in the eyes of the Eclipses... I have not lost everything, because they are still here. They are still alive. The joy of seeing Kutzu after four years of this "exile" was overwhelming... it makes me wonder why I wanted to see these worlds in Darkness... because Eclipses are Light, so should the Connection be... So should Chris be Light. [Stands.]
Amen: Sincerity shows, and shock upon my face is foolishly unveiled... For one day, like a leap year, becomes a new beginning... Darkness, Light, and you... Believer...
Fourth: The Believer... That's right, they used to call me that... It's because I believed in Naught... Funny. It was all so misunderstood. Yes. I believed in Naught. I believed that we was the cause of Reality's disaster, and I ruin everything to find out it wasn't Darkness, but... ...I still don't know. What a mess... what a mess.
Amen: So the story begins, so it ends...
Amen: So the sequel may commence, and past mistakes are forgotten.
Fourth: Wait, are you saying... ?
Amen: Light forgives, Chris... You were but a confused boy. You may be now. Your battle seems to be against Darkness as it is.
Fourth: Wow... I cannot thank you enough... this acceptance is a feeling to great for words... Thanks Amen, really.
Amen: Of course. But you must keep this in mind: Lord Hideaki awaits you even today within the Me'ihm Gardens. You must return, and state everything in his presence...
Fourth: [Nods.] Will do. I don't know if anything I do could make up my horrible mistakes of the past, but... I'll do my best to avenge the Chris you all knew from the Ethereal Cross!
Kutzu: [Smiles at Chris. He quickly realizes that Guaine and Peregrine are no longer in the room...] Hey... Hey, what happened?! Where's Guaine, and Peregrine!?
Fourth: [Scans the foyer.] They're... gone? Where could they've gone, and how? They were pretty beaten up...
Kutzu: Do you think they were taken by Darkness...? Or... [Stares into the Fairy Soul Sphere he is holding.] something else...?
Fourth: Not sure, but it's no laughing matter. Lythrie said this could be happening on other worlds as we speak... And this castle's practically empty. Do you think everyone else suffered the same fate...?
Amen: This is quite the troublesome trick of Darkness's. The poor Sorenians are missing, but there is surely hope elsewhere. Come, we must return to Me'ihm Gardens. Lord Hideaki will have the answers... Come with us, Kutzu. It is not safe here.
Kutzu: But... my... (My Script...) ...Okay... I'll come.
[Amen summons a luster gateway, which is bound for Me'ihm Gardens, home of the Phazes.]

"The touch of the shadow returns the blackness to its home; its darkness."
--E n d i n g--
Acceptance was like... dwarfed compared to the battle scene. o_O;;