Notice the title? Yeah... Those guys make an appearance.
[The group of four has abandoned Castle Blossom, now in search of their friends. However, they had been searching for Lea and Hommay at the same time. Unfortunately they just avoided the two. Now, they are uncertain where to head...]
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(Fourth - Kutzu - Guaine - Peregrine)
-Castle Blossom Grounds.-
Guaine: [Huff huff.] Where to now? Looks like we're stumped.
Kutzu: It does. Hmm... [Looks around...] Looks like the Nightmares are gone for now.
Peregrine: Surely they'll be back.
Kutzu: Totally, but... Can we rest up a little?
Fourth: Yeah, you've all been keeping up really nicely. Let's all take five.
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-The Princess's Meadow.-
[A gleaming orb, opposite to that of a dark corridor, illuminates upon the charred ground. {These are called luster gateways.} From it, a full grown Luxaian, whose base animal is unclear, yet appears to be canine.]

~Amen~ [The leader of a small group of heroes known as the Phaze Guardians. He is the only Luxaian of this group, with light brown fur, dark purple and blue cleric robes, and a decorative staff. His hair is dark brown and unique. It enshrouds most of his face, and rises as spikes above his head that curl backwards a bit. his eyes are dark purple, and he possesses a small goatee.]

Amen: Ah, to be back upon this world... Hm... [Scans the area.] Not quite the scenery I recall. [His ears raise. Amen turns his head to a burnt treeline...]
Adam: I knew we went the wrong way.
Eve: Wow, what happened here...?
Al: Maybe a wildfire?
Adam: Fire isn't capable of damage like this... This was an explosion, and a large one.
Eve: ...Maybe a meteorite or something? This is called the Starfall Hemisphere, right?
Al: We should ask him. [Gestures toward Amen.]
Eve: Good idea...
[The three approach Amen.]
Amen: I see something has gone awry, for Pokemon inhabit this area now?
Adam: No, not necessarily. We were passing by and were wondering--
Eve: Adam!
Adam: ...What?
Eve: [Since she is short for Adam, who is a Moltres, she gestures for him to lower himself to her. He does so, and Eve whispers...] Doesn't this guy look familiar?
Adam: ...In a way, yes.
Al: Have we met before?
Amen: I do not believe so. You must have heard of me elsewhere. I am Amen Rush, Phaze Guardian.
[The three jump back.]
Al: I knew something was strange about you! Remember, Naught told us about the Phaze Guardians!
Amen: Naught? Ah, then you must be Darkness, affirming Lord Hideaki's prediction with certainty. Darkness has returned. [He draws his staff, dropping into his preferred stance, as do the three minions.] So the clock ticks. So the cycle continues.
Eve: Do you two think we might be rushing into disaster?
Al: What do you mean, Eve?
Eve: Amen is the leader of the Phaze Guardians. Maybe it'd be best to report back to our "allies"...
Adam: We can't let Light amass against us! We have to take them out while they're weak!
Amen: ...[Quietly.] Hm, now what are they up and at about?
Eve: What makes you so sure he'll join the others that are against us?
Amen: Why wouldn't he?
Eve: ...I just feel like Lea isn't tell us something, and it's bugging me. Besides, we're not exactly following orders.
Al: She's... right. We've gotten ourselves lost as it is...
Adam: All right... Let's find another way to Castle Blossom then.
[The three make a quick escape, leaving Amen.]
Amen: ...Hm... [Stands straight up, now holding his staff with one hand.] Rather puzzling. There is much to be done; much to be asked and answered...
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(Fourth - Kutzu - Guaine - Peregrine)
-Castle Blossom Grounds.-
[The four have rested plenty enough to be in proper shape for battle. Kutzu is still unsure about Lythrie's speech about the Nightmares, even after his burst of confidence. Peregrine has accepted the change, and feels she has brought no shame to the Dragons. Of course, as a Fairy, her mindset is much different. Yet, it could also be that the Fairies had no part to play in her neutralization...]
[They seemed to have decided on their next move.]
Kutzu: So Chris. About what Lythrie said...
Fourth: Trust me Kutzu, I was with Darkness. Naught himself mentioned it was very difficult to corrupt the hearts of those who followed Light.
Kutzu: But... were you with Darkness long enough? Like, you'd know exactly what they were like?
Fourth: ...(...Was I with them long enough...? It wasn't too long...) ...Of course I do. You don't have anything to worry about... [Smiles reassuringly.]
Kutzu: [Smiles back and nods.] Okay.
Guaine: Are we ready to tackle the situation inside the castle?
Kutzu: Mhmm, totally!
Fourth: Then let's roll.
[They re-enter the gloomy castle, now ready to take on the enemies that lurk within...]
-Castle Blossom.-
[Already within the main foyer, Lea and Hommay stand at the top of the stairs.]
Lea: It is wonderful that you could join us...
Hommay: Again...
Kutzu: Lea!
Peregrine: Hommay!
Hommay: Hah! Is that you, Peregrine!? What an improvement in appearance
Peregrine: What's that supposed to mean!?
Hommay: Figure it out yourself.
Kutzu: Lea! I thought you said Darkness would leave if I found out what happened to the meadow!
Lea: That's right, dear. And Darkness did leave... We just came back.
Kutzu: Grr, that's playing dirty...
Fourth: Cut to the chase, Lea. Where is everybody? What'd you do with the Soul Spheres?
Lea: Well, well... Now if I told you that, it would be just plain easy, would it not?
Hommay: [Quietly.] Lea... Who is that? He is not Sorenian... Does the Ecliptic Pull not effect him?
Lea: [Closes her eyes.] I do not know... I think his name is... [Opens her eyes.] Fourth.
Hommay: Fourth...
Guaine: If you won't tell us anything, we'll use force!
Lea: How frightening... Let's make a deal... If you somehow defeat us, we will give you the Soul Spheres... but if you lose...
Lea: Find yourself a new world, Kutzu. Become something else... This world will soon belong to the Overlord of Misery.
Kutzu: [Gasps.] Wh-what!? What did you do!?
Lea: Again, if I told you that, it would just be too easy to figure out everything else... Fight for your right to know.

--E n d i n g--
Yay, more battling.