This is about Viper Hoshigo and her siblings^^

User ImageThis is Keith Line, but now known as Keith Hoshigo. He is Viper's newly found oldest brother. He likes to joke around with his little sisters but can be very protective.
User ImageThis is Alexender(Alex). He can make almost anyone smile and loves giving hugs^^
User ImageAndrew is the only one out of the four brothers that can act very emo at times.(he doesn't have feather wings)
User ImageFinally its Kuro^^ He is also one of Vipers newly found brothers. The sad part for her is that he is her life mate.
(The triplets i do not have a pic of them all together so ill just have to put them nxt to each other)
User ImageViper, she ment be a triplet be she keeps her hair and look in so many styles that she never looks like her sisters.User ImageMiyu and Vapor are the ones that look alike more^^User ImageVapor
User ImageMizuki
User Imageand finally Komichi, she is the newest of the family