You know when life just hits you hard enough to knock you off your feet and still keep you from getting back to normal? That's what life is like currently for me.

I need to focus on paying back a loan I owe on, as well as get my room (and my non-existant social life) up and functional.

I've been focusing on WoW a lot lately (just hit Level 70! on Saturday night) but any RP, gaming and other things have mainly fallen by the wayside. I even had plans to do a small event for the Thanksgiving holiday but I'll likely be canning that as well.

As for being online and not stopping on in to say hello, I just have been really rather down and while I'd love to chat and RP with everyone, I want to be at 100% (or close to it) when I do.

I'm not leaving Gaia or anything (at least, not that I can see in the upcoming future) but I need this break to recoup and recover. I'm normally pretty down during the fall and winter seasons (it's an actual disorder, the name currently escapes me) and I need to get things into order to hopefully prevent it from getting any worse.