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^ art by jinni-yi

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        Q u i c k I n f o

        name: dexter (prefers dex)
        age: seventeen
        eyes: warm brown, with glasses
        hair: reddish brown, with grey ears
        body: 5'5", relatively short compared to the other guys. scrawny.
        outfits: collared shirts, blazers, basically any nerdlet attire. he also has no color sense so most of his clothes are drab. (not colorful)
        personality: hates a lot of things, but in love with azure. pessimistic view of life, doesn't really go out much.
        likes: azure, following azure around, doing homework a week in advance
        dislikes: milk (but he drinks it constantly in hopes that he'll grow taller), geromi, people in general

        E x t r a I n f o

        • just think of dexter as the stereotypical really nerdy guy (plays computer games, can hack s**t with some chopsticks and string, pwns people in super smash bros but makes long gross gasps for air after running across the living room).
        • dexter is a tone death son of a b***h, he can't sing for crap and when azure volunteered him up as M.M.Chaser's singer, he failed. badly.
        • he can't deal with people, so he just doesn't. (he doesn't like most people, ignoring them so he would not have to deal with them).

        R e l a t i o n s h i p s

        Susali :
        Who is dis. He's never talked to Susali before, but if he tried he would probably be tongue tied and trip over things. What a nerd.

        Motoru :
        They could be considered friends. Both of them are at the top of the class, but they don't really care. Except Motoru is technology illiterate, so sometimes Dex helps him with fixing his computer and helping him upload music into his mp3, etc. For some reason, at school Motoru always headlines for Dexter when Susali is not around, which bothers Dexter, because how can he cling to Azure peacefully when there's someone clinging to him too?

        Geromi :
        Azure's obsession with the loser makes him angry, because Azure belongs to HIM. At first, he hated Geromi with a passion, due to all the embarrassing crap he had to go through because of him. But eventually, his mind experienced some weird twist, and now he feels protective of Geromi in a fatherly sort of way. It's strange, but somehow all the late-night Geromi-stalking changed Dex into thinking of Geromi like his own son, and as grouchy as Dex may look sometimes, he is secretly affectionate toward Geromi.

        Azure :
        He knows Azure's secret, that she is actually a nerd at heart, but he loves her even more for it (it's probably the sexiest thing he's ever known). As a result, he has a gigantic crush on her, and follows her around EVERYWHERE, like an awkward nerd who doesn't know how to approach the concept of love. All he wants is to make Azure happy, even when all she wants to do is boss him around. Eventually, they gain a mutual understanding of each other and Azure starts to accept him (and even appreciate him, a little).

        Azure hates her, so Dex hates her too. Except he has no reason at all to.

        Dex appreciates Mochi for being shorter than him.

        Don't know him, but swears he heard snorting from Dandy when he was singing for the band. As a result holds a grudge against the friendly guy.