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        Q u i c k I n f o

        name: motoru
        age: eighteen
        eyes: grass green
        hair: black, bangs swept to the side, perky kitty ears, pink streak same color as susali's on our right.
        body: normal. not super muscular or anything. 5'8"
        outfits: t-shirts (think shirts), baggy sweaters, jeans, converse shoes. always has headphones over his head or around his neck.
        personality: kind of quiet, protective, straightedge good kid, basically.
        likes: music, soft things, susali
        dislikes: being surrounded by people, loud noises, not getting things his way

        E x t r a D e t a i l s

        • he's smart like a nerd.
        • he listens to all kinds of music, but hates the death metal he often hears drifting out from under geromi's bedroom door.
        • he doesn't have a lot of friends because he is so quiet. people mistakenly think that he is emo and hates life, but in fact he is actually a huge softy/romantic.
        • motoru is surprisingly good at singing, and this is because he likes to listen to music all the time, and sings in the shower.
        • he's the lead singer/keytarist of M.M.Chasers.
        • motoru is kind of a neat freak and has to have everything organized, so even though he's not a permanent band member, all the others treat him like the leader of the band.
        • he sometimes wears glasses (like during class to see the whiteboard, or driving at night), but most of the time he doesn't need them.

        R e l a t i o n s h i p s

        Susali :
        Moto is completely loyal and devoted to Susali. In other words, he is the perfect boyfriend, because she's the only one he could ever see himself loving and he imagines a future with her, etcetc. All that sweet stuff. They love each other because they understand each other so well and accept each other despite their faults. Motoru is really protective of Susali, and gets a little jealous when she talks to other people, but he doesn't expect her to only talk to him, so he just sits nearby and puts on his headphones and thinks about what to eat for dinner. Susali helped urge him to join the band, M.M.Chasers.

        Geromi :
        At first, he thought Geromi would be a cool friend to have, and he thought it would be a good idea to be on good terms with his girlfriend's twin. That quickly changed when he realized Geromi had the hots for him and was not subtle about it at all. He hates it when Geromi follows him and Susali around, and pops out of nowhere when they're on dates or right when Moto wants to hug or kiss Susali. It is not pleasant when Geromi eyes him hungrily when he only feels like being with Susali (not to mention straight). Moto also finds it disconcerting when he meets Geromi's eyes and is reminded of Susali (it is his darkest secret to hold back and not hug Geromi when this happens, so as a result he runs the opposite way whenever he sees Geromi around, because it gives him the creeps).

        Azure :
        He doesn't really know her, but he doesn't find her attractive. He doesn't really want to know her, but tolerates her because Susali is friends with her. He has never really talked to her.

        Dexter :
        Since Moto is kind of a nerd (but he doesn't show it as much as Dex), he and Dex are kind of friends. They sometimes talk about nerdy things in class, or whatever. The one thing that will forever endear Dexter to Motoru is the fact that Geromi can't stand Dexter. So if Geromi and Dexter are in the same room, Moto auto paves a way to Dexter, and is thus guaranteed protection from Geromi.

        Motoru is slightly afraid of Garua for her headstrong demeanor, and more than a little afraid of whatever she pulls out for him to wear for concerts and band shows. He doesn't think the clothes are UGLY, just too girly and revealing. In times like this, he refuses to wear the clothes and makes Garua alter it until he sees fit.

        He finds Mochi rather annoying sometimes, because of his hyperness and inability to stop moving for one second. But most of the time, he tolerates Mochi, and acknowledges his natural skills with the drums. Motoru suspects that Mochi likes Susali more than a friend, but has complete faith in her (also, he sees her fawning over him like a fat boy with chocolate and he is assured Susali doesn't like Mochi that way).

        Out of all the members in the band, Moto would have to say the one he likes the most is Dandy, and Dandy is the only one who he would even admit as a friend (even though he warms up to all the members eventually, except Geromi). Motoru is quiet, so just sitting next to Dandy calms him down, because he isn't forced to do anything like talk about the weather and how his day has been, and he can just relax and listen to music. In class, Moto likes to sit next to Dandy when Susali isn't around.