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^ art by xynree

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        Q u i c k I n f o

        name: susali
        age: seventeen
        eyes: sky blue
        hair: black, straightish front bangs, usually up in a messy bun, with a streak of pink on our right, usually has barrettes.
        body: 5'3", b-size boobies, normal
        outfits: i have 2 outfit possibilities above, but feel free to make it up. she likes all colors and cute skirts.
        personality: optimistic, gets along with everyone, shy with strangers
        likes: night skies, colorful cute things, skirts, drawing, motoru
        dislikes: letting people down, bugs (except butterflies and ladybugs)

        M o r e D e t a i l s

        • carries around a sketchbook and pencils in her bag with her everywhere
        • she likes to lie down on the grass with moto and watch the clouds.
        • after the band was formed and moto joined, she likes to sit and listen to them practice while doodling or reading or doing homework.

        R e l a t i o n s h i p s

        Motoru :
        Susali is a couple with Motoru, and she's the only one allowed to call him Moto. Sometimes she feels like she understands Moto more than her twin brother, because she can tell how he is feeling just by looking at him, but actually it's about the same. Since Moto and Susali are both like super shy, it took them forever to get the courage to talk to each other, but once they did IT WAS LIKE MAGIC LIKE THEY WERE SOULMATES or something. They're not just bf/gf, they're like bestest friends because they do almost everything together, and that won't change. She managed to persuade Moto to get matching pink hair streaks with her.

        Geromi :
        Geromi is Susali's younger twin brother. They used to be inseparable when they were kids, and would play TEA PARTY and TEACHER with their stuffed animals (Geromi's favorite games). She sometimes has that creepy twin ability of knowing what Geromi is thinking even when he's not near her. She loves her little brother (who is not so little anymore because he's like more than a head taller than her), and wants the best for him. Except she's not willing to share Moto, who she knows Geromi is infatuated with. Sometimes she lets Geromi tag along with her and Moto, but when he follows them around all the time she gets annoyed/exasperated.

        Azure :
        She gets along pretty well with Azure, and thinks it's funny that Azure loves her twin brother (because he's totally gay for Moto, but she didn't think it was necessary to tell Azure that). She thinks Dexter+Azure is the cutest thing EVAR, so she tries to plot ways for them to get together, especially since she knows Azure's crush on her brother is a lost cause. Susali admires Azure's prettiness and stylishness, but she's content being herself.

        Dexter :
        Just a nerdlet that follows Azure around. Cuteness! They've never really talked before, but she can see how much he loves Azure.

        They take the same art class. Susali is at the top of that class, while Garua is at the bottom, but they get along very well. Susali admires Garua's fashion design skills, but winces at Garua's mediocre drawing skills, so to help Garua pass the class sometimes Susali gives her artwork a few twinks and suggestions. Garua is thankful for that, so sometimes she makes cute outfits for Susali. They are pretty good friends.

        Susali likes Mochi, and finds him absolutely adorable. They're almost the same height, but Mochi is slightly taller than her. Nevertheless, she finds him to be the cutest little boy she has ever seen (even though he is older). "BAW LOOK IT MOVES!" His hyperness and A.D.D. adds to this adoration of Mochi. She is completely unaware of his undying love for her, but sees him as a little brother who can be petted.

        She knows Dandy from art class. Susali only talked to Dandy a few times, because he sometimes sits next to her and has a calming aura. She realized that Dandy is like one of the nicest guys she knows, and he is totally sweet, so one day she had an epiphany, that Dandy and Geromi would be perfect together. She is still not sure which way Dandy FLOWS (like is he even attracted to anyone?), but she hopes, partly because she feels bad for Geromi for going through so many HEARTBREAKS and LOST LOVES.