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Within Castle Blossom's Royal Chamber.

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[The four have been led into a trap that has left only two strong at the moment against the deceiving Lythrie. Kutzu now worries about the Nightmares: if defeating them has been a mistake after hearing Lythrie's explanation. Fourth is skeptical, however. He does not believe that it is this easy to defile one's heart.]
Lythrie: Now! With all that said, let's even up the odds! [Just with those words, two Nightmares, both pixies, appear at her sides.] Excellent, wouldn't you say?
Kutzu: We... we can't attack the Nightmares...
Fourth: Kutzu, you believe her? You believe that Sorenians are that easy to fall to Darkness?
Kutzu: ...I... I don't know...
Lythrie: Well then. Let us dance!
[Lythrie charges forward, gaining enough speed. She jumps at the two, ready to use Discharge. {Release her electricity on both of the two.} Kutzu and Fourth avoid the physical attack, but the Discharge strikes them out of nowhere. Kutzu falls to the ground, while Fourth flinches, but shakes it off.]
Fourth: (Shoot, well this sucks.) Are you all right, Kutzu!? [Runs to his aid.]
Kutzu: I'm... erm... [Stands.] Fi--[Swiped back to the ground by a Nightmare.] Ack!!
Fourth: Kutzu! Erg--[Thrusts his crystalline hand into the Nightmare and uses a quick burst of Aurax to destroy from the inside. It vanishes.]
Kutzu: [Now sitting.] Chris!!
Lythrie: Chris...?
Fourth: [Frowns at Kutzu, then turns around to Lythrie.] ...Did you happen to forget? I believe I have introduced myself to you earlier...
Lythrie: You aren't Chris. I didn't believe it... Chris wasn't whatever you are.
Fourth: I wasn't, but now I am. If you don't want to call me Chris, call me Fourth.
Lythrie: Lies! All lies! If you were Chris, Lea wouldn't have... Ugh, never mind. I don't need to tell you anymore! [Jumps at Fourth with static ready to discharge again.]
Fourth: [His crystalline hands revert to the normal hand shape. He acts quickly, catching Lythrie. He slams her against the ground, throwing her by her legs. Her static remains unreleased.]
Lythrie: Ouch! How could you do that to a girl like me?
Fourth: Stop insulting yourself.
Lythrie: Hmph! [Releases her electricity at Fourth in the form of Thunderbolt. Fourth leaps backward, barely evading the attack.]
Kutzu: [Facing off with the Nightmare.] ...I don't want to fight you, but...[The Nightmare flies at him.] I totally don't have a choice. [Runs forward, then slides under the pixie. Having taken the upper hand, Kutzu takes flight and U-turns quickly enough to maintain an orderly attack. He catches up with the Nightmare and swings the Alchemy Whip gracefully through the dark surface of the creature, disintegrating it within seconds.]
Lythrie: Hm? [Looks at Kutzu.] Well now! How could you do such a thing, Kutzu? That could've been a very close friend of yours!
Kutzu: [Lowers his head, sulking.] Well, I... [Nervous, he toys with his bracelet.]
Lythrie: And how weak that friend was...
Fourth: Kutzu, come on... Sorenians are strong. They're a powerful species, you're a powerful species... And close friends... they aren't that easy to break apart.
Kutzu: I... I know you're bluffing, Lythrie. [Looks back up at Lythrie.]
Lythrie: Hm?
Kutzu: Darkness is strong, I'll admit, but... Our hearts are totally stronger! They can't be taken over with a simple touch!
Lythrie: Hehehe! You'd be surprised...
Fourth: No more lies. I've dealt with my fair share, and I won't accept any more. [Walks to Kutzu.] If you're still unconvinced, we'll display how powerful a bond of friendship is...
Kutzu: That's right! [Hovers next to Fourth.] I know Chris is right about it! Our hearts won't give in to corruption as easy as you say!
Lythrie: So you're that convinced, huh?
[The two stand firm...]
Lythrie: Well then! I suppose it's simple from here on out, hm? [Charges up powerful electricity.] You've made a teeny mistake in your demeanor... How about an attitude adjustment?
Guaine: [From above.] No need! [Flies above Fourth and Kutzu. He blows an intense stream of fire at Lythrie, interrupting her charge build-up.] For us, that is.
Lythrie: Oh now, like this is fair!? Hmph!
Fourth: Why don't you just summon up some more of those fakers? Why not do that, Lythrie?
Lythrie: For your information, Chris, I cannot simply command the entire army of Nightmares. We have limits, you know! Furthermore... I want to live to fight another day, thank you very much.
Kutzu: Oh, so now you believe he's Chris!?
Lythrie: [Turns around.] Seems like we've both had a change of belief, hm? ... [She conjures a dark corridor, and walks through it, then vanishes...]

Kutzu: A change in belief...
Fourth: [Shakes his head.] Darkness can mess with your head. You just gotta not let them. [Smiles at Kutzu.] You did fine.
Kutzu: [Giggles.] Aw, Chris... Oh... hey, how's Peregrine?
Guaine: [Lowers himself in front of the two.] What, I don't get a thank you? Hmhm, Peregrine's fine. "She", should I say is unconscious, but the neutralization is minor, and the paralyzation shouldn't last long.
Peregrine: Unconscious?
[The three turn around. Peregrine is walking toward them, perfectly fine.]
Peregrine: They don't call me an elite for nothing, you know! [Stops and places her hands on her hips.]
Guaine: Heh, you never cease to amaze me, Peregrine, even like this...
Kutzu: Hey... Peregrine?
Peregrine: Yes Kutzu?
Kutzu: ...Who exactly neutralized you?
Fourth: (Come to think of it... Kutzu has a point. Those beams were out of nowhere... I don't know if Nightmares can neutralize... Maybe it was Lea?)
Peregrine: Hmm... I... can't say, that I can't...
[A few thumps and footsteps are heard nearby.]
Kutzu: Eek! [Clings to Fourth, nervous.] I vote we should get outta here!
Guaine: Good point.
[The four rush out of the Royal Chamber...]
[A mysterious, frightening Sorenian walks into view, along with Lea...]
Lea: [Holding her staff.] Lythrie does not necessarily stand much a chance against them alone...
???: [Holding a long range neutralizer. He throws it off to the side.] You didn't tell me about that peculiar "thing" that fought with them...
Lea: He is of no importance to us...
???: But why not? He fights well.
Lea: ...The one day... the worst day... And he returns...
???: ...Hm...?
Lea: Never mind that. He truly is not too significant.
???: ...Very well then. [Takes the Dragon Soul Sphere from a small pack given to him.] ...Where are the other three?
Lea: ...[Sighs.] Lost.

-End of Battle Scene.-