It's halloween tonight and I should be out at Chipotleween or a college party or watching scary movies with friends...something. But no, my main friends are off at their own parties in colleges far away. My friends at my college already have plans of their own, which involves them with their own friends so I don't wanna feel left out. And there's the few friends going to a college party or something with their boyfriend/girlfriend.
I could actually do all of these things by myself. But how lame is that? Besides, I'd probably be in a corner to myself and everyone will think im creepy and all. You know what else is super lame? I love halloween, especially the candy. I'm going to the store to buy some, as like halloween goodie bags for my friends and just leave it by their dorms and whatev. I just feel really down because everyone has someone to do fun stuff tonight. And I'm probably going to do nothing.

At least last night at Cedar Point was fun. Getting scared and riding rollercoasters 2-3 times in a row. So I suppose my halloween night was last night then. Oh well, perhaps next year will bring better.