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[Fourth, Kutzu, Guaine, and Peregrine have fought their way to the overrun Castle Blossom. They are now upon the castle grounds, and there does not seem to be a Nightmare in sight, but then again, sight is very limited...]
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(Fourth - Kutzu - Guaine - Peregrine)
-Castle Blossom.-
[The gloomy castle is still. The fountains have been deactivated, and the only source of light comes from outside. All is silent...]
Kutzu: Oh no... [Covers his mouth.]
Peregrine: We may be too late, yet...
Fourth: If the Nightmares were sent to take us down, they must already know we're on their case...
Guaine: Should we holler for anyone?
Fourth: ...Not yet. Let's sneak in further.
Kutzu: The Royal Chamber is in the center of the castle, and that's easy to get to from here.
Peregrine: I take it that chamber is where you Fairies plan your attacks on us, hm?
Kutzu: Totally. But that can wait for another time. Follow me!
[They advance quietly to the central stairway, which leads in three directions: the west wing, east wing, or the inner sanctum. They head for the sanctum. No foes so far...]
Guaine: Do they not know we're here...?
Fourth: I wouldn't count on it. Darkness likes to catch you off guard.
Kutzu: We're not too far from the Royal Chamber. This next stairway will take us there.
[Upon entering the Royal Chamber, which is concealed by dense purple fog, they hear a call of distress.]
???: Is somebody there!?
Kutzu: Hello hello!? Lythrie, is that you!?
Lythrie: Yes! Please, help!! They have me restrained, I... I can't move!!
Fourth: We'' be right there! Hold tight!
[The four ignore the warning and advance through the fog... Suddenly from both left and right, two light pink rays shoot at the group, only reaching the two most outward, which is Peregrine and Fourth. Fourth's reflexes kick in faster than this ray. He summons a quick Aurax Shield to protect himself. Peregrine is not so fortunate. The neutralization ray hits him and he drops to the floor, critically beamed.]
Guaine: Peregrine!!! [Kneels by Peregrine's side.]

~Peregrine(F)~ [Strikingly, though clothes are neutralized, Peregrine's are not. Her tail feathers have become white with pink streaks. Her padded armor has become silvery pink, and her hair is just shorter than average, slightly curled at the ends.]

Guaine: [Holding Peregrine up from the ground.] Pere... Peregrine... Damn. I knew it was going to turn out like this! We're all going to get neutralized!
Peregrine: [Opens her eyes. They remain azure.] Guaine? ...What... What's...? [Unable to speak very much. Her nervous system is paralyzed.]
Kutzu: Okay! [Flicks his wrist, readying the Alchemy Glove.] Enough hiding!
Fourth: This is ending. [His crystalline hands glow.] Now.
[Fourth and Kutzu rush ahead, leaving Guaine and Peregrine behind.]
[They reach a small throne embellished with flower designs. In it, Lythrie sits, smiling mischievously.]
Kutzu: Lythrie? ...Was that you calling for help?
Fourth: You look just fine to me.
Lythrie: Oh, I'm fine. Nothing is wrong here. Everything is as it should be.
Kutzu: You're totally out of your mind! What's happened to Castle Blossom and the Fairies!? Where is everyone!?
Lythrie: You want to know where the Fairies are? Well... Okay. [She raises her arm slightly. Four pixie Nightmares surround Kutzu and Fourth.]
Kutzu: Huh!? [Backs up, back to back with Fourth.]
Lythrie: Here you go. Have a ball.
[The four Nightmares attack. The two are forced to defend themselves. With one swipe of Kutzu's whip, two are down. Fourth uses a quick Aurax Flash, and his two are down just the same.]
Lythrie: [Gasps sarcastically.] How could you? You just destroyed those Fairies... I thought you needed them.
Fourth: What!?
Kutzu: What're you saying Lythrie!?
Lythrie: Hehe... Hehehe! It is a fun little work of art, isn't it? How Darkness can turn pure into evil with just a touch?
Fourth: (You have to be kidding me...) [Suspicious.] That's impossible... That's not how I remember it.
Lythrie: Well, times have changed! Get used to it.
Kutzu: [Head lowered.] ...You traitor... You stood with us for long enough to become an elite, and then... [Raises his head.] You... you traitor!
Lythrie: Say whatever, Eclipse. Nothing you say can change the way of Darkness. After years, we struck by surprise with a greater, amplified shroud of terror, so that Light could not counter us... Right now, Darkness torments three other worlds as I speak... and there is nothing Light can do to stop it.
Fourth: Then why hesitate...?
Kutzu & Lythrie: Huh?
Fourth: Why hesitate? If you are so sure that Light will not stand a chance, you should be with the Shades taking over the world and what not. You're just sitting here.
Lythrie: Well... [Stands. Electricity sparks at her cheeks.] It's always so much funner leading idiots into traps!
Fourth: ...Untrue. You still believe that Light can walk all over you. You feel that you are superior... Darkness has been away for too long, and will be humbled again...

--E n d i n g--
Remember that fancy system of battle sceneryness? IT'S BACK!