i'm just posting so that i can earn some gold I need gold bad if anyone knows how to get a lot of gold fast let me know, cause I'm almost to the point of begging (which i hate doing) but there is stuff i really want to get and soon before the prices go up even more. When i first started gaia the most exspencive item was about 40,000 gold now that's nothing now some items sell for a million gold i wish i knew how people get that much gold, they are probly spoiled a** little shits that their parents will get them anything they want and they get a bunch of monthly colectables and sell them to get a poop load of gold yes a poop load lol.

Really if you think about it poop is a funny word idk it just kind roles right off the tounge ppppp-oooooo-ppppp lol wow im really bored