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(Fourth - Kutzu - Guaine - Peregrine)
-Starfall Plains.[Nearing Fairytale Fields.]-
[The group of four: Kutzu, Guaine, Peregrine, and Fourth, fly at high speed across the Starfall Plains. They have learned that Hommay has stolen the Dragon Soul Sphere, and has moved on to claim the Fairy Soul Sphere. The Dragon Commander, Mark, and the other elites have been kidnapped, or so Peregrine thinks.]
[There is no guarantee that they won't run into some unrecognizable faces, however...]
Kutzu: [Flying fast.] Peregrine, I heard that Hommay is a Masculine!
Peregrine: [Flying fast, using his arms.] Ah, that he is... But Darkness doesn't work like we do... The don't distinguish by gender... They always cooperate...
Guaine: [Flying fast.] It doesn't make any sense.
Kutzu: That's how it was on Earth during the Ethereal Cross... Genders totally worked together.
Fourth: This is the only planet I know of that plays by those rules, you know.
Kutzu: Planet... Oh yeah! Also, like, what is Hommay? I heard you all calling him a freak!
Peregrine: I've never seen the base primitive for that fool, that I haven'!. ...But whatever he is, there's this strange ability that allows him to manipulate electricity.
Kutzu: No base primitive, and electricity... That sounds a lot like one of our elites.
Guaine: Ah, the Sunflower one?
Kutzu: Yep, Lythrie... No one knows what her BP {Base Primitive. Primitives, as I mentioned earlier, are the animals of Soren. Kutzu is a Base Fox, or as Sorenians call theirs, Swifthounds.} is, and well... she totally acts strange!
Fourth: (Strange BPs that Sorenians don't understand, and generate electricity? This all sounds way too familiar... Lythrie... Lythrie was the yellow one, I remember, but... What is she...?)
[They continue with the thought, unable to answer the questions.]
-Fairytale Fields.-
[The area, once again, is gloomy. Purplish fog acts as a blanket over the silent fields...]
Guaine: ...Gee... Did we go the right way?
Kutzu: It's Darkness, but... How can this be the work of Hommay? ...Unless... someone else decided to make a second appearance.
Fourth: Must be Lea...
[Out of the gloominess, a foe approaches. A few foes. Many foes. Numerous foes, surrounding them. They are Nightmares, pixie and demon. The four now stand with their backs to each other.]
Peregrine: These wicked things!?
Kutzu: The Nightmares, I think. [He flicks his wrist, activating the alchemy gloves, which transmogrifies into a whip once again.]
Peregrine: [Grabs his scimitar from his belt and activates the beam with a flick of a switch. The blade is curved and serrated.]
Fourth: [Readies both crystal-hands...]
Guaine: [He stands firm, not in possession of a physical weapon.]
Fourth: Get ready...
[The Nightmares, in a split second, lurch at the four from all directions.]
[Fourth throws both arms forward, releasing an Aurax Beam and blowing the Nightmares to smithereens.]
[Kutzu cannot wait for a chance to strike, or else his allies will get pummeled from behind. He jumps forward, twirls in midair, and vertically lashes three Nightmares, blowing them back, yet not defeating them.]
[Guaine, with no weapon, uses every dragon's special trait: fire breathing. Having taken the time to inhale beforehand, he blows forth a vicious stream of flames that devour the two pixie Nightmares. The demon, however remains.]
[Peregrine counters the attack by lurching forward just as they had done, slicing through the single pixie, which disintegrates in the air. He sidesteps with amazing speed, bringing the blade through the two demons with his movement... but they remain practically uninjured.]
Guaine: These pesky things...
Peregrine: Look out!
[The demons come in again relentlessly, catching the four off guard. They strike with claws. Kutzu narrowly avoids. Fourth blocks with an Aurax Shield, triggered by crossing his arms in an X position. Guaine is struck and falls to the ground. Peregrine leaps into the air, yet the demon jumps at him and violently tugs his feet, slamming him to the ground. The demon is ready to strike at the vulnerable Sorenian.]
Fourth: [Looks back at Peregrine and Guaine.] I got this. [With the shield still around him, he spins in the Dragons' direction, throws his arms forward, and instead of using his own Aurax, he channels his Aurax Shield into two Aurax Beams, which he fires at the two demons attacking Guaine and Peregrine. Now, they are no more...]
Kutzu: [Left with two Nightmares. They rush in for a swipe. Kutzu flies over one of their heads, performs a somersault, and slices through a demon with his whip. One down, two to go.]
Peregrine: Hmph! [Recovers, left with one Nightmare to dispose of. This demon holds its arms up, as if it were holding a heavy weapon. Slowly, the air begins to blacken around its hands. It morphs into a long handle, with the top shaping into a heavy axe blade.] I'll keep that in mind. [He comes in for an attack. The Nightmare swings the heavy weapon around. Peregrine rolls to evade this, gets to his feet, and slices the demon from behind before it can do any further damage. Success.]
Kutzu: Look out!!
[Kutzu's Nightmares head for Fourth. Bad idea.]
Fourth: [Facing the other direction... Just as they are a foot away from him, he turns, thrusts an arm out, and consume the Nightmares in move called Aurax Flash. {Whenever Fourth makes contact with one "creature" and this move activates, it inflicts heavy damage upon that creature and all others of the same species within a certain proximity of it.} Both of the Nightmares vanish in the flash.]
Guaine: [Holding his chest.] ...Did we get them all?
Peregrine: That we did... Guaine, are you all right?
Guaine: I'll be fine... but I won't be if we stand around and let more of those things come at us.
Kutzu: He's right. We need to get going!
Fourth: (Darkness has been revived to this day, and it feels like they're throwing everything they have at us... But I know I'm wrong... I don't know how much stronger Darkness got... I remember...)...

(Darkness was just us five... It was the four Shades, and me. Of course, there was Naught, but... He was the Lord of the Castle. I remember it all so fondly... the Rest-Post, all the laughs we shared, the times we felt we were family... and the mysteries we never uncovered...)

"Chris: [Jumps up.] AHH!!!
Lea [Jumps out of her bed.] Wha-What the--!?
Daniel: [Awakens in a fright.] WAHH! GHOSTS!! Huh?
Chris: [Looks to see Lea and Danny.] Oh...Sorry about that guys...just a bad dream.
Lea: Oh!...It's okay Chris...
Daniel: Whew, must've been pretty scary to make you scream like that.
Chris: It...kinda was, I...
Daniel: Nah, it's no prob man. I don't blame you for having crazy nightmares....All that's happened recently...
Lea: Yeah, but now you know we're here, so you aren't alone anym--
Ginsengaar: [Running down the stairs loudly.] WHAT WAS THAT!? Idi, watch it!
Idi: [Running down as well.] Sorry, whatever! What's going on!?
Chris: Oh, hey guys...Sorry about that, just had a nightmare.
Ginsengaar: Must have been pretty scary to make you freak out...
Daniel: That's what I said! "
(They were worried about me back then... They thought I was someone significant, and that's the whole reason I came to respect Darkness... because they respected me... And...The Paradox.)

"Chris::...But why is it a battleground now?
Lea: I don't even know...It's safe?
Chris: No, Lea. It is anything but safe. I go there, and Link and Fox suddenly get this huge burst of power from more than just Hideaki...
Lea: That explains Fox's power...
Chris: There is something up there that causing massive bursts of power...Like it did for me also, but with even greater magnitude.
Lea: I've noticed that... It was really impressive, I mean kinda scary actually.
Chris: I know...
Lea: And now, to explain a little bit of why it bugs you the most.
Chris: I'm listening...
Lea: I'm pretty sure Naught's already told you that your past you know is not real at all. The one Hideaki told you?
Chris: Yeah. That's what I was wondering about...
Lea: [Glances at Chris with a steady gaze.] I don't really know about your past that much, but all Naught and I have figured out is, that you have relations with some wierd Fantasy...Now look...This "Fantasy" is refered to by Naught as Dreamland, for some reason.
Chris: Wait so...
Lea: The reason he sends you there isn't just to defeat the heroes. He gives you side-quests.
Chris: Oh, like cause chaos, and run to the portal?
Lea: Yes, like that. You know the reasons for that?
Chris: Mmm...He's testing my ability?
Lea: Well, porbably that too, but he is trying to see if any memorable spark is triggered within you. Until he finds the one that has the most effect, he will not stop until every Dreamland hero is under his control, which is why he sends you and that hero to battle at the Paradox...And that is all I can say. "
(Dreamland... and the Paradox... Darkness was guiding me. They were answering my questions, and assisting me when I was in peril... But there came a time where they no longer cared about me because I left them... for Mirror World...)

"Naught: We have concluded the worst... My minions had thought you had been slain... Even I...
Chris: All this time, I--
Naught: Silence.
Naught: For an unknown cause, you have eluded this world... Both of Light and Darkness... How? ...Even I lack the knowledge.
Chris: I think what I know can provide you with useful information.
Naught: Is that so...? Well... In that case, explain. What can your knowledge possibly provide?
Chris: Mirror World... I have traveled to Mirror World.
Naught: ...You... You have... Traveled to Mirror World, have you?
Chris: That's right... I have...
Naught: Hm... Clever excuse, my Advocate. I would have not foreseen such a lie invloving Mirror World.
Chris: But, I'm not lying! I'm telling you the tru--!
Naught: Silence! I shall not hear any more of this pathetic bickering! You have disobeyed me yet again... For that, you shall suffer consequences... I shall lock your form so that you may not shape-shift... And... no longer can you return to Castle Tartarus... Until you redeem thyself..."
(Naught didn't believe, and... he almost sounded eager to abandon me... Was he just testing me again? That Pokemon Mirror World was Dreamland, and that's where Darkrai messed me up so much, that I thing that "memorable spark" was triggered... Did... Did Darnkess not care anymore...? No... I remember it... That last battle...)

"Chris: [Continues to break apart.] ...
Danny: Ch-Chris... [Sobbing.] Don't do this to us... Don't make Darkness cry...
Ginsengaar: Why!? Why are you doing this anyway!? You... you said you'd stay with us. I-- [A tear forms in his eye.] I...
Idi: [Turns away, embarrassed to show his face in such sorrow.]
Al: [He begins crying as well, recognizing the feeling.] ...I can't watch this... [He lowers his head, diverting his eyes.]
Adam: Al...?
Lea: Chrriiiiisss!!!!!
Chris: [He breaks down completely... Lea's arms drop forward, and then fall to her sides.]"
(Yes... That last time... That was Darkness... crying. That may just be the first time I have ever seen them reduced to tears... And I know exactly who took me away from my path... Nijiiro... But was this what he did to me? Did Nijiiro turn me into this creature? ...No, the voice was... wasn't like his... it sounded less frightening. It sounded pleasant and kind...)
(Now times change, I feel like an outsider... And Lea knows I'm back... Word will spread. Darkness... is after something, and I'm in the way? Lea was so devoted to helping me uncover my past, now she wants me gone... The Shades must have grown in the dark... Maybe they aren't like they used to be anymore... Maybe they're as cruel and wicked as one would depict... And the question remains, they all do, but... What will Light think of me? ...More importantly, what will Reality think of me? My family, friends, everything... I remember it all now... Ethereal Cross, and before that... My life... I'm alive again, and I can set things right with all entities...)
-Castle Blossom Grounds.-

--E n d i n g--