i love you and i've herd you say you loved me
but do you really?
i mean when i see you smiling or even think about your smile, i get so much warmth in my heart
do you?
when i say i want you, i mean i want you for you
the way you are and nothing else
is that how you want me?
do you even want me?
when i care for you, it's because you need me
but are you ever there when i need you
i sit here with you listening to you say you love me, say you want me, say you care about me
but then you turn and leave
knowing i'll wait like a good dog you foold me to be
when you return, you treat me with more lies on how you want to be with me, maybe even a future together
me, knowing in the back of my mind, it's not true
sits, like the good dog i am and waits

then you left
for weeks
came back
and no lies for a treat
thanked me for my use and walked away
then left
so, this good dog ran away
didn't look back or think about how you would return to nothing
my only thought
i'm no ones dog....