Today we will look at a metal that we hear a lot about around this time, silver.

Since ancient times the symbol of the moon has been used to represent silver. It has also been associated with various sea and moon goddesses. Alchemist called it luna. Because of it's lunar associations and it's white and reflective properties it become connected to purity. It was thought to be able to repel vampires and kill werewolves in their beast forms. Mirrors used to be coated with silver which is why vampires were thought not to be able to see there reflections.

The Phoenicians used silver bottles to store wine, water, and vinegar to prevent them from spoiling. In the 1900's silver dollars was placed in mil bottles to prolong freshness. Silver components have been used effectively to treat infections.

In Victorian England brides would but a silver sixpence in there shoes to promote future wealth. Actors that wear blue are also suppose to wear silver to counteract the bad luck from the blue. Wearing silver and gold at the same time is suppose to bring bad luck. Wearing silver jewelry is also suppose to protect you from having evil spirits enter your body.